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9 Natural Remedies for Psoriasis

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for simple and effective natural remedies for psoriasis, continue reading this article and find out what they are. But first.

Psoriasis term comes from Greek and means “itching condition” or “being itchy” and it’s one of the most common skin conditions caused by auto-immune deficiency. The best way to see if you have psoriasis or not is to consult with a physician. However, here are the most common psoriasis symptoms.

Psoriasis Symptoms

  • Itchy, dry, cracked skin that may bleed
  • Well-defined, red plaques, covered with mother-of-pearl scales, which appear symmetrically, especially in certain areas – elbows, knees, middle or scalp, sometimes on the trunk, arms, and legs (plaque psoriasis)
  • Numerous small, scaly, red spots on the arms and legs (gouty psoriasis)
  • Smooth areas of red, inflamed skin – in the armpits, in the groin area, buttocks, genital area, or under the breasts (inverted psoriasis)
  • Skin areas full of pimples or pustules (psoriasis pustules)
  • Thickened, notched, or pointed nails

Here are a few natural remedies for psoriasis that we have helped others heal.

Best natural remedies for psoriasis

9 Natural Remedies for Psoriasis

1. Whey Cure for Psoriasis

Milk whey washes are amazing with psoriasis. Add the juice of ½ lemons into 1 L of raw cow’s milk, and leave for 24 hours. Slip and you have your whey ready to use. This is one of the simplest yet most effective natural remedies for psoriasis.

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2. Cottage Cheese Poultice

If your wounds are deeper than that, use fresh unsalted cottage cheese poultices. Keep the poultice on for as long as you can, from 6 hours to 2 days. Use castor oil for scalp wounds caused by psoriasis.

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3. Homemade Milk Remedy

First off, eat only raw cow, goat, or sheep milk for 30 days and have lots of fresh juices made of fruits and veggies. Here is the remedy. Add a few ice cubes to a glass of milk. When the milk has turned cold, soak a small towel in and apply it to the affected area where you keep it for 2-3 minutes (until the area warms up) and then change the poultice with a cold one. Change the poultice 3-4 times in a 10 minutes span. This simple milk poultice is amongst the best natural remedies for psoriasis.

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4. Sour Cream Remedy for Psoriasis

This sour cream recipe is one of the most effective natural remedies for psoriasis that you can try. Here is how you can make this remedy at home. Mix 150 ml of fresh homemade cream with 4 natural egg yolks and 100 ml of birch tar. Anoint the affected areas with this paste twice a day. When the mixture dries, wash the area with whey.

9 Natural Remedies for Psoriasis - Sour Cream and Egg Yolks

5. Lard & Sulfur Balm Treatment for Psoriasis

Make a simple balm with one part unrendered pork lard and the same amount of sulfur and keep the balm in a dark place.

  • Prepare a simple tea with 2 tbsp. of birthwort per cup of water and boil for 5-10 minutes.
  • Wash the affected area with this warm tea, wipe a little, and anoint the skin with the sulfur balm.
  • Resume until the psoriasis is gone.

While doing this treatment, don’t wash your affected skin with water and soap. Simple and effective. Actually, sulfur balm and soap are some of the best natural remedies for psoriasis.

6. Calendula Balm Remedy for Psoriasis

Heat up 50 gr of pork lard and add 30 gr of marigold flowers. Let the fat boil on medium heat for 10 minutes and then slip and pour the hot balm into a small jar. Seal tightly and store in the fridge. Use this marigold balm to anoint the affected areas and while you are doing this treatment, don’t wash your skin with soap or any other cosmetic products. In addition, take Vitamin E (1 tablet/5 day a week) and 1 tsp. of unsifted wheat bran three times per day before meals. One of the most amazing natural remedies for psoriasis.

7. Quicklime Remedy for Psoriasis

Make an infusion with 50 gr marigold flowers and 500 ml of water. Strain them by pressing and leave to decant for 24 hours, then slip again. Pour the infusion into a dark-colored glass bottle and fill the bottle with the same quantity of lime water. You can prepare the lime water by pouring 1 L of water over 1 kg of quicklime (calcium oxide). Leave for 24 hours and then take the water over the surface and mix with the cold infusion. Shake the bottle 2-3 times per day and then anoint psoriasis with this solution. Leave to dry on its own and then anoint the area with arnica or seabuckthorn oils (mixed 1:1). 

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Natural Remedies for Psoriasis

8. Simple Propolis Remedies for Psoriasis

Add 0-40 of 20-30% propolis in a cup of warm water and drink it before the main meals of the day. Meanwhile, keep 20 mg of royal jelly under the tongue in the morning and evening. The treatment lasts for 1-2 months. Propolis is a natural antiseptic, this is why it’s one of the most effective natural remedies for psoriasis. Good to know! Kids and persons who don’t drink alcohol may as well use solid propolis. Keep it in the mouth for an hour, 2-3 times a day.

9. New Potatoes Cure for Psoriasis

Take a few new and pink-colored potatoes, grate them on the fine grater, peel included. Apply on the affected areas and change when they dried out. You may experience itching, but don’t interrupt the treatment. Follow this remedy for 2-3 weeks. 

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Here you have the most effective natural remedies for psoriasis that others have used before you and have healed from this annoying condition.

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