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How to Use Juniper Essential Oil as Medicine

by Andreea Laza

Want to learn how to use juniper essential oil as medicine? Continue reading and discover the wonderful properties of juniper essential oil.

Juniper essential oil (Juniperus communis) is a wonderful natural remedy for yeast infection, but you can also use it externally for massages or inhalations as it has anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties. But before we show you how to use juniper essential oil at home, a few words on this wonderful remedy.

How to Use Juniper Essential Oil as Medicine

What Is Juniper Essential Oil

Juniper essential oil is obtained through distillation and is usually used as an anti-infective remedy for bronchial and lung infections. You can find it in health food stores, or online, but make sure it is food-grade and for internal use only! The daily adult dosage is 2-5 drops of juniper essential oil (in a carrier oil, a piece of bread, or some honey) twice a day, in 2-week courses, followed by another two-week break. Beware! Essential oils are very strong and may cause burning! Please consult a naturopath before using essential oils internally!

To make your juniper massage oil add 3 ml of juniper essential oil to 100 ml of extra virgin olive oil, or coconut oil and mix well. You can use this oil for light massage against muscle pains, and joint pains, or rub it on your chest in case of broncho-pulmonary diseases.

How to Use Juniper Essential Oil Internally

  • Yeast Infection & Staph – the dosage is 5 drops of medicinal grade juniper essential oil twice a day for 14 days, followed by a 14-day break. According to a Spanish study published in the “Journal of Applied Microbiology”, juniper essential oil inhibits the development and destroys the spores of Candida albicans, but also those of Aspergillus, a family of parasitic fungi that can produce respiratory infections that are quite difficult to treat. A Romanian paper published in 2022 showed that juniper essential oil reduces bacteria, especially Staphylococcus aureus

How to Use Juniper Essential Oil Externally

  1. Chronic Bronchitis take a hot bath, in which you add 10-15 drops of juniper essential oil (add a new dose every 10 minutes). A bath lasts 20 minutes and has amazing bronchial anti-inflammatory, decongestant, and slightly antibiotic effects.
  2. Acute Bronchitis & Pneumonia – add 10 drops of juniper oil and 10 drops of thyme oil in 3 tablespoons of olive oil and massage your chest area with this oil. These essential oils penetrate the skin enter the bloodstream, and have a beneficial action on the lungs, due to their decongestant and antibiotic effect.
  3. Muscle and Joint Pain – do a light massage with juniper essential oil (prepared according to the recipe presented in this article), on the affected areas, twice a day. Massage gently for at least five minutes on average, without pressing and without mechanically stimulating the respective area. Juniper essential oil has anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing effects when used topically.

Juniper Safety and Contraindications

When using juniper internally, do not exceed the maximum daily adult dose (10 grams of plant). If this dose is exceeded, one may experience kidney irritations, digestive disorders, mouth irritations, and even spasms. A juniper cure should last no more than 4 weeks, followed by a minimum 3-week break, after which it can be resumed. Using juniper for too long can lead to loss of potassium from the body, very low blood sugar, hypotension, and even hypocalcemia. Other juniper contraindications to consider:

  • Never use juniper during pregnancy (in any form), because this plant has proven abortion-inducing effects, being often used in folk medicine to trigger and accelerate childbirth or abortion.
  • Avoid juniper treatments if you want to become pregnant (both partners), as juniper has a surprising effectiveness as a contraceptive. Animal studies have confirmed that the reproductive rate of laboratory animals treated with juniper for several months was reduced by 60-70%.
  • If you are already suffering from kidney infections, you should use juniper internally cautiously – at first only 1/4 of the recommended daily dose. If you feel any intensification of the irritation when urinating, kidney pain, or irritation in the reno-urinary system, stop using juniper.

For a long time, it was believed that juniper is nephrotoxic and harmful in cases of kidney and urinary infections, but recent studies show that inflammatory phenomena due to juniper are isolated, rather due to individual predispositions. Please consult an herbal medicine specialist before using juniper essential oil internally.

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If you’ve enjoyed learning how to use juniper essential oil internally and externally, please share this article so more people can use this information. Let us know in the comments below how you use juniper essential oil at home. Stay healthy, naturally!

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