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Home Remedy for Schizophrenia

by Andreea Laza

Home Remedy for Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a perhaps the most popular brain disorder that has affected men and women since early ages.

Thankfully, this condition is highly treatable with modern antipsychotic medications and psycho-social therapies.

Still, we have a more natural approach for this mental disorder, a home remedy for schizophrenia.

Thyme Bath, The Home Remedy for Schizophrenia

For this remedy you’ll need garden thyme or wild thyme.

  • Pour 2 L of hot water over 200 gr of wild thyme and let the plant infuse for 15 minutes.
  • Slip and pour the infusion into your bathwater.
  • Bathe in this water for 20 minutes and just relax and enjoy your time.

Don’t fill your tub with water completely so that you can add supplementary hot water in case it gets too cold.

If you don’t have a bath tub, wash your body with thyme/wild thyme tea.

Keep your feet in the warm water for another 20 minutes. When the water turns too cold and then you can pour the hot tea in.

Don’t keep your feet in cold water, though!

You can reuse the water again two more times and then you can throw it away, as well as the used thyme. You simply add hot water over the remaining plant and bring to a boil. Pour the water over the water you’ve already used once.

Natural Supplements for Schizophrenia

Royal jelly is known for its antidepressant properties and it also helps improve your good mood. In case you experience insomnia episodes you can take royal jelly as pills that you can buy from any honey shops.

If you experience insomnia due to schizophrenia or other dissociative disorders, eat a medium size onion right before bedtime. This will really help you out.

Also, 2 tsp of apple cider with honey poured in a cup of water will do.

 We sure hope that the thyme bath home remedy for schizophrenia will bring you the mental comfort that you need as well as the peace of mind and good health back into your life. 

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