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The Herbal Remedy for Sugar Addiction & How To Use

by Andreea Laza

Sugar addiction is a much bigger problem than we think.

Paradoxically, the biggest problem with sugar is not its toxicity, but the fact that sugar creates addiction. Studies show that two out of four Europeans and three in four Americans suffer from this addiction to sugar.

How so? Sugar is a chemical substance that stimulates the same receptors in the brain as certain drugs.

Sugar craving makes people agitated. It creates frustration and even anxiety. In the end, it triggers a sort of pathological hunger that can only be alleviated by the intense sweet taste of sugary products.

Animals Can Also Get Sugar Addiction

French researchers were shocked to see that cocaine addict lab rats, chose sugar over cocaine when they had the choice.

Therefore, sugar cravings are by no means as easy to temper as we imagined or hoped. The solution would be healthy alternatives to sugar that don’t get us hooked up and addicted.

Artificial sugar substitutes are also dangerous, and if you read the whole article, you will find out why.

There Is a Simple & Natural Solution to Sugar Addiction

There is a herb that actually cuts down sugar cravings and can help us ditch sugar for good. Without further ado, here is the herbal remedy for sugar addiction.

The Herbal Remedy for Sugar Addiction & How To Use

Gymnema, a Powerful Remedy for Sugar Addiction

Gymnema (Gymnema sylvestre) is widely known as a weight loss product in Europe and America. If we think that 90% of obese people are sugar addicts, this is totally understandable. However, the truth is that Gynema is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy for sugar addiction.

Gymnema is tree bush that grows in India and southeast Asia.

In the Hindi Gudmar dialect, the leaves of this tree translate to sugar destroyer. The extracts from these leaves make are a powerful remedy against sugar addiction. The reason is that it tackles both cause of sugar addiction, and the unpleasant sugar withdrawal effects.

How to Use Gymnema Extract for Sugar Addiction

You can find Gymnema as tables or leaves extract. Either one, if it is a good quality product, has the desired effect.

  • Take 0.5-1.2 grams per day of Gymnema extract, in several reps throughout the day.

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How Gymnema Extract Cures Sugar Addiction

1. Reduces blood sugar levels

It is an excellent medicine for the early stages of diabetes, as well as advanced ones. This extract causes glucose to be released more slowly and gradually into the bloodstream, preventing the sudden spikes in blood sugar.

Gymnema can help reduce the dosage of synthetic antidiabetics drugs or even eliminate them, but under strict medical control. This herbal extract helps reduce the number of units of insulin for insulin dependent patients.

In both cases, Gymnema extract should be used under direct medical surveillance.

2. Fights sugar cravings

Gymnema has a direct action on the nervous system, on the areas that perceive the sweet taste. People become almost immune to the sweet taste within a few minutes after taking this extract.

The taste buds perceive an extremely faded sweet taste, and the person no longer feels the need to have something sweet.

Moreover, the hunger pangs that usually occurred within 1-2 hours after eating sugar dissapear, alongside the feelings of anxiety and depression when we crave sugar.

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10 Healthy Sugar Alternatives

1. Raw Honey

People have been using honey as food for over ten thousand years. Honey has an extremely complex composition, containing, besides glucose and fructose, a lot of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, waxes, protein substances, etc. When heated over 70 degrees Celsius, honey is toxic, because it develops a substance called hydroxymethylfurfural, so use honey raw.

2. Stevia

This far, this is the only healthy natural sweetener, that has 0 calories. Patients with diabetes can safely use it. Stevia is a white powder extracted from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana and it is 300 times sweeter than sugar.

3. Date Sugar

The natural sugar from dried dates contains very many vitamins and almost 70 bioactive minerals, mainly potassium, copper, manganese, magnesium, iron and Vitamin B6. It has very many health benefits.

4. Coconut Sugar

It comes from the dehydrated sap of the coconut blossoms, and it has one of the lowers GI indexes for a sugar, of only 35. Has many minerals and is great for the heart. The replacement ratio with sugar is 1:1.

5. Maple Syrup

To make maple syrup, we boil maple sap. This healthy sugar alternative is not raw as coconut sugar, but it is more safe and natural than white sugar.

6. Lucuma Fruit Powder

This natural power contains 14 trace minerals, antioxidants and a low GI; It can safely replace sugar in baking using a 2:1 ratio (lucuma to sugar).

7. Yacon Syrup

The sweet syrup is extracted from a plant native to the Andes Mountains of Peru and it has almost 0 sugar in it. This natural sugar alternative is great for the gut, because it contains natural prebiotics.

8. Ripe Bananas

Used in many vegan and sugar-free dessert recipes.

9. Apple Sauce

Great in baking as sugar substitute.

10. Fresh Grapes Juice

Great for baking especially biscuits or cookies.

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6 Dangerous Sugar Substitutes

1. Sodium cyclamate (E 952)

This sugar substitute is banned in the United States due to its high toxicity. Consumption can lead to lesions in the liver and pancreas, and can decease the concentration of male hormones, leading to an atrophy of the testes.

2. Saccharin (E 954)

Consumption predisposes people to developing allergies and cancer, thus saccharin is banned in many countries. Specialists do not recommend it especially for pregnant women and children. Studies show that saccharin consumption male us prone to prostate cancer, immune and nervous system problems.

3. Aspartame (E 951)

This is one of the most dangerous sugar substitute and is 100% synthetic. You can find it in sugar free gum, soda and other sugar free products and it creates addiction. It is the most controversial synthetic sweetener, which causes a disease wearing its name with symptoms like: insomnia, headaches, memory loss, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, certain forms of cancer, aggressive behavior in children, increase in appetite and obesity.

4. Acesulfam K (E 950)

The body cannot metabolize it. Some researchers claim that this artificial sweetener may induce metabolic stress. Specialists do not recommend Acesulfam K in weight loss diets as sugar substitute. It is dangerous for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, or people with health problems. It can cause cancers.

5. Sucralose (E 955)

Sucralose has a tremendous negative impact on gut health, because it decreases the healthy gut bacteria by 50%. The affected gut does not recover even 12 weeks after using sucralose once.

6. Brown sugar

Brown sugar is almost as bad as white sugar. Specialists say that it is just 20-30% less harmful than refine sugar.

Healthy Sugar Alternatives & Dangerous Sugar Substitutes


The list of dangerous sugar substitutes can continue. The human body is not designed to digest and use refined sugar. This means that it is not meant for human consumption. Instead, sugar creates a lot of havoc in the body and many illnesses, including cancer.

Sugar is a drug just as addictive as cocaine and it creates profound health damages on long term. Hopefully, the natural herbal remedy for sugar addiction and the healthy sugar alternatives list will be of aid. Much health to you, sugar-free!

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