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3 Home Remedies for Purulent Osteomyelitis

by Andreea Laza

Purulent Osteomyelitis Remedies

Purulent osteomyelitis is an inflammation of the bone and narrow caused by a germs infection.

Most common cause for osteomyelitis are open bone fractures with narrow exposure but it can also be caused by pathogen germs.

In some cases osteomyelitis has purulent form and there may be even fistula forming at the surface. If this is your case, then we have a remedy for purulent osteomyelitis with fistulas for you.

Don’t despair and think positive! Let’s begin! One simple remedy for purulent osteomyelitis uses white wine, marigold ointment and Swedish bitter.

3 Home Remedies for Purulent Osteomyelitis

1. Swedish Bitter Remedy for Purulent Osteomyelitis

Before you do it, make sure your hands are thoroughly washed and disinfected properly. Use surgical gloves if necessary. Wash the purulent osteomyelitis fistulas twice day using natural white wine.

  • Smear the skin with natural marigold ointment.
  • Apply a sterile piece of gauze soaked in Swedish bitter over the fistulas.
  • Place a plastic foil over the gauze to make it stay in place.
  • Keep the compress on for at least 4 hours and keep it overnight as well.

2. Herbal Remedy for Purulent Osteomyelitis

Have 2-3 cups of nettle tea, 2-3 cups of horsetail tea, 2-3 cups of marigold tea and other 2-3 cups of walnut leaves tea.

For each cup of tea, add 1 full teaspoon of plant into the cup and scald it for 1-2 minutes.

Of the tea quantity mentioned above, add 1 tablespoon of Swedish bitter in 3 of the cups.

Split the quantity of one cup in half and have one part 30 minutes before meal and the other part 30 minutes after you’ve finished eating. The three cups are for the 3 meals of the day. Make 2-3 liters of unsweetened tea daily.

Very important! While doing the Swedish bitter cure, avoid drinking milk! Also, try to have as much fresh, uncooked veggies as possible and eat as little meat as you can. If you can exclude it from your diet, that’s even better. At least while you’re undergoing the cure.

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3. Comfrey Root Compresses Heals Purulent Osteomyelitis

In addition to this remedy for purulent osteomyelitis with fistulas, you may also use comfrey root compress. The way to making the comfrey root is simple.

  • Get comfrey root and dry it thoroughly.
  • Then mince it finely using a grinder and put it into a cup with hot water (make sure to take the cup of the fire when adding the comfrey root powder).
  • Add a few drops of cooking oil in the cup and mix well.
  • The mixture needs to have the consistency of light sour cream.

Don’t apply directly on the fistulas. Put it on a piece of sterile gauze and then place the gauze on the wound. Tight it to stay in place. You can also use arnica tea compress.

We really hope that these remedies for purulent osteomyelitis with fistulas will help you as well as it helped others before you. Take good care of yourself, stay strong and be positive!

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