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How to Use Rowanberries as Medicine

by Andreea Laza

Want to learn how to use rowanberries as medicine? Continue reading and discover some fantastic rowanberries uses.

Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia) it is a very beautiful tree, also famous for its therapeutic properties, that have been known since ancient times. In the Balkans, rowanberries are traditionally used as a diuretic, cholagogue and hemostatic, and rowanberry juice was used for dysentery. However, there are more health benefits of rowanberries than meets the eye. Let’s see how to use rowanberries as medicine.

How to Use Rowanberries as Medicine - MyNaturalTreatment.com

Health Benefits of Rowanberries

Rowanberries are rich in vitamins C, P, K, carotene, organic acids, pectins, glucides and natural antioxidants. They are packed with potassium, phosphorus, iodine, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and molybdenum, which participate in the process of hematopoiesis and other bodily processes. The rowan seeds contain a lot of fatty oil. Here are some of the key health benefits of rowanberries:

  • Rowanberries serve as natural protection barries against X-rays.
  • Contains pectins, organic acids and carbohydrates that bind the toxins in the intestines and remove them from the body.
  • The rare combination of vitamins C and P allows rowanberries to be used for the prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis and hypertension.
  • Have antiscorbutic and immunostimulant action due to their high content of vitamins and carotenoids.
  • Rowanberry powder or paste is remedy for chronic constipation, accompanied by gallbladder problems.
  • Rowanberry infusion is used for mouth rinses to prevent and treat gum disease. The roawn flower infusion soothes acute toothaches.
  • Rowanberries are a great addition to diabetics and people suffering from obesity.
  • Rowan is the main raw material for the preparation of avitaminosis products – a key ingredient in natural syrups and various vitamin teas.

Rowan preparations are used more in traditional medicine for: reducing cholesterol levels, toning the nervous system, delaying the aging process, increasing visual acuity, for tuberculosis, rheumatism, coughs, and scurvy.

How to Use Rowanberries as Medicine - MyNaturalTreatment.com

How to Harvest Rowanberries

The medicinal parts of rowan and th berries (Fructus Sorbus aucupariae), the leaves (Folium Sorbus aucupariae) and the bark. Rowanberries are harvested starting with the end of September to November by breaking the bunches entirely. Dry the bunches at 35-40°C/95-104°F for 3-4 hours in a dehydrator, then allow them to fully dehydrate naturally until complete drying, so that the sugars stay inside the fruit. After drying, rub the rowanberry bunches against a 5 mm mesh sieve to separate the berries from the bunch. The rowan leaves are harvested in the summer up until August, and are dried naturally in the shade, in a thin layer.

How to Use Rowanberries in Remedies

To enjoy their medicinal properies, rowanberries can be consumed fresh as such, juiced, in syrups, or jams. The juice is safe for infants. Rowanberries infusion, and tincture are some of the most popular ways to use these berries in natural remedies. To make rowanberry tea, steep 1 tablespoon of dried fruit in 200 ml of water. You can drink 2-3 cups of rowanberries tea a day. Here are a few natural remedies with rowan berries you can make at home.

  1. Swollen feet (edema) – Combine one liter of fresh rowanberry juice with 600 g of sugar and boil for 15-20 minutes to make a syrup. If you want to use honey instead, boil the juice alone, leave to cool off and the add 600 g of raw honey to it and mix. You can add this syrup to your tea or compote, 1-2 spoons per cup of tea/compote.
  2. Eyestrain (eye tension) – Fill a long-neck bottle halfway with rowanberries, pour natural vodka or rankjia over the berries and seal the bottle. Leave to macerate in a sunny spot for 6 weeks, and shake from time to time. Strain and pour the rowanberry tincture in small amber bottles. Have one tsp of this tincture with your eyestrain/eye pressure feels too high. Alongisde, eat 2-3 carrots every day.
  3. Alcoholism – grind a spoonful of rowanberries and a spoonful of rosehips, then steep them in one liter (4 cups) of boiled water for 40 minutes, covered. Strain and add the juice of half a lemon. Drink 60 ml of this infusion, in the morning, on an empty stomach for ten days. Pause for one week and resume if needed.
  4. Constipation – Drink freshly squeezed rowanberry juice from well-ripened berries. You can dilute the juice with water (2 tablespoons of juice per 100 ml of water) or with herbal tea, if the taste is too strong for you.

Rowan bark is a remedy for cleaning the blood vessels after overindulging and drinking. Boil 200 g of dry rowan bark powder in 500 ml of water for 2 hours, on low heat, covered. Allow to cool, strain, and drink one spoon, 30 minutes before meals, 3 times a day. It is particularly recommended for the elderly.

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How to Use Rowanberries as Medicine - Rowanberries Uses - NaturalTreatment.com

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