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How to Use The Healing Properties of Bathwater in 4 Simple Ways

by Andreea Laza

Learn how to use the healing properties of bathwater depending on the water temperature.

Ever wondered what is the ideal bathwater temperature? The answer is simple. There is no ideal bathwater temperature because different bathwater temperatures have different healing properties. Yes, bathing is not only for cleansing the body and making us feel good. It actually has healing properties depending on the bathwater temperature. In this article, we will show you what different bathwater temperature does what for your health. Here is how to use different bathwater temperatures to enjoy the healing properties of bathwater, for its specific health benefits.

use the healing properties of bath water depending on the water temperature

The Healing Properties of Bathwater – Different Temperatures

There is no better way to relax than taking a bath. Water is cleansing for both the body and the soul. In this regard, one of the main healing properties of bathwater is cleansing the energy body from negative thoughts and false beliefs. On a more physical level, here is how to use the healing properties of bathwater when bathing at different temperatures.

1. Activate Blood Flow

Bathwater Temperature – 15-20°C / 59-68°F

This bathwater temperature is very suitable for people who have poor blood flow or swollen feet. Bathing in cold water helps speed up the heart rate and is beneficial for people with low blood pressure. In addition, bathing at this temperature is also healing for:

Tip! Before entering the bathwater, do a few warm-up exercises. This will help you prevent temperature shock when you enter the cold bathwater. Don’t bathe for too long so you don’t catch a cold, a 10 minutes bath should do to enjoy its healing properties.

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2. Tone the Body

Bathwater Temperature – 25-30°C / 77-86°F

This bathwater temperature stimulates nerve endings, tones the body, and prevents broken blood vessels (spider veins) and cellulite. Blood vessels contract and help eliminate excess water from the tissues when bathing in this water temperature. Tip! Add natural bath salts to your bathwater to increase its efficiency. When you are done bathing, massage your feet from the bottom up with a jet of cold water. This helps relieve tension in the body.

3. Relieve Joint Pain

Bathwater Temperature – 36-38°C / 96-100°F

One of the most important healing properties of bathwater is relieving pain. When bathing at the natural body temperature, bathwater can be beneficial for joint inflammation, but also for menstrual pains. This bathwater temperature is also great for the skin, it is actually the best temperature for deep skin cleansing. So if you have skin issues, such as acne and blackheads, this bathwater has healing properties for this.

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  • Pour in some essential oils for relaxation, such as lavender or rosemary, or drop a few purifying oils like lemon and chamomile and bathe for 20 minutes maximum.

Tip! If your feet get swollen, do not bathe for more than 10 minutes, and finish off the bath by rinsing your knees with a jet of cold water.

4. Detox the Body

Bathwater Temperature – 39-40°C / 102-104°F

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Detox is one of the main healing properties of bathwater. A very hot bath helps relieve the tension after physical exercise. The body becomes much easier and more relaxed. Warm water baths also reduce anxiety and improve sleep. But most importantly, bathwater temperature helps eliminate the toxins from the body, by dilating the skin pores and increasing blood flow. Add some Epsom salt to increase its detoxifying properties.

Bathing at this temperature can also be tiring, so do not stay longer than 10 minutes. In the morning, finish off the bath with a colder shower, to tighten the skin pores. This will also help you start off your day without stress and tension. If you take this bath in the evening, go to bed immediately afterward.

Important! Avoid bathing at a high temperature if you have circulatory problems.

We hope that after reading this article you’ve learned more about the healing properties of bathwater. Water is healing, so use it to cleanse your body and mind. Stay healthy, naturally!

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