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Natural Treatment for Osteoperiostitis

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for a simple and effective natural treatment for osteoperiostitis, continue reading this article and find out how to follow this remedy at home. But first.

In medical terms, osteoperiostitis is the inflammation of a bone and its periosteum, the membrane that covers the outer surface of the bones, and prevents their abnormal growth or development. Osteoperiostitis is manifested by swelling and pain in the affected area. Before we get into the natural treatment for osteoperiostitis, let’s see what triggest this condition.

Natural Treatment for Osteoperiostitis - Jaw Bone

Osteoperiostitis Causes 

  • Osteitis (microbial infection of a bone) that has degenerated and has reached the periosteum of the bone;
  • Accidents, most often while playing a sport or doing a sports activity;
  • Micro lesions to the bone.

The common treatment for osteoperiostitis includes rest, physical therapy sessions using special footwear that absorbs the shocks, and anti-inflammatory drugs. Yet, there are other treatments for osteoperiostitis that you can try, less invasive than the ones used in modern medicine. We’re talking about herbal remedies for this condition, that have proven their efficiency with many suffering from this painful condition.

In any case, it’s best to consult a doctor if the pain is too much to bear. Here we have a simple yet efficient natural treatment for osteoperiostitis that you may find helpful.

Natural Treatment for Osteoperiostitis

Natural Treatment for Osteoperiostits with Herbs

This natural treatment for osteoperiostitis has helped a patient suffering from this condition that has affected the lower jaw bone. Make a cataplasm with a mush from the following herbs:

  • common mallow
  • wild thyme
  • hellebore
  • birthwort


Boil the herbs together and while they’re still hot, add barley flour and Swedish bitter in the pot and mix. Continue adding barley flour until you’ve reached a mush type of consistency. Spread the herbal barley paste on a piece of clean cotton fabric (or cheesecloth). Apply the poultice to the painful areas.

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Quick Home Remedy for Jawbone Osteoperiostitis

If you also suffer from jawbone osteoperiostitis, another home remedy that you can try is applying a sterile compress filled with clay directly on the gum, inside the mouth. Calendula and chamomile teas are amazing as a mouthwash for jawbone osteoperiostitis as well.

Natural Treatment for Osteoperiostitis - Jawbone Osteoperiostitis

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This is an amazing natural treatment for osteoperiostitis and a home remedy for jawbone osteoperiostitis, that we loved sharing with you all. Let us know if they’ve worked for you. Stay healthy, naturally!

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