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3 Health Benefits of Snake Plant and Natural Remedies

by Andreea Laza

Want to discover the unique health benefits of snake plants and how to use this house plant at home? Keep reading.

Snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata) comes from the west of tropical Africa, from an arid, very inhospitable environment, and is a known decorative plant. But few people know that sansevieria has been used for centuries by African tribe healers as a cure for various diseases. If you want to know some unique health benefits of snake plants, keep on reading.

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Health Benefits of Snake Plant

For centuries, African tribes have used snake plants as a cure for many ailments. From the leaves, they extracted a sap that they used as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory. They also used the leaves to make decoctions to treat parasitic infestations and relieve itching. The roots were used to make remedies for labor pains and various women’s problems. They believe that the roots of the snake plant were energizing, and tonic, and were administered as a dietary supplement to the tribe’s warriors.

Healers from Asia have a special cult for the snake plant. Koreans claim that it can absorb radiation, the Thais believe that it can prevent and even cure cancer, while the Chinese value it because they believe it brings good luck. Specialists who study the effects of snake plants on human health claim that due to their ability to survive in inhospitable conditions, they offer these precise health benefits. Snake plant boosts the immune system against colds and viral diseases, perhaps due to their antioxidant properties.

But one of the main health benefits of snake plants is their ability to cleanse the air in the room from formaldehyde, a toxic carcinogenic substance that is found everywhere around us, in disinfectants, paints, in the composition of textile materials, furniture, etc. Snake plant emits a lot of oxygen and negative ions, very beneficial in improving the activity of respiratory enzymes, activating metabolism, lowering blood pressure, and strengthening the immune system. The leaves of this living “vacuum cleaner” must be dusted periodically, otherwise, this natural filter stops working efficiently.

But there are other health benefits of snake plants that even fewer people know, and we’re about to show them to you.

3 Snake Plant Uses for Health

1. Otitis

Squeeze the juice from one or two snake plant leaves in a juicer or in a food processor, and then squeeze through a gauze. Heat up the freshly squeezed juice just a tiny bit, then add 1-2 drops of this warm (not hot) snake plant juice into the affected ear. Repeat the process 3 times a day for a week. You can use the same warm snake plant juice internally for gastric and duodenal ulcers, to stop inflammation and relieve pain.

Natural Remedies for Otitis

2. Adnexitis & Cystitis

Finely chop a few snake plant leaves to fill 1/3 of a one-liter (33 oz) glass jar. Fill the rest of the jar with vodka or homemade brandy. Leave to macerate in the refrigerator for three weeks. Then strain through a triple layer of cheesecloth and pour into the same glass jar or in a glass bottle, and keep in the fridge. You can have one tablespoon of the snake plant tincture twice a day, after meals for two weeks.

3. Headaches

Finely chop the snake plant leaves and roots and leave them to dry for about two weeks. Then powder them down using an electric coffee grinder. Pour a few drops of oil over a teaspoon of this well-dried powder and light it with a match. The mixture should burn smolderingly, without a flame, giving off a thin trail of smoke. Inhale this smoke, as this is a known remedy for headaches.

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