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15 Natural Remedies for Amenorrhea

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for simple and effective natural remedies for amenorrhea, continue reading this article and find out what they are. But first.

Amenorrhea or the absence of menstruation in fertile women is a condition often caused by hormonal problems, ovary conditions, or other physical problems such as anorexia. Before we jump to the natural remedies for amenorrhea, let’s see what is the actual cause of amenorrhea.

Natural Remedies for Amenorrhea

Common Causes for Amenorrhea

Lack of menstruation is mainly caused by a hormonal imbalance. The 2 hormones that regulate women’s menstruation are estrogen and progesterone. When we eat poorly and mostly junk, indulge in too many sugary foods, and top it off with stress, estrogen levels tend to increase. This ultimately means that progesterone will drop. When progesterone drops to a minimum, we no longer have menses, namely the monthly blood flow. This happens even when we ovulate regularly because estrogen is responsible for ovulation and progesterone for the formation of the menses. 

The cause of amenorrhea is high estrogen and low progesterone levels.

How to Balance Estrogen and Progesterone

There are no natural sources of progesterone that you can take as a supplement to boost this hormone. But once you cleanse/ detox the body, progesterone regulates automatically. The best thing to do to balance these hormones and recover from amenorrhea is to eat a clean diet. That is mainly leafy greens, salads, fresh fruits, and veggies. Avoid processed foods, fatty foods, deep-fried foods, and all that sugar.

Amenorrhea is your body’s signal that your diet is poor and it’s time to do something about it.

Although it may look scary at first, there are natural ways in which you can fight back amenorrhea, but at the same time, you need to fix the underlying problems that led to it. Consulting a specialist is, of course, recommended. Meanwhile, here are the best 15 natural remedies for amenorrhea that you can use! Let’s begin!

15 Natural Remedies for Amenorrhea

1. 4 Natural Remedies for Amenorrhea with Chamomile

It’s safe to say that when having amenorrhea chamomile is your best friend, and thank God, there are very many ways to use it as a natural remedy in this sense. Here are the most efficient alternative natural remedies for amenorrhea with chamomile.

Chamomile Tea Remedy

For the first remedy, you’ll need freshly picked chamomile flowers on a sunny day or dried chamomile flowers. Steep 1 heaped tsp of chamomile in 250 ml of hot water for 10 minutes, strain, and drink 1 liter of this tea every day. Topically, you can use chamomile tea as follows:

  • Make the chamomile tea by steeping 2 tbsp chamomile in 2 liters of hot water for 10 minutes.
  • Strain and add 1 tbsp honey and another one of backing soda.
  • Use this tea for vaginal irrigations.

If your menstruation has not returned, repeat the procedure 3-4 days later, but this is almost never the case.

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Chamomile Bath

  • Steep 4 handfuls of chamomile flowers in 2 liters of hot water for one-half hour.
  • Strain the infusion and put the flowers into a small piece of gauze sachet and seal tight.
  • Pour the chamomile infusion into your hot bath water, for the evening bath.

Make sure the water level in the bathtub doesn’t go beyond your heart level and enjoy your warm bath. After you’ve finished bathing, put on a thick bathrobe immediately, take on a pair of thick wool socks, and go directly to bed. After sweating, change into a pair of thick pajamas. Resume the chamomile bath 4-8 times in consecutive evenings until you’ve healed. Pause for 4 weeks and resume if you don’t get immediate results.

Milk & Chamomile Poultices

Pour 1 hot cup of milk over 1 heaped tbsp of chamomile and steep for a while. Strain and make poultices with this milk infusion that you apply to your pelvic region. Put a piece of dry and warm gauze over the poultice. When the poultice has run cold, soak it once again in the warm chamomile milk infusion and apply again. This is one of the best topical natural remedies for amenorrhea.

Chamomile Sachet

Make a small gauze sachet and fill it with chamomile flowers. Sew it close and warm it up in the oven or in the microwave. Apply it to your belly area while hot. Chamomile is one of the best natural remedies for amenorrhea, both internally and topically.

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2. Complete 1-Year Herbal Remedy for Amenorrhea

It’s really important that you start this treatment during spring. So, if it’s springtime where you are, you might want to consider these natural remedies for amenorrhea with herbs. Make a simple herbal mix with:

  • 2 handfuls thyme
  • 2 handfuls yarrow
  • 3 handfuls of buckthorn bark (Frangula alnus)
  • 1 handful of St. John’s wort
  • 1 handful of common centaury (Centaurium erythraea)
  • 1 handful of fennel seeds

Prepare the tea by pouring 1 cup of hot water over 1 tsp of the ground mix. Have 2-3 cups of this amazing tea every day. Two months into the treatment, change the tea and drink red-root amaranth tea (Amaranthus retroflexus) for the rest of the summer.

  • Make this tea by steeping 1 tbsp of the ground plant in a cup of hot water.
  • Sip on this tea all day long until bedtime.

When September-October has arrived go back to the herbal blend tea. From November until spring, drink a tea made from onion peels, one cup in the morning on an empty stomach, and 2 cups of fig leaf tea, one in the afternoon and one at night before bedtime. To prepare the onion peel tea, simmer the peels from 2 kg of onions into 3 liters of water, on low heat, until the tea starts to turn red in color. Drink 1 cup in the morning and keep the rest of the tea in the fridge. 

This is a 1-year complete natural treatment for amenorrhea that requires faith, determination, and consistency, but is one of the best natural remedies for amenorrhea, guaranteed. Good luck!

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3. Hogwood, the Herbal Remedy for Secondary Amenorrhea

Hogwood (Heracleum sphondylium) has amazing positive effects on secondary amenorrhea, helping the menstruation return, even after 10 years of not having one and it also regulates it. This is one of the best natural remedies for amenorrhea out there.

