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Natural Treatment for Kidney Disease

by Andreea Laza

Natural Remedy for Kidney ConditionsIf you suffer from various kidney diseases or conditions or even feel pain in the kidney area, perhaps a good raw radish salad will help you out. Why? Radish has been considered for ages a great natural treatment for kidney disease. This is how it goes.

Radish, the Natural Treatment for Kidney Disease

Buy from the local market a bunch of fresh radish, wash the thoroughly and cut them into really small pieces, as well as their leaves. So, here you won’t throw anything away.

  • Place the cut radish into a bowl, season with salt, a teaspoon of extra virgin cold pressed olive oil (the cold pressed oil has a natural greenish color) and the juice from half a lemon.
  • Eat this salad every day, right before the meals of the day until the symptoms disappear, and they soon will.

But still, don’t give up, no matter how long it takes.

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Chronic pyelonephritis patients have improved their health condition by eating this salad for 40 days each year. While others suffering from kidney sand or stones have managed to get rid of the problem, just by eating this simple radish salad.

If you have ugly phosphate stones then this treatment will really help you out. What are you waiting for? Try it yourself and see what an efficient natural treatment for kidney disease it is! Enjoy the healing powers of our simple legumes! Stay in good health, naturally!

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