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10 Best Natural Treatments for Flu

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for simple and effective natural treatments for flu, continue reading this article and find out what they are. But first.

Influenza, or flu, is a respiratory condition caused by influenza viruses. The flu is different from a cold, because it starts suddenly and violently, while the cold symptoms gradually increase in intensity. The most common flu symptoms are fever, myalgia, headache, malaise, unproductive cough, sore throat, and rhinitis. In children, the flu is often associated with otitis media, nausea, and vomiting. If the symptoms are severe, consult a doctor immediately. However, there are very many remedies for flu and we will show you some of the most effective natural treatments for flu and cold. Let’s get to the remedies.

10 Best Natural Treatments for Flu

10 Best Natural Treatments for Flu

1. Most Powerful Treatments for Flu with Garlic

The most effective anti-flu remedy is garlic. Garlic extract in particular is an even more powerful natural treatment against flu and cold. There are two different ways to macerate garlic at home to make garlic extract, and we will show both ways in which you can prepare them here. The first is an alcoholic extraction, and the latter is a water extraction. Let’s go.

How to Make Garlic Extract for Flu – Alcohol-Based

For this, you need equal parts of peeled raw garlic and pure alcohol (60°). Smash the garlic cloves and add them to the alcohol, mixing thoroughly until you get a homogeneous paste. Leave aside for one hour, then strain and pour the maceration into an amber glass bottle and seal. Have a teaspoon a day of the extract as prevention, and 2-3 teaspoons if you already have flu symptoms.

How to Make Garlic Extract for Flu – Water-Based

Peel and grind 6-8 garlic heads and add them into a large jar. Pour 1 liter of cold fresh water over them and stir well. In order to diminish the powerful garlic smell add two small ground parsley roots or two tablespoons of chopped parsley leaves. Seal the jar and leave it to macerate for 2 hours. Have 5-10 tbsp of garlic maceration daily. Important! Strain the maceration only before taking it, and just the amount that you need. This simple garlic maceration is a great natural treatment for flu if accompanied by high fever and chills. Chills usually go away in a few hours and the fever will break down in the following 1-2 days.

Garlic is a great prevention against cold and flu and all the other viruses that target the body at weather changes. This is one of the most effective natural treatments for flu and all of its symptoms.

2. Miraculous Herbal Mix Remedy for Flu

There is no synthetic medical drug that can heal the cause of the flu and strengthen your natural immune better than thyme tea. Thyme tea is also called the poor man’s antibiotic because it actually is one of the most powerful natural antibiotics there is. Thyme tea is a highly effective virus killer, it helps hydrate the body, and boost immunity, which makes it one of the best natural treatments for flu. For this remedy, combine together:

Bring 1 liter of water to a boil. When it starts to boil add the herbal blend and the walnut shells. Continue simmering for about 1-2 minutes, then leave aside to cool down a bit. Have 1 cup three times a day for 1-2 days. The fever will break down almost instantly and you’ll begin to sweat profusely. This is a great tea for the early stages of the flu, and one of the best natural treatments for flu symptoms.

3. Common Centaury Remedy for Flu

Another amazing tea in case of flu is the common centaury. This herb is recommended for both prevention and healing. Drink 3-4 cups of this tea for the following 2-3 weeks in order to make sure you are completely healed. To make the tea steep 1 tsp of plant per cup of hot water. In combination, drink common centaury, linden, thyme, plantain, and marshmallow tea. These herbs are some of the best natural treatments for flu.

Centaury flowers - 6 Natural Alternatives to Ivermectin - MyNaturalTreatment.com
Common centaury flowers (Centaurium erythraea)

4. Calendula, Yarrow & Celandine Natural Treatments for Flu

In case you also have a clogged nose caused by the flu, here is a tea that you can make at home and use topically. Combine a pinch of the following herbs: calendula, yarrow, and greater celandine. Steep this herbal blend in 1 cup of water for 10 minutes. Add 3 drops of propolis tincture to the tea and after it has cooled down a bit, use a pipette to add a few drops of this tea to each nostril. Add drop by drop with patience and care, so that the process lasts around 5 minutes. Take your time, and be careful.

