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6 Natural Treatments for Dry Skin

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for simple and effective natural treatments for dry skin, continue reading this article and find out what they are. But first.

If you have dry skin, tired of everything, and nothing worked, this collection of natural treatments is for you. We have right here some amazing natural treatments for dry skin and also a DIY natural and hydrating face cream. The ingredients that you’ll need for these amazing face masks are fruits, honey, and other delicious things.

Here are the most effective natural treatments for dry skin. Let’s get started.

6 Natural treatments for dry skin - Dry Skin Masks

6 Natural Treatments for Dry Skin

1. Peach & Tomato Mask for Dry Skin

Fruits have low acidity and are packed with all the nutrition elements indispensable for the skin. The first natural treatment for dry skin is a mask made of peaches and tomatoes.

  • Mash a well ripe peach and mix it well with one tomato and 2 teaspoons of olive oil.
  • Apply the mask on the clean face and let it stay for 20 minutes while to allow the nutritive natural elements in the mask to hydrate and nourish your skin. 
  • Rinse well with cold water and repeat the treatment once a week.
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2. Peach & Melon Treatment for Dry Skin

Another one of the most effective natural treatments for dry skin is the following natural mask. Here is how to make it at home.

  • Mix 3 tablespoons of natural peach juice with 3 tablespoons of fresh sour cream and half a teaspoon of cantaloupe juice.
  • Anoint your face with this homemade face cream and let it stay there for 5 full minutes before rinsing it with warm water. 

For best results, repeat this treatment every evening before going to bed. Don’t forget that diet is a crucial factor in the matter of dry skin. Drink plenty of water, avoid super processed foods, and start eating more raw fruits and veggies as possible. When you consistently suffer from very dry skin, you need to understand this symptom and treat it.

3. Fresh Urine Remedy for Dry Skin 

This remedy for very dry skin may look awkward for many of you, but it is efficient. Wipe the dry skin areas with a pad soaked in your own fresh urine. This can be done early in the morning. Afterward, don’t wipe your skin clean, let it dry on its own. Then you can wash your skin. Alternatively, you can use apple cider instead of urine (but never combined).

4. Juicing Treatment for Dry Skin

This remedy for dry skin is all about drinking lots of fresh carrots, celery, and beetroot juice. Have 3 cups per day of this juice for 21 days in a row, in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Drink it sip by sip and enjoy it. It’s important to drink the juice right away and juice more carrots than celery or beetroot. Even if you’ll see the result in less than 21 days, it’s necessary to continue the treatment for 21 days. The cold-pressed fresh juice of carrots, celery, and beetroot is one of the best natural treatments for dry skin.

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5. Honey & Propolis Natural Treatments for Dry Skin on Hands

This remedy for dry skin will help your skin hydrate in 3-4 days at most. Pour a thin layer of propolis tincture in ½ tablespoon of raw honey and mix well. Anoint the palms of your hands with this emulsion every night and keep them in plastic bags until the next morning. Repeat the procedure three nights in a row, the effect is guaranteed.

6. Best Vitamins for Dry Skin

Dry skin is caused by the lack of vitamins in the body. Go to the local pharmacy and order an ointment with Vitamin A and Vitamin D2. Use this cream to anoint the dry areas twice a day. Plus, take Vitamin A, Vitamin D2, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C three times per day. You can replace synthetic Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) with the juice from 2 lemons with water and honey. This is a more natural option.

After you use the face cream, leave the skin uncovered for 15-20 minutes so that the cream penetrates the skin really well. Continue the treatment for 30 days. You can do it every winter (from November to March) 10 days per month, for three consecutive months. Calendula salve is also one of the best natural treatments for dry skin.

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These natural treatments for very dry skin will definitely help you, as they helped others suffering from severely dry skin with flaking. We wish you nourished and flawless skin, naturally!

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