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10 Forgotten Native American Remedies & How to Use

by Andreea Laza

Want to discover the forgotten Native American remedies and what to use them for? Continue reading and find out.

The medical knowledge of the Native Americans is as old as they are, and nowadays they are making a comeback. While doctors of the old world were “curing” patients by opening up their arteries, often leading to their death, Native American Indians already knew how to use quinine for fever or penicillin in rotten tree trunks, to fight bacterial infections. Nowadays the forgotten Native American remedies are more and more popular as they are less intrusive and gentle. Let’s get straight to them.

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Native American Medicine Principles

Native American medicine is not only about healing with the help of plants. Its principles are much more comprehensive and are based on a rich philosophy of life, focused on an extremely deep observation of the universe.

  • Native Americans consider themselves a part of nature and the cosmos, encompassed in a dynamic and harmonious unity, which governs people, animals, plants, the Earth mother, and the Sky father: Only those living in harmony with themselves and their surroundings can control their health, say the Native Americans.
  • Physical and mental illnesses alike are viewed as disorders of the personal or universal balance, namely: when the body, soul, and spirit are no longer in harmony, or if the surrounding world is no longer intact, as it was made by the creator, you get sick.

Apart from the Native American remedies with plants, rest in bed and sauna, they organize healing ceremonies with dances, prayers, and ritual songs, which play an extremely important role for them. Why? Because they help to restore the natural balance of the spirit, the place where all sufferings start and can be healed.

How to Use Native American Remedies

Many of the Native American remedies with plants have become more popular worldwide lately: fruits, vegetables, and spices. With their help, you can make a small Native American pharmacy at home. But remember: natural remedies act slower than allopathic medicines. It is often necessary for a week or even a month for a sickness to be healed. But the advantage is that these Native American remedies heal the whole and have little to no known side effects. Let’s get to them.

10 Forgotten Native American Remedies

  1. Pineapple – is used against obesity, as it speeds digestion and spectacularly eliminates excess water from tissues. To benefit from this remedy, eat a slice of fresh pineapple every morning on an empty stomach (canned pineapple is not healing). Pineapple is not recommended during pregnancy.
  2. Yerba Mate – It is a tea with tonic and exciting effects, which like coffee, stimulates brain activity and boosts energy. It was widely used in various rituals to access high consciousness. Beware! Yerba Mate contains caffeine!
  3. Pumpkin – pumpkin flowers and leaves tea are added to the bath water to combat rheumatic pain, and sprains. Pumpkin seeds are used to favor urination in kidney problems, fight intestinal parasites, and have beneficial effects on the prostate. The dosage is a tablespoon of peeled pumpkin seeds every morning and evening for several months.
  4. Yarrow – Native Americans used yarrow for infections and menstrual problems. They used yarrow tea for influenza, colds, and coughs. In the case of ear pain and bloody wounds, they applied fresh, crushed yarrow leaves in a gauze and used as compresses.
  5. Aloe Vera – the gel from the fleshy Aloe leaves is recommended for healing wounds, sunburn, and rheumatic pain. They used to make a very powerful natural salve with Aloe Vera gel and pork fat that was good for all kinds of skin conditions.
  6. Corn Silk – is a panacea in Native American medicine, mainly due to its diuretic properties, which made it a powerful medicine for kidney conditions: urinary retention, nephritic colic, cystitis, kidney disorders, kidney stones, and gout. It exerts a sedative effect on the urinary tract and often triples urinary secretion in 24 hours. Steep 20-25 g of corn silk in a liter (4 cups) of boiling water. Strain and sweeten with raw honey, and drink 4 cups in 24 hours (do not exceed 4 cups of tea a day).
  7. Tomato – the healing substances in tomatoes prevent diseases of any kind, with one condition: to use naturally grown tomatoes, not conventionally grown. Native Americans recommended 2-3 raw tomatoes a day or a cup of tomato juice. In case of hemorrhoids, acne, dermatosis, and sunburn, pad the affected area several times a day with fresh tomato juice.
  8. Onion – for Native Americans, onion is the elixir of life especially used for lung disorders of any kind, anemia, mental overload, genito-urinary tract infections, arthritis, diabetes, or intestinal discomfort. Their recipe was 4 raw onions a day, in salads or as medicinal wine (one grated onion is mixed with a teaspoon of honey and soaked in a cup of natural red wine). It was also believed that onions have aphrodisiac properties, but most often the Native Americans used them for prostate problems. For this, make the following medicinal wine. Macerate 100 g chopped onion for 15 days in 2 liters of natural white wine, mixed with 100 g of raw honey. Strain and drink a cup with meals.
  9. Potato – fights headaches and burns – apply a slice of potatoes on the forehead and neck, or over the burnt areas. They recommended a shot of potato juice for stomach ulcers and heartburn.
  10. Vanilla – helps in the case of mental and physical fatigue and is used as a tincture: four or five chopper vanilla sticks or vanilla powder mixed with 70 degrees alcohol in a glass jar. Seal and leave for ten days in a warm place. Do not strain. The recommended dosage is a few drops on an empty stomach, several times a day.

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