5. Elderflowers Natural Treatment for Flu

In order to calm down chest pain and fever, take a large piece of gauze and make a compress with elderflower tea and apply it to the chest and neck. Cover it with another piece of fabric so the tea doesn’t cool down quickly. Leave the compress for one hour and then take on a cotton pajama and off to bed to stay warm. The next morning, you will wake up fresh and light as a feather with no more sneezing, chest pain, and fever. Elderflower is one of the most powerful natural antivirals, which makes this one of the best natural treatments for flu.

10+ Natural Treatments for Headache - Elderflower tea
Elderflower tea

6. Wine & Cinnamon Natural Treatments for Flu 

Boil 1 bottle of red wine and when it starts simmering add 15 g of cinnamon, 5 sugar cubes, and a few lemon slices. Drink 1/2 of this wine a day, split into 4 servings. Repeat for 3 days. You can replace red wine with fresh cold-pressed black grapes juice, to avoid alcohol. Boost the efficacy of this remedy by eating between 500 g to 1 kg of grated apples a day. Do not eat eating anything else, for about 2-3 days, until you are healed completely. Cinnamon is a powerful natural antibiotic, which is why this is one of the most effective natural treatments for flu.

Spices that Lower Blood Sugar Naturally - Fenugreek

7. Beeswax Smoke Inhalations for Flu

Place a grain-sized bit of beeswax in a metal spoon over the fire. The wax will heat up and start making smoke. Inhale the beeswax smoke alternately through each nostril, until the wax melts down completely. Repeat the process five times in total.

8. Propolis Tincture Remedy for Flu

Add 30 drops of propolis tincture to a cup of chamomile or marigold tea. Make deep gargles with this tea before swallowing it down. You can use propolis tincture another way to cure the flu. Put two drops of propolis tincture at the base of your tongue, one on each side. That should do. Propolis is a very powerful disinfectant, which makes it one of the top natural treatments for flu.

9. Onion Syrup for Flu

Another one of the best natural treatments for flu is onion syrup. To make the onion syrup, peel 5 large onions, cut them into pieces, and put them in a bowl. Add 8 tbsp of raw honey over the onion pieces and mix well. Leave to macerate for 24 hours, stirring as often as possible. Now you have the onion syrup ready. Strain the onion syrup using a clean piece of gauze and pour it into a sealed bottle. Keep it in the fridge and have 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a day.

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13 Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu - Onion Syrup

10. Natural Treatments for Flu with Body Rubs

  1. White Fir Oil Rub Remedy.  Rub your chest, back, hands, and legs with white fir oil 5-6 times a day. Mixing the fir oil with vinegar or hot pepper tincture makes it even more powerful.
  2. Cold Water Rubs for Flu. In case of high fever, make 5 cold water body rubs a day. Each rub takes 2-3 minutes and you need to do them every 30 minutes. After each body rub, get into bed, cover well, and stay warm.
  3. Water & Vinegar Cure. Mix equal amounts of water and vinegar and use this to rub the body two times a day.
  4. Raw Eggs Rubs for Flu & Cold. Whisk 2 eggs with 250 ml of essence vinegar (use essence vinegar, not regular vinegar). Keep the composition in a dark place for the next 14 days to macerate, and then combine it with goat lard. You will obtain a balm that you can use for thorough chest rubs.
  5. Lamp Oil Rubs. Use double-refined lamp oil to rub your back with. Wrap your body in a wet sheet, put a blanket on and get well tucked in bed.

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These are some effective natural treatments for flu, and flu-related symptoms from parts of Eastern Europe. Garlic, thyme, onion, and cinnamon are just a few natural antibiotics that you can try to alleviate flu symptoms. They have rapid action against flu and colda and no side effects. Let us know in the comment section below which of the natural treatments for flu here have helped you. Stay healthy, naturally!

Best Natural Treatments for Flu

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