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4 Natural Treatments for Cystitis

by Andreea Laza

Best Natural Treatments for CystitisIf you’ve already tried a great deal of remedies and treatments and didn’t seem to find a real treatment for cystitis, well perhaps it is time to choose one of these natural treatments for cystitis and rely on the powerful nature of plants. Let’s begin!

4 Natural Treatments for Cystitis

1. Juniper, a Cure for Cystitis

The second natural treatment for cystitis that we recommend so gladly is the juniper tincture one. Some say that this remedy stops the very first symptoms of cystitis within the next 24 hours because the microbes cannot survive in the presence of juniper, which is considered to be the most active plant for urinary disorders.

Chop one handful of juniper berries (ripped and dried) with the help of the coffee grinder so that you get a very fine powder. Add 20 tablespoons of this powder into a jar and pour 1 ½ cups of ethyl alcohol and one cup of water. Mix very well and cover the jar tightly with a lid and let the content macerate for 10 days. After the 10 days, filter the content through a gauze and pour the tincture into small dark glass bottles and close with corks. Dissolve one teaspoon of this tincture into one cup of water and have it on an empty stomach, three times per day.

You’ll see some results in the next 24 hours after the first administration. Continue the treatment until you’ve recovered completely, but usually 3-4 days are more than enough.

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2. Blueberries, a Natural Treatment for Cystitis

This home remedy is based upon natural blueberry syrup that has the effect of natural antibiotics and prevent the reoccurring of cystitis and help the healing process.

You`ll need 1 kg of fresh natural black blueberries, 2 kg of sugar and 1 liter of water. Wash the blueberries in cold water and let them drain and dry for one hour or two. Make a syrup with the sugar and water by boiling for 2-3 minutes. Add the blueberries and let the syrup boil for another 10 minutes after which you’ll get the blueberries out of the syrup by soaking them. In the end filter the syrup and let it boil for one more minute after which you’ll pour it into clean heated bottles, cover them with a cork and place them in the refrigerator.

Have 3-4 tablespoons of blueberry syrup a day and try to follow this treatment for as long as possible. You’ll soon notice that the cystitis is gone, along with the discomfort and you’ll start again to enjoy life to the fullest. This amazing natural treatment for cystitis will help you do that, of course!

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3. Thyme Oil Remedy for Cystitis

You’ll simply need to have three drops of thyme oil mixed with one tablespoon of honey three times per day. Have the thyme oil and honey three times per day on an empty stomach, and don’t eat anything for the following 15 minutes. Follow this simple remedy for 5-7 days and try to complement it with diuretic teas, namely cherry stem teas and corn silk tea.

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4. Horsetail Natural Treatment for Cystitis

OK, so we’ve come to the last of the three remedy for cystitis, based on the beneficial properties of horsetail.What you’ll need to do is to take three handfuls of horsetail (approx. 50 grams) and soak them into 5 liters of waters and leave it overnight. Slip the content and keep the water. The horsetails are boiled in another 2.5 liters of water for two minutes time and let them cool down. Mix the two waters and have sitz baths in the morning and at night before bedtime. After the baths it is best to avoid cold and moisture.

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The best thing to do is to get into bed and stay well covered for about one hour. These have been three natural treatments for cystitis that have helped so many people until now and that’s why we recommend them to you too.

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