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5 Natural Remedies for Weak Immune System

by Andreea Laza

Boost Your Immune System Naturally with Natural RemediesBasically all of today’s conditions are due to a weak immune system that allows microbes, viruses and diseases to install and give you a hard time. That is why we must always focus our attention on strengthening the immune system and preparing it to fight the most cruel existing diseases.

Natural Remedies for Weak Immune System

1. Rosehip Treatment for Weak Immune System

For those of you who have tasted the delicious reship marmalade prepared so carefully by your grannie, we have to say that this natural remedy will sound familiar. Besides being a delicious treat, rosehip marmalade is a great natural remedy for weak immune system because it contains high doses of natural Vitamin C. This is how to prepare rose hip marmalade.

  • You will need 500 g of fresh rosehips, 15 g of apple pectin and 5 tablespoons of high quality honey.
  • Wash the rosehips, take out their seeds and let them dry on a sieve.
  • After they have dried out, place them on a pot over fire and warm them up until they are really hot.
  • Add  the apple pectin while mixing slowly with a wooden spoon.
  • Then add the honey and let the pot boil.
  • After the composition has start boiling hold the pot on the fire for another 30 seconds so that the rosehips soften and get it out.
  • Pour the marmalade while hot into washed and heated jars and cover the jars tightly with lids.
  • Hope the jars top down for about a minute and then place them in a cool place in the pantry.
  • After you open one jar, the content must be eaten in maximum 2 week time and must be kept in the refrigerator.

Replace all additive and preservative full jams and jellies that you purchase from stores with this simple and delicious rosehip marmalade that will keep your kids happy and healthy at the same time!

2. Propolis, a Remedy for Weak Immune System

One of the best natural remedy for weak immune system is one of the most precious outcomes of the bee hive, and that is the propolis. Propolis is a sticky substance strong flavored and it comes in different colors. Propolis is a compound of natural resins, wax, essential oils, pollen, fatty acids, flavonoids, free amino acids, natural antibiotics and Vitamin A, B, E and PP.

It is also a great natural treatment because it is a natural antibiotics and antiviral due to its numerous beneficial properties.

Propolis is an awesome natural immune system booster. It acts by stimulating specific immunological factors and non-specific ones and overall it increases the body resistance to disease. Basically propolis helps your body secrete a chemical substance which fights against cell damage and aging.

This natural treatment for weak immune system is based on properly administrating the propolis tincture.

  • The propolis tincture is administered in the morning by ingesting 10-15 drops of tincture for children and 30-50 drops for adults.
  • Eat it with bread, honey or sugar.
  • Half an hour after the administration of the tincture don`t eat or drink anything at all. Repeat the treatment in the evening, before bedtime.
  • Follow the cure 10 day in a row after which follow by 10 days of pause and repeat for as many days as needed until you start to see the effects of the cure.

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3. Oatmeal, Natural Remedy for Weak Immune System

Whoever thought oatmeal is only food, they were really wrong. For those who didn’t yet know, oatmeal (Avena sativa) is also an amazing natural remedy for low immune system, as well as an amazing help for convalescence periods. 

Master Sebastian Kneipp mentions in one of his works the fact that in old times, oatmeal was considered a super food and whoever wanted to be strong and mighty ate a lot of it. Unfortunately, modern foods have dethroned oatmeal and today few people get to eat it.

He also said:

“If I were to feed 50 children for two years with oatmeal based dishes and I would compare them with other 50 fed with artificial flour (made of husked wheat), the latter could not compare with the first ones regarding physical and spiritual strength”.

Now, let’s see how to energize your entire body and mind with a simple oatmeal remedy.

  • Wash in 6-8 different water 1 kg of oatmeal and then boil it in 2 liters of water until it drops down half its quantity.
  • Strain the liquid and add 2 tablespoons of honey in it and place it over the fire for a few more minutes.
  • Very nourishing and easy to digest, this concoction is a great remedy for convalescents weak by severe illnesses.
  • The oatmeal straws also have a very powerful action over the human body.
  • Whoever drinks 5-6 cups of boiled oatmeal straws concoction per month is safe from all the known diseases.
  • Combined with rosehip, the oatmeal straws tea has a major effect on visceral diseases and intestinal cramps.

4. Weak Immune System Treatment with Eggs

If you happen to get sick really fast out of nowhere, there you can easily suspect that you immune system is really weak and you need something to boost it up and make it stronger against all sorts of viruses and bacteria.

  • All you need to do is to follow the simple steps and start this wonderful natural cure.
  • Thoroughly wash 6 fresh chicken eggs and place them into a jar on top of which you shall place 6-7 sliced lemons (make sure that the you pick the really juicy ones).
  • Close the jar tight and let the eggs soak until the eggshells have all dissolved, after which you’ll need to slip the content of the jar through a clean piece of gauze.
  • Add 1 kg of powder cane sugar and 3 liters of wine cognac in the ‘juice’ that you have obtained.
  • Mix thoroughly and place the liquid into 3 sealed bottles.
  • Drink a small cup of the liquid in the morning, right before breakfast and in the evening just before dinner time.

This is a wonderful cure and natural remedy for boosting the immune system and that will get you together and healthy for the moths to come.

Attention! All the conditions we know today are caused by the weak immune system that cannot handle the attack from the outside, hence don’t forget to eat as natural as possible and keep a healthy diet in the first place, since all these natural remedies and cures are meant to reinforce your immune system, and they don’t replace a proper healthy diet.

5. Walnuts Treatment for Weak Immune System

The immune system can be weakened by various causes: antibiotics, vaccines, epidemics but the point is that if you don`t have the proper weapons to provide the body with, you will always loose against diseases and viruses. Still, there are plenty of natural remedies that will put your immune system back on its feet and land you a real helping hand.

What you have to do is to prepare a natural treatment for boosting the immune system as follows.

  • Finely grind a cup of walnuts and mix them with 300 g of honey, a handful of raisins and another handful of dried apricots.
  • You shall have a tablespoon of this composition 3 times a day before the meals.
  • As easy as it sounds, we assure you that this is a true efficient remedy for boosting the immune system and we advise you to get your hands on the best natural ingredients you can so that the treatment is even more efficient for you.

Hopefully, you’ve found today a really helpful natural remedy for weak immune system and a great energizer remedy in these simple oatmeal using remedies. Until next time, stay strong!

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