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5 Natural Remedies for Cracked Skin

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for simple and effective natural remedies for cracked skin, continue reading this article and find out what they are.

Cracked skin is a mild skin condition, oftentimes caused by dehydration or chemical substances we come into contact with. It’s something that nobody wants, and unfortunately, cracked skin can show in areas of the body where we least expect it or want it. The good news is that we have a handful of natural remedies for cracked skin, proven and tested, that can help out. Let’s get to them.

Cracked skin remedies

5 Natural Remedies for Cracked Skin

1. Lamb Tallow Remedy for Cracked Skin

Melt a little bit of lamb tallow (sheep fat) and then leave it to harden back. When it hardens it becomes more solid compared to other types of animal fats. Grate the surface of the tallow and apply it to the cracks. Repeat several times until the skin heals completely.

2. Soluble Sulfur Remedy for Cracked Skin

Pad the skin with a piece of wet cotton and then sprinkle the soluble powdered sulfur over the cracks and apply another piece of dry cotton pad on top. If you don’t find soluble sulfur anywhere, then try an ointment that uses natural sulfur. Grind the sulfur finely and mix it with lamb tallow. Anoint the cracked skin with this simple homemade cream.

5 Natural Remedies for Cracked Skin - Sulfur Salve Balm

3. Cracked Skin Remedy with Celandine

Pick fresh celandine strains, wash and dry them and then grind them into a mortar. Apply the mashed plant to the affected areas. Wrap with a cling foil and then with a bandage so the celandine juices don’t stain your bedding. Leave the compress overnight. If you have burning sensations, remove the compress, and apply it again the following evening. Repeat the procedure as many times as necessary.

How to Use Celandine for Warts - 5 Ways - MyNaturalTreatment.com- MyNaturalTreatment.com

4. Urine Remedy for Cracked Skin

Wash the cracked skin with warm water five nights in a row. Then apply a poultice with your own fresh urine to the skin cracks. Pull a nylon bag over and secure the poultice in place. Keep it overnight. The next morning scrub the affected areas, wash well, and apply marigold ointment. Cover with a piece of cotton fabric (a sock or a glove etc.). Usually, in 5 days the cracked skin is fully healed.

5. Salicylic Acid Remedy for Cracked Skin

Combine 500 ml of rubbing alcohol with 15 g of salicylic acid. Rub the solution on the affected areas using a piece of clean gauze. After 10-15 days of daily topical applications, the cracked skin is usually healed. Did you know that salicylic acid is the main active substance in aspirin and that willow bark powder is the precursor of synthetic aspirin? Read more about it here.

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We really hope that these natural remedies for cracked skin will come in handy and prove their efficiency in your case also. If you’ve found these remedies useful, please share this article so more people can use this information. Stay healthy and beautiful, naturally!

5 Natural Remedies for Cracked Skin - MyNaturalTreatment.com

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