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6 Natural Remedies for Bunions

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for simple and effective natural remedies for bunions, continue reading this article and find out what they are. But first.

Bunions are both unaesthetic to look at and uncomfortable and when they aggravate, they can cause a lot of pain. Hence, there are at least 3 reasons to put an end to your bunions and enjoy wearing heels again. Here you have 4 natural remedies for bunions that have worked for so many people already.

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4 Natural Remedies for Bunions

1. Simple Remedy for Bunions with Grated Horseradish

Perhaps the most efficient and used method to get rid of bunions naturally is a simple root we love so much called horseradish. Yup! Here are 2 natural remedies for bunions with grated horseradish that you can make at home.

Horseradish Remedy for Bunions #1

Mix together a handful of grated horseradish with a handful of flour and a little bit of warm water, so that you can turn the mix into a paste. Put this mix into a small gauze-made sachet and close it. Place the sachet on the bunion for about 10-15 minutes and then you can take it off. Repeat the procedure a few days in a row.

Horseradish Remedy for Bunions #2

Grate one horseradish and add it to a wide neck bottle or a jar. Pour 1/5 l of sanitary alcohol over it. Close tightly and let the composition macerate for 2-3 days, stirring the bottle daily. Take a cotton pad and smear it with this solution and apply it to your bunions. Place a bandage on top so it doesn’t move from its place and stick your foot in a plastic bag.

Make sure you don’t remove the horseradish from the bottle and undergo this treatment at night before bedtime. Keep the bandage on for as long as you can, if possible until the next morning. The bunion pain will stop, the bunions will begin to retreat while your toes will come back to their natural position. Also, during the daytime, you can use a natural calendula salve to smear the application on the bunions. Horseradish poultices are definitely one of the best natural remedies for bunions.

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2. Iodine Tincture for Bunions

Iodine tincture is a powerful medicine against the pain caused by bunions. This is why you’ll find many home remedies for bunions with iodine. We have two of them here. For the first remedy, all you need to do is to pad the bunions with an iodine tincture every night before bedtime. Repeat the treatment every night until you’ll some improvements in the condition.

The second iodine tincture remedy for bunions is the one below.

  • Smear the tincture thoroughly over the bunion using a small brush.
  • Cut a black olive in half, remove its kernel and apply it directly onto the bunion.
  • Bandage the bunion so that the olive stays in place overnight.

Repeat the procedure every evening before bedtime for a month and you’ll be amazed by the results! This is one of the best natural remedies for bunions.

3. Yogurt & Garlic Remedy for Bunions

Follow the steps of this simple yogurt and garlic remedy for bunions and get rid of both the pain and the trouble.

  • Mix together a small jar of natural yogurt with one minced head of garlic.
  • Smear the bunions with this mixture every evening for about 10-20 days.
  • Bandage the area well and remove it the next morning.
  • The next morning wash your feet in warm water.
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4. Cabbade Leaves Remedy for Bunions

We all know that bunions are excruciatingly painful if things get out of hand and they don’t get treatment in time. Still, if you already are in this situation, don’t panic and try this simple natural remedy for bunions using cabbage leaves.

  • Crush the veins of one large cabbage leaf using a glass bottle and place it on your bunions.
  • You can also place two cabbage leaves one on top of the other on your bunions and replace them in the morning and evening.
  • The procedure takes a few months, so you need to have patience and trust.

Not only that the pains will go away in 15-30 minutes, but you will see that the bunions retreat and shrink in size visible. As simple as it may look, cabbage is one of the most effective natural remedies for bunions.

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These are only a few natural remedies for bunions and bunion pain, but we are sure there are so many others just as effective. Try one or several yourself and regain your health, positive mental state, and happiness. Stay healthy, naturally! 🌿

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