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3 Home Remedies for Motion Sickness

by Andreea Laza

3 Home Remedies for Motion Sickness

If there’s something really annoying on the face of the earth, that must be motion sickness. 

Motion sickness can spoil your holiday, your fun and your good disposition as well. This is why we believe everyone should know a few home remedy for motion sickness, namely for plane sickness, seasick and car sickness. Let’s go!

3 Home Remedies for Motion Sickness

1. Home Remedies for Car Sickness

We recommend to you all the simplest natural remedy for car sickness ever.

  • Right before getting in the car, take on potato, cut a 1 cm thick slice of it and peal it.
  • Hold the potato slice in the palm of your hand while you experience car sickness and it will go away.

Also, avoid eating too much before riding in the car, especially spicy foods, stimulating foods and too many liquids. Stick with just the amounts that you need.

If you’ll go on a long road trip, the potato slice will blacken in time so you need to change it with a fresh slice. This simple remedy has helped a man travel by car for more than 500 km without experiencing any car sickness.

2. Home Remedy for Seasick

Make yourselves a small swing and use it daily, until you’ll never again experience any motion sickness sensations. Then you’re ready to go aboard. We wish you smooth sailing!

3. Natural Remedy for Plane Sickness

In case of plane sickness, the best remedy is mint alcohol. Add a few drops of mint alcohol on a sugar cube. Also, ginger is amazing as capsules. Try them and you are ready to fly away! These are our remedies for car sickness, seasick and plane sickness.

If you know other home remedies for motion sickness please let us know! We would love to see what is your experience with treating motion sickness!

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