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Natural Treatment for Damaged Hair

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for a simple and effective natural treatment for damaged hair, continue reading this article and find out how to follow this remedy at home. But first.

Oftentimes, hair damage and hair loss are related to poor blood flow at the level of the scalp and excessive use of hair products. Hair products actually make the hair thinner and less resistant. The reason behind it is that they are loaded with chemicals that make the hair weaker and easier to break. Putting the right nutrients into the hair will help it grow beautifully and strong.

If you have really damaged hair due to excessive hair care, you should try this simple and effective natural for damaged hair. It’s a simple remedy that will make your hair strong and shiny and look healthy at the same time. Let’s get into the natural treatment for damaged hair below.

Natural Treatment for Damaged Hair

Natural Treatment for Damaged Hair with Garlic & Castor Oil

Garlic and castor oil is the very best natural treatment for damaged hair. All you need to do is to prepare a simple hair mask using two simple and natural ingredients: garlic and castor oil.

  1. Smash one garlic head as for garlic sauce, mix it with a small amount of castor oil and make a natural hair mask and rub it on your scalp.
  2. Cover your head with a plastic foil, with a towel or a shower cap, and stay with the mask on for half an hour.
  3. After that, thoroughly wash your hair with warm water and rinse thoroughly so that the garlic smell washes out.
  4. Repeat this natural treatment for damaged hair once every two days and the results will soon show.

This is a simple yet very efficient natural treatment for damaged hair that you can do yourself, with simple ingredients and extremely easy steps.

The Best Diet for Damaged Hair

Hair vitality and health are directly influenced by what we eat, primarily. Then by the hair products that we use. A saturated and unsaturated fats-rich diet can have severe consequences on the health of your hair. One diet that we do not recommend if you wish to have healthy hair is the Atkinson diet. This diet is heavily based on animal protein and little to no alive foods.

Women on Atkinson’s diet have experienced a great amount of hair loss and hair damage right away. The reason is that animal products, besides the saturated fats are also loaded with toxins. These toxins block the good functioning of the body and reduce hair and skin hydration.

Natural Treatments for Hair Loss

Our hair and skin need minerals and vitamins to stay healthy. The best diet for healthy hair is fresh fruits and veggies. Alkaline foods are the best if you wish to enjoy healthy and strong hair.

Go to the local market and supply your fridge with fresh fruits and legumes and integrate them into a healthy daily diet. Put meat and animal proteins aside and go for fish. No more red meat, sausages, and cold cuts for you if you wish to have beautiful healthy hair. The best diet for healthy hair is to cut down on animal fats and proteins. Instead, provide the body with all the needed minerals and vitamins that it desperately needs. Stick to fresh fruits and veggies instead.

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We hope that this natural treatment for damaged hair together with healthy eating, tips will really help you regain your beautiful and healthy-looking hair. Let us know if this remedy has worked for you too, by leaving a comment in the section below. Stay healthy and beautiful, naturally!

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