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Natural Remedy for High Uric Acid

by Andreea Laza

High Uric Acid Remedy

High Uric Acid is usually due to bad eating habits and mostly because of eating too much meat compared to other dishes based on legume, plants and fruits. However, there is a very tasty natural remedy for high uric acid that states to get you rid of this problem.

Black Currants Juice, the Natural Remedy for High Uric Acid

All you need to do is to purchase natural high quality black currant juice or even make it yourself if you have the fruits. Drink 100 ml of black currant juice every evening and when the black currant season is here make sure you eat every night a bowl full of fresh black currant berries and you’ll simply feel amazing.


Black currants have been proven to help eliminate the meat derived toxins that have filled to the brim your body, allowing the uric acid to go up and endangering your health state. Also, if you want to improve your immune system and to build greater resistance against diseases, eat black currant seeds that you can buy locally.

The essential oils of the black currant seeds are rich in linoleic acid, a vegetal fat compound, that helps boost the immune system. Besides lowering the uric acid levels, the black currants juice, berries and seeds also help you strengthen your immune system even more, making it unbeatable when attacked by viruses and bacteria.

This is a very simple natural remedy for high uric acid that everyone could easily do at home, because it is simple to do, delicious and it is based on nature’s best produce: fresh black currant berries! Stay healthy, naturally!

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