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5 Natural Remedies for Cutaneous Mastocytosis

by Andreea Laza

Remedies for Cutaneous Mastocytosis

Cutaneous mastocytosis is a rare skin disorder with children and adults and its most common manifestation is the urticaria pigmentosa.

However, this condition exists since way back in times when alternative medicine was the only way to cure and treat diseases.

Here we have 5 natural remedies for cutaneous mastocytosis simple to do at home that we recommend you to try.

5 Remedies for Cutaneous Mastocytosis

  1. Take baths with dried flowered wormwood
  2. Pad the skin with propolis tincture
  3. Take baths with wheat bran. Let the wheat bran soak in cold water for a few hours before you take the bath. Mildly heat the water where the wheat bran have soaked in and then you’re ready to take the bath.
  4. Have upright bedstraw tea and also take baths with this plant. Upright bedstraw is known to help a great deal in treating skin spots.
  5. Also, a great natural remedy for cutaneous mastocytosis is to drink fermented wheat bran also called “Borș” in Romanian. Mix the fermented wheat bran with a bit of honey and enjoy a delicious home remedy.

Last but not least, you need to take really good care regarding what you eat so that these natural remedies for cutaneous mastocytosis take their course of action.

Diet Recommendations for Cutaneous Mastocytosis

Make sure you eliminate from your diet the following foods: pork, fried foods of any type, chocolate, cocoa, sugar (replace it with natural honey from local producers), ready cooked foods from the supermarket.

Cook food at home using natural ingredients as much as possible. Don’t forget, there’s an alternative for everything! Stay healthy, naturally!

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