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8 Natural Remedies for Cystitis

by Andreea Laza

Cystitis RemediesWe all know that cystitis is one annoying condition that not only gives you hard times breathing but in most cases it relapses over and over again and there are no drugs that can promise you a 100% healing from it.

However, plants and tinctures have proven to work better than traditional drugs and prescriptions and we are glad to say that we’ve managed to get our hands on some truly amazing natural remedies for cystitis based on a simple yet efficient herbs and berries.

8 Natural Remedies for Cystitis

1. Juniper, the Best Remedy for Cystitis

  • Finely grind 7 tablespoons of juniper berries along with 5 tablespoons of yarrow leaves and another 5 tablespoons of birch leaves.
  • Pour half a cup of 90 degrees alcohol over this fine powder and another half cup of boiled and chilled water.
  • Mix the ingredients really well then pour the mixture into a jar and close tightly.
  • Let the tincture soak for 10 days at room temperature.
  • After the 10 days have passed, slip the tincture and store it in small dark glass bottles.
  • Dissolve one teaspoon of this tincture into 1 glass of fresh water and have it on an empty stomach, and don’t eat anything for the next 15 minutes.

If you suffer from a chronic form of cystitis, you’ll need to have a teaspoon of this tincture in the morning, one in the afternoon and another one in the evening.

  • For acute cystitis you’ll need 6 doses of this tincture a day, meaning one teaspoon every hour or hour and a half.
  • You’ll need to undertake this natural remedy for cystitis for at least 7 days in a row so that the treatment is efficient.

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2. Onion Remedy for Cystitis

This is an amazing natural remedy for cystitis that will help you heal from this annoying condition and prevent recurrences in the future.

Boil 2 handfuls of red and white onion peels in 1.5 L of water for 20-30 minutes. When the infusion has slightly cooled down, pour it in a potty or small basin and lean your posterior over the steams that come out.

Make sure you don’t burn yourselves and at the same time stay as longer as possible. While you’re taking this steam bath, wrap a blanket or a towel around your waist so you don’t catch a cold. When the bath is done, cover yourself well and jump into the bed.

Do this onion steam bath every evening until you don’t feel anymore pain from cystitis.

3. Parsley Root Home Remedy for Cystitis

Finely chop 200 gr of parsley root and put it in 250 ml of cold water overnight. Next morning, slip the content and drink the water on an empty stomach. Pour another 1 L of water over the used parsley roots and boil it for 5-10 minutes. After the tea has cooled a bit, you’re ready to drink it.

Have this tea throughout the day, until 9-10 o’clock. Add 2 tsp. of Swedish Bitter in the first and last cup of tea. Drink the whole tea in the same day you’ve prepared it. Keep the parsley root in the tea, until you’ve drunk it all.

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4. Efficient Sitz Baths for Cystitis

Perhaps the most efficient sitz baths in case of cystitis are the ones with horsetail, prepared after these instructions.

  • Start the preparation the night before starting the treatment.
  • Add 1 bundle of horsetail in a 10 L pot (if you have fresh horsetail) or 1 pack of dried horsetail tea (if you buy it in stores).
  • Pour cold water over the horsetail, until you’ve filled 3/4 of the pot, and leave it overnight.
  • Next day in the evening, bring the content to simmer.
  • Then pour the infusion in the bathtub (or a plastic basin) and add a little bit of cold water over it, so you don’t get burned.
  • Make sure the water temperature is totally comfortable.
  • Get in the tub in a sitting position and make sure the water almost reaches your waist.
  • Stay in until you sense the water turned cold.

Wipe well, get your pajamas on and a pair of socks and off to bed. You can reuse the horsetail once again. Take this sitz bath daily, without interruptions and you’ll feel way better in time.

Salt water sitz bath is another amazing remedy for recurring cystitis.

Boil 3-4 L of water in a large pot. When the water starts boiling, pour it in another pot (a wider one) in which you’ve added 3 handfuls of coarse salt. When the steams have cooled down so you can bear them, start your steam bath. When the water has reached a comfortable temperature, pour it in a basin and take a sitz bath.

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5. Folk Remedy for Cystitis

If you’re predisposed to cystitis, here is an old folk remedy that you can try. Find a fist-sized rock, clean it well with a brush and leave it to dry. Then put it into the oven and heat it up well. When it’s hot enough, take it out using a glove so you don’t get burned. Place the rock into a tin basin and pour apple vinegar on it. Place your genital area over the hot rock, so that the hot steams enter in. Stay for 10-15 minutes over the rock and repeat the procedure a few times.

6. Swedish Bitter Poultice for Cystitis

Swedish Bitter compresses are also very helpful. Pour Swedish bitter onto a handkerchief, fold it in half and place in on your abdomen area, over the bladder. Cover it with a plastic foil and then wrap a hot towel around your waist to keep warm. Keep the compress overnight. If you get irritated skin, use marigold ointment. Repeat 4-5 days in a row or as many days as necessary, until all the cystitis symptoms leave.

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7. St. John’s Wort & Cowberry

Mix equal parts of dried St. John’s wort and cowberry teas. Add 4 tbsp of this mix per 1 L of water. Drink this tea while warm throughout the day, split into 5-6 servings. This tea is amazing in washing and healing the bladder.

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8. Codlins-and-Cream Remedy

Drink 1 l  or 3-4 cups of codlins-and-cream tea daily, prepared as follows. Add 4-6 tbsp of plant per 1 L of boiling water. Turn off the heat and let the tea infuse for 10-15 minutes. Slip and drink without any sweeteners.

Hopefully, you’ve found here at least one remedy for cystitis that will work for you. Stay healthy, naturally!

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