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Home Remedy for Vaginal Itching

by Andreea Laza

Vaginal Itching Remedies

Looking for a home remedy for vaginal itch? Keep reading.

We have an amazing home remedy for vaginal itching based on plant sitz baths. Simple as they look at first, these 2 remedies we are about to present to you have worked for a great number of women who have experienced vaginal itching.

Wormwood Remedy for Vaginal Itching

Even my mother used to say to me that if I have any type of genital itch or redness I should take sitz baths using a number of herbs. And it worked for me. So, let’s begin.

  • Wash your genitals 2-3 times per day with concentrated wormwood tea (most importantly in the morning and evening). 

Make sure you stop using any gels or soaps for the intimate hygiene that you’ve been using until now (it may be that you have developed an allergy to one of its ingredients) and start using teas and other natural produce strictly. In short time, you’ll notice the difference!

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Seabuckthorne Balm, Home Remedy for Vaginal Itching

Another simple home remedy for vaginal itching is based on sitz baths too, but this time you need to wash 3-4 times per day using vegetal organic soap 100% natural. 

After each wash, make sure you anoint the genital area with all natural seabuckthorn balm

  • Even more, you need to start an interior cleansing that should last for about 10 days in which you need to drink 1 liter of carrot juice per day and a lot of pumpkin seeds.

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We all know that pumpkin seeds are really effective intestinal and internal parasites, such as worms. And often times itching can be something related to internal parasites.

  • Have seabuckthorn juice, raw milk and sweet fruits.

You will notice the itch is gone only by using the soap and the salve.

But you know, in order to really take care of a symptom, you need to start with the inside. Hopefully this home remedy for vaginal itching will set you free of the unpleasant itch sensation and you’ll enjoy again a carefree life, ladies!

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