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Natural Treatment for Myopia

by Andreea Laza

Natural Treatment for Myopia

Few people who suffer from myopia know that there are some natural remedies and treatments that can help them improve their eye sight.

Today we bring you good news with a simple and effective tea based natural treatment for myopia and a little something extra that will definitely help you improve your eyesight and, why not, recover completely?

Myopia can ameliorate with the help of dogwood leaves.

The recipe that will follow is only useful in case of myopia and doesn’t work for any eyesight condition. Also, in order for it to take its course and be efficient there are a few recommendations and restrictions that you need to follow closely. Let’s begin!

Natural Treatment for Myopia with Dogwood Leaves

Make sure you gather the dogwood leaves somewhere between the 25th of June and the 1st of September, when the berries are already ripe. Place them to dry for a month and then crumble them. At bedtime we need to have 2 teas at your disposal on the bedside. The first is the chamomile tea that we use to wash our eyes clean using a cotton pad and the other is warm dogwood tea prepared as follows.

Infuse one teaspoon of dogwood leaves in boiling water. Use a clean medicinal gauze to soak in the dogwood tea. Place the gauze on your eyes without squeezing it. Let this wonderful tea take its action course from about 15-30 minutes, while blinking to help the tea enter the eyes.

The dogwood compresses need to be applied alternatively. Three days in a row you use them and then the next three days you don’t.

  1. Make sure that while you undergo this natural treatment for myopia you don’t watch TV at all and don’t go to bars or clubs where they have fluorescent light.
  2. If you feel an eyesight improvement, you can quit wearing your glasses.
  3. After 18 days of treatment you need to interrupt it for one month, after which you can start new.

Another simple natural treatment for myopia involves carrots, honey and lemon. Sounds pretty good, ha? The best part is that this remedy can help even 80+ patients who suffer from myopia if followed carefully. 

In addition, you can make this remedy even more effective by following the natural treatment below.

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Carrots, Honey & Lemon Remedy for Myopia

Fill 2 800 ml jars with grated carrots (that have been passed on the small grater) and then place them in a large bowl. Again, refill the jars with honey this time. Pour the honey over the grated carrots in the large bowl. Grind 1 kg of lemons with peels and all and then add them to the composition. Mix very, very well.

Place the mix into the fridge so it doesn’t start fermenting. Have a tablespoon of this delicious medicine before the main meals of the day. 

Attention! While under treatment alcoholic drinks are prohibited! If the case, this treatment can be followed a couple of times until you observe improvements in your eyesight.

Hopefully this natural treatment for myopia will bring you back that eagle eyesight and you’ll enjoy your life to the fullest again! Take care!

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