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Natural Remedy for High Cholesterol

by Andreea Laza

High Cholesterol Treatment with Natural Ingredients

High cholesterol is one of the most debated health problem of the last decades. We believe that it would be a less encountered medical condition if people know more about it.

Cholesterol itself isn’t something bad, in fact it is naturally produced by the body. Cholesterol is vital for the well being of our entire system.

But when it is too elevated, it can lead to various conditions. So the idea is to keep within normal parameters. Besides following a diet that helps your body, there are a great deal of herbs and plants that help you balance the levels of cholesterol in your bodies.

The problem with high cholesterol is diet related, no doubt about it.

A standard American diet is the sure road to increased cholesterol levels. So, the first thing to do is to cut down on animal fats/proteins and refined sugar. These cause inflammation in the body and pave the road to all illnesses.

Focus on an anti-inflammatory diet, that doesn’t cause irritation and feed pathogens. In addition to that, try a natural remedy for high cholesterol. We have one here that has worked for many people.

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Primrose, A Natural Remedy for High Cholesterol

This simple natural remedy for high cholesterol uses a simple herb. That is the common evening primrose (Oenothera biennis). The secret of this plant stands in its seeds. They contain a great concentration of gamma-linoleic acids that help to lower LDL cholesterol in the bloodstream up to 35%. 

So, what you can do as a natural remedy for cholesterol is:

  • Take standardized common evening primrose extract capsules.
  • Have 3 capsules/day for a longer period of time.

Some have stated that after following this treatment for 3 months they have dropped their LDL levels to half.

We really hope that this natural remedy for cholesterol will help you as well as it helps so many before you. Stay in great health!

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