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5 Natural Remedies for Cutaneous Mastocytosis

by Andreea Laza

Looking for natural remedies for cutaneous mastocytosis? Continue reading this article and find out some amazing cures.

Cutaneous mastocytosis is a rare skin disorder, and its most common manifestation is urticaria pigmentosa, which is an inflammatory reaction of the skin. This condition mainly affects children, and it’s been around since way back in the day. Here are five natural remedies for cutaneous mastocytosis that are simple to do at home that we recommend you to try.

remedy for cutaneous mastocytosis

5 Natural Remedies for Cutaneous Mastocytosis

  1. Take baths with dried flowered wormwood.
  2. Pad the skin spots with propolis tincture.
  3. Take baths with wheat bran (soak the wheat bran in cold water for a few hours before use. Mildly heat the bran water up and pour it into your bathwater.)
  4. Drink white bedstraw (Gallium album) and/or take herbal baths with this plant. White bedstraw is a provem help in treating skin rashes, including hives.
  5. Another great natural remedy for cutaneous mastocytosis is drinking fermented wheat bran or borș” as it’s called in Romanian. Combine the fermented wheat bran with a bit of honey and enjoy a delicious home remedy. You can find the recipe for borș here.

Alongside one or a couple of these natural remedies for cutaneous mastocytosis, try to eat as simply and and healthy as possible, to help support your complete healing. Eliminate from your everyday diet the following foods: pork, fried foods of any type, chocolate, cocoa, sugar (replace it with natural honey from local producers), ready-meals, food additives, and highly processed foods. Try to cook most of your food at home using natural ingredients, namley veggies, leafy greens, legumes, beans and little amounts of plant oil.

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We hope these natural remedies for cutaneous mastocytosis here will truly help you out. Remember that there is always an alternative for healing. Stay healthy, naturally!

Natural Remedies for Cutaneous Mastocytosis

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