It is also amazing in curing woman infertility, premature menopause, adnexitis and metro-adnexitis.

Hogwood can effectively cure epilepsy seizures and is a great help in multiple sclerosis. Alongside hogwood, you can also use sage for its ovary regulatory functions and calendula. You can use these 2 herbs as tinctures (30 drops/twice a day), or you can make infusions with this herbal trio blend. Hogweed and sage are amongst the very best natural remedies for amenorrhea.

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Hogweed flowers

4. Mustard Flour Foot Baths Remedy

In addition to the chamomile baths, the mustard flour foot baths may be just as effective with amenorrhea. Add 2-3 tsp of mustard flour into 2 L of hot water. Keep your feet in this hot water as much as you can resist, then wash your feet with cold water and head directly to bed. This foot bath helps intensify your blood flow. You can do the same with dill seeds. Finely grind the seeds into flour and have one pinch of this flour just like the white beans remedy above. This is one of the most effective natural remedies for amenorrhea.

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5. Amenorrhea Remedy with Parsley & Celery

Make a decoction with 4 tbsp of combined ground parsley and celery roots by simmering them in 1 L of water until you remain with half the initial water quantity. Slip and divide into 3 portions. Drink each portion 15 minutes before the main meals of the day.

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6. Yarrow Tea Cure

For the remedy to work, you need to drink 1 cup of yarrow tea every morning on an empty stomach. Prepare the tea by steeping 1 tsp of plant per cup of tea. Follow this remedy for a minimum of 30 days, pause for 7 days, and resume. The treatment will be more effective if you do 2-3 herbal remedies (internally and topically) concomitantly. Yarrow is one of the best herbs for women and amongst the top natural remedies for amenorrhea.

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7. White Beans Flour Cure

Make a fine flour from 1 tsp of white beans. First thing in the morning have the beans flour and hold it in your mouth for 10 minutes. Then swallow it with a little bit of water. You can also do this procedure 3 times per day, before mealtime. While it may sound too simple to work, this is one of the top natural remedies for amenorrhea.

8. Herbal Teas for Amenorrhea

The herbs below are perhaps the best natural remedies for amenorrhea if you use them as follows. Get organic herbs if possible.

  • Lovage Decoction. Make a decoction with 2 tbsp lovage root per 250 ml of water. Boil for 5 minutes and strain.
  • Herb-Robert Infusion. Steep 2 tsp of plant per cup of hot water for 15 minutes, then strain and drink. Have 2 cups of this tea every day.
  • Basil Tea. Prepare a simple basil tea and have 2 cups every day.
  • Hogweed Tea. Have 2 cups of hogweed tea per day.
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The Link Between Amenorrhea and Stress

Maybe a few women actually know that amenorrhea may be a consequence of stress. And in this case, or in the case of a genital medical condition causing it, amenorrhea can be fixed with great reflexology. Why? Stress is easily wiped out with reflexology, and if confronted with ovary or uterus conditions, reflexology can help unlock the blood flow in the area, which helps rebuild the damaged genital organs and boosts their good functioning.

You’ll need to undergo 20 to 25 reflexology sessions to help menstruation return and 2-3 sessions per week for the following month as well. Make sure you find a specialist to help you out! Reflexology may turn out to be one of the best natural remedies for amenorrhea.

15 Natural Remedies for Amenorrhea

My Personal Experience with Amenorrhea

When I was around 28 years old, a few years back, I myself had amenorrhea. First, my menstruation was coming very late, then I had about 2-3 months in a row with no menstruation at all. It was not the case of a possible pregnancy and I never experienced these symptoms before in my life. My cycles used to be regular and pain-free. So I went to a gynecologist and after a few tests, I was diagnosed with low progesterone. My ovulation was normal, my ovaries were doing OK, but my menstrual blood was lacking.

After thorough research, I found out about a natural remedy for amenorrhea called Vitex agnus-castus. This is basically a tree called chaste berry, native to the Mediterranean region of Europe. It is most commonly used for PMS, and other menstruation imbalances or disorders.

I bought a natural vitex supplement and I followed the recommended dosage on the bottle. I have to say that it really worked in my case. But what I also did was not stress about it. I understood my body was going through a phase, and I let everything go. I stopped labeling the situation as negative and I knew it was a matter of time before I would have my regular menstruation back. And I was right.

This is what worked for me. I cannot say it will work for everyone, but there are plenty of natural remedies for amenorrhea here that women all over the world have used with great results. Follow your heart and do what’s best for you. What I want to leave you with, though, is that amenorrhea is not untreatable and when you worry about it, you just make it double. I hope that you’ve found here some inspiring natural remedies for amenorrhea that will work for you too. Stay healthy, naturally!

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Anita June 10, 2021 - 03:35

I am grateful for your recommendations and for the research you have done in this field. Thank you for publishing your findings here and thank you for your hard work.
Please could you run a spell/grammar check before you publish an article? Especially as it states that you have a BA in English and an MA in Communication, it would really improve the article if the spelling and grammar were correct. I don’t mean to offend! <3

Andreea Laza
Andreea Laza June 10, 2021 - 11:35

Hello Anita! I really hope that the remedies here will help you heal, and yes, it is a lot of hard work but I want to help more people with the healing recipes that have been passed on from my ancestors. You will not find most of the home remedies here anywhere else on the web, and I hope the information I share goes beyond the grammar/spelling errors of my non-native English writing skills. While I always do a spell/grammar check before I publish an article, sometimes I still make mistakes. I try to improve every time, so thank you for your feedback.


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