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1-Ingredient Home Remedy for AION

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for a simple and effective home remedy for AION, continue reading this article and find out how to follow this remedy at home. But first.

Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (AION) is described as a sudden loss of vision. AION patients present a narrowing of their visual field, with a decrease in visual acuity. Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (AION) results from the impairment of the anterior part of the optic nerve, which is mainly vascularized by the posterior ciliary arteries. This is due to the inflammation of the medium-sized blood vessels in the eye, a condition that is more comment in the elderly population.

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There Are 2 Types of AION

The common two types of Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (AION) are:

  1. Arteritic form (A-AION), in which ischemia is secondary to vascularity (such as Horton’s disease);
  2. Non-arteritic form (NA-AION), in which ischemia is secondary to a non-inflammatory impairment of the capillary vessels.

The non-arteritic form (NA-AION) is the most common in patients above 50 years of age (95% of AION), with an incidence of 2-10 per 100,000. AION is highly related to Horton’s disease, especially in elderly patients. Modern medicine has not found a treatment for the acute form of AION. However, there is a home remedy for AION that may help. This is what you can do to treat AION at home.

The Home Remedy for AION

Royal jelly is the best home remedy for AION. For this treatment, you’ll need high-quality, organic royal jelly. The best kind is freshly extracted from the beehive, so if you have a local beekeeper, go to them.

  • Add a few drops of royal jelly in the eye, around 2 grams/day.

Royal jelly in the eye is a great remedy for AION, however, it may sting. If it is too painful to bear, you can also take royal jelly orally. Take 2 grams of fresh royal jelly every day. Hold it under the tongue for a few minutes and then swallow. This simple home remedy for AION has helped patients improve their vision this far. Given it makes use of just one, all-natural, and simple ingredient, there are no side effects and dangers.

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The Spiritual Cause of AION

Eye problems indicate a fear of the future. It is the fear of looking ahead, perhaps because you’ve had a previous experience where you did not want to see or help a close friend. Turning a “blind eye” to someone who needs our help can be the karmic explanation for eye conditions in general and vision loss in particular. When you understand that you need not have any fear of the future, of what is to come, then you will dare to look at things for what they are.

Relationship attachments can affect eyesight.

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Physical life is merely an experience of the body for the expansion of the soul. Many people lose their eyesight when they get older and the reason is that they are too attached to this world.

Let go of attachment and look at things for what they are.

Change the way you see things and your experience will change too. You are the creator of your experiences, make this creation intentional, and for the highest benefit of you and those around you. And never forget to enjoy the ride!

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We sure hope that this simple home remedy for AION will truly help you out. Let us know if this remedy has worked for you by leaving a comment below. Stay healthy, naturally

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