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Natural Hand Moisturizer Recipe with 2 Ingredients Only

by Andreea Laza

Too much hand washing has its toll on the skin. A lot of us already see this. Hence, we figured this is the right time to share with you a simple natural hand moisturizer recipe you can make at home. It requires only 2 ingredients, is all natural and very easy to make. In addition, this natural moisturizer can be used not only on the hands, but also on the face.

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Natural Hand Moisturizer Recipe with 2 Ingredients Only

Why Go for a Natural Hand Moisturizer?

This hand moisturizer contains no skin allergens or irritants whatsoever. The most common skin irritants found in conventional cosmetics are dyes, perfumes and chemical preservatives. More so, most hand moisturizers you find in stores are not cruelty-free, and one that aren’t, are much more expensive than this natural hand moisturizer here.

The 2-Ingredient Natural Hand Moisturizer

You Will Need:

  • a glass bottle pump dispenser (8 oz – 230 ml)
  • vegetal glycerin (4 oz – 115 ml)
  • rose water (4 oz – 115 ml)


  • Wash the glass bottle dispenser well before getting started.
  • Add equal parts of vegetal glycerin and rose water into the recipient.
  • Shake well and you’re natural hand moisturizer is done.

Reduce or increase the glycerin content, to obtain a more or less oily lotion, for your particular skin type. You can purchase the rose water online, or you can make at home, following the recipe in this article: How to Make Rose Water – The Original Recipe.


Due to the fact that this natural hand moisturizer does not contain preservatives, it has a shorter shelf live, like all homemade natural skin care. To make the most of it, store the hand moisturizer in a dry or cool place, when you don’t use it.

DIY Natural Moisturizing Hand Gel Recipe

You can also make a natural hydrating hand gel if you want. This is how you can make it:

  • mix 1 tsp of gelatin in 150 ml of warm water
  • add 1 tsp rose, lavender or orange essential oil to the gelatin
  • add 3 tbsp vegetal glycerin
  • pour in a pump bottle and shake well

When buying essential oils, make sure they are pure essences. Also, do not to exceed the indicated number of drops/tsp in the recipe.

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Allergic Reactions to Natural Hand Moisturizers

Allergic reactions to homemade cosmetics are very rare. A simple test will determine if your can handle them. Apply a little bit of the natural hand moisturizer or gel on the inside of your palm and wait for 24 hours. If you do not notice any reaction, you can use these natural skin products with confidence.

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