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Home Remedy for Skin Irritation

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for a simple and effective home remedy for skin irritation, continue reading this article and find out how to follow this remedy at home. But first.

Skin irritation is a common skin issue, that is easy to treat with herbs. No matter the sort of skin irritation affecting your complexion, either cold weather, microbial infection, or an allergic topical reaction, there’s always help for you from nature’s pharmacy. Below you find an amazing home remedy for skin irritation that our grandmas used to prepare since very old times. We want to share the remedy with you so you can use it whenever necessary. This is how it goes.

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Rattle Plant, The Home Remedy for Skin Irritation

The yellow rattle plant or cockscomb (Rhinanthus minor) is perhaps the best home remedy for skin irritation. Now people know little to nothing of this healing herb, hence you may not find this herb online, but you can find it in the wild. This is an old remedy and here is how you can use it at home. But first, let’s start with the ingredients.


  • one handful of yellow rattle plant (flowers, leaves, and seed pods included)
  • 200 ml of cold-pressed virgin olive oil
  • 5 ml essential lavender oil
  • 1 amber glass jar

How to Make

Put the rattle plant and the olive oil in a jar and place the jar near a window, in direct sunlight. Let the rattle plant infuse in the oil for a full week in the unsealed jar. Then strain the infused oil, and pour it into an amber glass jar. Add the lavender essential oil to it, seal and give it a good shake. Now the rattle plant oil is ready for use.

How to Use

Mildly massage the irritated areas of your skin with this herbal oil. Use this remedy throughout the year whenever necessary. To preserve it, keep the jar in a dark and cool place, somewhere in the pantry. This home remedy for skin irritation can also be used for muscle contractures because it is just as helpful as in the case of skin irritations. If your skin has been irritated for a longer period of time, you can also try the home remedy below to help repair the skin.

Home Remedy for Skin Irritation - Yellow Rattle
Yellow rattle plant (Rhinanthus minor)

Home Remedy for Skin Irritation with Grape

What you need for this home remedy for irritated skin are some natural black grapes from your granny’s garden or from the local farmers. Avoid using conventionally farmed grapes that are sprayed with pesticides and other toxic substances. Toxins are the last thing your skin needs right now. The remedy goes like this.

  1. Juice the black grapes through a slow juicer.
  2. Use the grape juice to make a poultice.
  3. Apply the poultice to the irritated skin and keep it on for as much as possible throughout the day.

The next day, apply poultices with grapes peels. For this, slightly squash the grapes, then place them on a fabric gauze, and apply the gauze with the grape peels directly to the skin. Make sure the poultice is well set in place and it doesn’t come off. Use medical adhesive tape if necessary. You can use grape stum instead of the fresh cold-pressed black grapes juice. Alternate the two poultices, so that one day you apply only the juice or stum poultice, and the other day the grapes peel one.

In no more than 6 days, the skin irritation or the eczema is usually completely healed and the skin rejuvenated. This simple fruit has amazing effects on the health of our skin, due to its amazing rich antioxidant content. In addition, black grapes stum especially is very rich in tannins. Grapes also contain a lot of so-called anthocyanins, substances with amazing tonic, and skin-restoring properties.

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We hope that you find this home remedy for skin irritation helpful and you manage to cure your skin rash without side effects with the help of herbs and fruits. Let us know if this remedy for irritated skin has helped you, and also what is your go-to home remedy for skin irritation. Stay healthy, naturally!

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