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Natural Treatment for Vocal Cords Tumor

by Andreea Laza

Natural Treatment for Vocal Cords TumorFor those who didn’t know, even the vocal cords need to be cleansed once in a while, just like the chimney of the house. Moreover, if you earn your living using your voice frequently or even singing, you must necessarily see a wonderful natural treatment for vocal cords tumor, that besides healing this dreadful condition, it also protects the vocal folds from so many other dangers.

Lady’s Bedstraw, the Remedy for Vocal Cords Tumor

The lady’s bedstraw tea (Galium verum) is very helpful in this condition and this is how to prepare it to get the most of it. Lady’s bedstraw grows during the summer solstice, so they are more efficient during summer time and you can gather them fresh. Make sure you gather it from unpolluted fields.

  • You’ll need fresh lady’s bedstraw and make an infusion with it.
  • Let the obtained concoction cool down for about 20 minutes and make gargles using this tea.

Make sure the tea reaches deeply into your throat, so that it touches the vocal folds.

  • Make 5-6 gargles and vocalize some vowels while doing it so that the tea reaches the larynx and then spit it out.
  • After the 5-6 gargles, have another 1-3 rinses that this time you swallow.

You need to perform the gargles early in the morning on an empty stomach.

  • Firstly, clean your tongue with a teaspoon and necessarily make sure the tea is not hot, but warm in temperature.
  • Don’t eat, drink or speak one hour after the gargles.

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Undergo this natural treatment for vocal cords up to one week. After a few days into the treatment you’ll feel this phlegm elimination sensation in the morning, this being the first sign of the cleansing that you are doing. Your voice will not sound hoarse anymore and you’ll breathe easier, without feeling the need to clear your throat.

It’s enough to undergo this procedure 7-10 days once every 6 months.

In addition, you can eat honey and propolis bars (make sure they are propolis full). Have as many as you wish. Keep the propolis under the tongue until it turns into crumbs that you then swallow. If you feel a burning sensation when you swallow it, that is OK. It means that the honey you use is of good quality and fresh.

Hopefully this natural treatment for vocal cords tumor will help as many of you who have this condition, but also those who wish to clean their throats and make sure they keep they vocal cords in great condition. Stay healthy, naturally!

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