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How to Make Fir Buds Tea

by Andreea Laza

Want to learn how to make fir buds tea? Continue reading and find out the fir buds tea recipe, its health uses and more.

Fir buds are an excellent late-spring medicine, that you can use to make fir buds syrup and tincture, but also the healing fir buds tea. This fantastic tea can be drunk for its very many health benefits, but can also used in steam inhalations and in baths. Continue reading and find out how to make fir buds tea, what to use it for and many more useful tips.

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How to Make Fir Buds Tea

To prepare the fir buds tea, scald 2 tablespoons of fresh fir buds in 250 ml (1 cup) of boiling water. Steep for 10-15 minutes, then strain the tea and raw honey to taste. You can drink 2-3 fir buds teas a day, after the main meals, over the course of 3-4 weeks. This amazing tea has beneficial effects for lung and respiratory conditions (flu, cold), nervous system affections as well as kidney and digestive issues. Now that you know how to make fir buds tea, here is how to dose and use it at home.

Health Uses of Fir Buds Tea

Fir bud tea is primarily a powerful anti-cough medicine, due to its expectorant, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. Moreover, it cures lung diseases, colds, flu, nervous diseases, kidney diseases (helps with kidney and bladder inflammations), diarrheal conditions, gallstones and parasites. It has a sudorific and antipyretic effect. Further more, fir buds tea has revulsive properties, it helps activate local blood flow, fights spasms and bloating, and is a good general tonic, but also a sedative for the nervous system. The midwives recommended it for its ability to hasten childbirth.

In addition to these amazing health uses of fir buds, tea, there are a couple of especially old natural remedies with fir buds tea that you can prepare and use as follows.

  • Tuberculosis – You can boosy immunity by preparing a decoction with 75 g of fir buds and 75 g of young fir cones. Pour a liter of cold water over the decoction, bring to a boil and continue simmering for 10 minutes. Then wrap the pot in a fluffy towel for the next 8-10 hours. Strain this concentrated tea and drink 1/2 cup, 3 times a day, between the main meals.
  • Kidney, Gallbladder & Liver Cleanse – Pour 500 ml of warm water into a thermos, add 3-4 fir buds and a teaspoon of fir resin. Infuse for 3-4 hours and strain. Drink one glass each in the morning without eating and in the evening, before going to bed. This remedy is especially effective for kidney infections and inflammations, cystitis, nephritis, pyelitis, metritis or uterine hemorrhages. You can take fir buds syrup alongside.

How to Make Fir Buds Steam Inhalations

Fir buds steam inhalations help unclog and clean the respiratory tract, stop colds from aggravating, activate circulation and restore the natural skin tone. To make the inhalation, pout half a liter of boiling water over a handful of fresh fir buds (ideally measuring 4-5 centimeters at the time of picking, because they are more rich in essential oils). Cover your head with a towel and lean over the steam for 5-10 minutes.

After inhalation, keep your head covered for at least half an hour, and avoid exposing yourself to cold and drafts for the following three hours. You can do the fir buds steam inhalations twice a week, as it has beneficial effects on both the skin and the upper respiratory tract.

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How to Make Fir Buds Baths

Fir buds baths have excellent toning effects, and are an ancient Romanian folk medicine for many ailments. They are also amazing for boosting natural immunity for small, fickle children, as well as in alleviating rheumatic pains. Boil 500 g of fresh fir buds (or spruce or pine buds) for 2-3 minutes in five liters of water, then let it cool. Strain and pour this broth into your bath water.

  • Children who get sick easily – take a fir buds bath once a week for two to three weeks in a row.
  • Dermatosis & rheumatic pains – In addition to the bath, apply a fir buds poultice. To make the poultice, scald the fir buds in hot water, then wrap them while they are still hot (as hot as you can bear) in gauze and apply it to the painful area. Warp a piece of cling foil around it to set it in place and a very warm fabric on top. Keep the poultice for 30-40 minutes, remove it and kept the area warm for another 10-15 minutes.

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Fir buds is an amazing natural medicine offered to us in the late Spring by Mother Nature. If we use it wisely and with an open heart, we can relieve many conditions, especially those affecting the throat, lungs, as well as gallbladder, liver and kidneys. If you’ve enjoyed learning how to make fir buds tea, inhalations and baths, please share this article so more people can use this information. And let us know your though about the taste and aroma of fir buds tea in the comments below. Stay healthy, naturally!

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