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7 Natural Remedies for Neurasthenia

by Andreea Laza

7 Natural Remedies for NeurastheniaNeurasthenia is a very unpleasant mental condition that leads to a great deal of symptoms among which insomnia, headaches and a poor overall mental state. Besides psychological counselling, there are a great deal of herbal remedies that you can undergo with success.

Here you have the most effective natural remedies for neurasthenia that people have used and have put an end to this undesired condition. Let’s start!

7 Natural Remedies for Neurasthenia

1. Herbal Bath Remedies for Neurasthenia

Plant baths are both relaxing as well as efficient in healing numerous conditions among which neurasthenia.

Mix equal parts of dried lavender, sweet clover, elderflower, mallows, thyme leaves, marjoram, peppermint and hawthorn together. Take 10-12 baths using this amazing herbal mix. The bathwater should have body temperature, so don’t go for hot baths because the remedy is less effective. Make sure you bathe for 15-20 minutes every evening.

Another simple herbal bath is the pine needles extract one that goes like this.

Add 150 g of pine needles extract into the 37°C temperature water in the hot tub. Bathe for 15-20 minutes every day and repeat the baths every evening for 15 to 20 days. Repeat 2-3 times per year.

2. Valerian Root, the Cure for Neurasthenia

For those of you who don’t know already, valerian root is one of the most powerful natural soporific and it is used for mental disorders as well. This is how you use it efficiently in case of neurasthenia.

Take 1 g of valerian root powder 3 times per day by holding it under your tongue for 15-20 minutes. After the 20 minutes have passed you may swallow it with a bit of water. You can use another valerian root remedy by making a simple macerate: Add 2 teaspoons of valerian root in 1 cup of cold water and leave it to stay for 4-6 hours. Have 2-3 cups of valerian root cold tea every day.

3. Honey & Vinegar Natural Remedy for Neurasthenia

Take your daily dose of treatment by mixing 2 tablespoons of honey with 1 tablespoon of apple vinegar into one cup of water. You may also use honey or inverted sugar like this. Add 1 kg of sugar to boil in 450 ml of water. When it starts to boil, squeeze the juice of one lemon and add it in. Take the foam at the surface and boil for another 10 minutes. Let it cool down and then it’s ready to consume.

Take 1 teaspoon of pollen every morning on an empty stomach while at night take one teaspoon of natural honey right before hitting the sack.

4. A Home Remedy for Neurasthenia with Hop Cones

You can use hop cones two ways, as powder or macerate, just as with valerian root above. You may also make a simple remedy using hop cones. Add hop cones in a small gauze bag and keep it on your pillow overnight so that you can smell the hop. That’s all.

5. White Seabuckthorn Remedy

Take your daily dose of neurasthenia remedy by placing 4 g (1 teaspoon) of white seabuckthorn powder under the tongue. Hold the powder for 10 minutes and then swallow with water. Also, you may use white seabuckthorn as macerate by adding 2-3 teaspoons per 1 cup of water. One cup of white seabuckthorn tea per day keeps neurasthenia away.

6. Throw-Wort Macerate Cure for Neurasthenia

You may use this magical herb called throw-wort in a delicious and simple macerate. Add 2-3 teaspoons of this plant in 1 cup of water, let it soak and then drink. It is very effective!

7. Dill Seeds Natural Treatment for Neurasthenia

Make a simple decoction using dill seeds by adding 1 teaspoon of these seeds into 1 cup of water. Drink right before bedtime and enjoy the sweet dream that will follow!

Lifestyle Recommendations for Neurasthenia Patients

  • Make sure your diet is mineral and vitamin rich and diverse
  • Avoid eating meat and meat based products and white sugar
  • Don’t eat right before bedtime and avoid hard to digest foods
  • Avoid coffee, alcohol and tobacco as well as soda drinks of any kind
  • Do a sport that you like, go to concert and do something fun
  • Take long walks every evening and enjoy the fresh air
  • Listen to jokes and funny stuff because laughter is one of the best therapies
  • Listen to good, chill out music
  • Avoid family, neighbor or colleagues fights
  • For insomnia: avoid powerful lights, too much noise, bad air, too much heat, uncomfortable bed sheets or uncomfortable pajamas

The Best Remedy for Neurasthenia Is Positive Thinking! 🙂

A very important role in treating neurasthenia is autosuggestion, trusting in the fact that we are not really sick in any ways. So, the first thing to do is to stop thinking that you are sick. Don’t focus on the things that you don’t like and don’t give them too much thought, because otherwise you will attract them and grow then out of proportions.

Avoid to always complain about your condition and remember that we are what we think. If we think we are sick our entire body and mind prepares for sickness and conforms to your thoughts. Hence, among all the natural remedies for neurasthenia, the most important of them all is positive thinking. Stay healthy, naturally!

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