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Natural Remedy for Pyoderma

by Andreea Laza

Are you looking for a natural remedy for pyoderma? Look no further because we are about to share with you some natural treatments for this condition.

What Is Pyoderma?

Pyoderma is a skin condition that affects over 111 million children around the world, making it one of the top 3 skin conditions in children. This condition is also common in dogs. It manifests through a pus rash caused by a superficial bacterial skin infection. We have here a natural remedy for pyoderma that has proven to be effective.

Danewort, the Natural Remedy for Pyoderma

Natural Remedy for Pyoderma - danewort dwarf elder
Danewort berries (Sambucus ebulus)

The most effective medicinal plant in the case of pyoderma is called danewort, also known as the dwarf elder (Sambucus ebulus). Danewort berries and leaves can be harvested in July-August, and its root in autumn, after the leaves have fallen off, or in the spring, right before the leaves sprout.

  • Use danewort leaves to make cataplasms every night.
  • Apply the danewort cataplasm overnight on the affected areas.
  • Continue the treatment for 3-6 months.

Danewort cataplasms are also amazing in the case of neuralgia, old pains, and also for erysipelas.

Methylene blue is also a great remedy for pyoderma that you can follow alongside the danewort cataplasm. This homemade remedy is even more easy to do. Soak a cotton bud in methylene blue and apply it to the pus-affected areas. The effect is instant. However, if the results don’t show up after the first application, resume this for as long as it needs for the sores to withdraw completely. Every time you see new pyoderma spots use methylene blue on them until they are fully gone.

Natural Remedy for Pyoderma - Methylene blue

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This natural remedy for pyoderma has worked efficiently for very many people and we hope it will be useful for you too. If you’ve enjoyed this information, please share the article so more people can use it. Stay healthy, naturally!

Natural Remedy for Pyoderma

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