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What is Forest Therapy? 10 Amazing Healing Trees for The Mind & Body

by Andreea Laza

Did you know that there are healing trees and taking a walk in the forest is actually a known form of therapy? Discover which are these healing trees and how to benefit from their energies by reading this article.

Forest therapy, also known as tree therapy, forest bathing, or sylvotherapy is the ancient practice of connecting with nature and healing trees in the forest. And most importantly, with the vital energies and high vibrations that dwell in forests. Back in the day (very old days) people were much more tied to their natural surroundings. Their lives were much more influenced by the cycles of nature, and they were more dependent on what nature had to offer. Hence, they were tightly connected with nature. Today, we’re not that fortunate.

With the modern way of life, we’ve gained a lot of comforts, but at the same time lost this connection. Most of us live far away from parks, not to mention forests or wildlife. This is why, in Japan, a new trend has emerged, and it’s called forest therapy. Actually, forest therapy is not that new. It just caught the interest of more and more enthusiasts, lately. So what is it?

Forest bathing for healing
Forest therapy

What is Forest Therapy?

It is the practice of being in the forest, basically surrounded by healing trees and wild nature. In Japan, it’s a practice called shinrin-yoku which literally translates to “forest bath”. Japanese biologist Qing Li and leading expert in forest medicine, has researched the effects of forest bathing, using the most modern research tools. He has published his 30 years of research in his book “Forest Bathing”. The conclusions of his research were amazing. After forest bathing, the participants in his study showed:

  • reduced stress, depression, anxiety, and anger
  • boosted immune system
  • increased natural killer cells against disease (such as cancer)
  • lower heart rate (same result as with modern drugs)
  • lowered blood glucose
  • reduced adrenaline and cortisol levels (stress hormones)

Even more so, the positive effects of forest therapy showed an intensification in the following 2 days. His conclusion was that a monthly forest walk is enough to keep us filled with the forests’ positive energies for a full month.

Forest Therapy is An Ancient Practice

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Sylvotherapie or forest therapy is an alternative method for treating various conditions with the help of healing trees. Most forest trees have direct therapeutic effects on humans. Yes, they are healing trees.

Hugging a tree for a few minutes or relaxing under its shade is known to clear the mind, relieve stress, and ease the soul.

Forest walks are known to be effective for very many health conditions, such as:

  • asthma
  • pulmonary
  • respiratory conditions
  • osteoarthritis
  • insomnia

Sylvotherapie is not just a natural treatment for the body but at the same time therapy for the soul. So yes, it is a holistic body and mind treatment. Also, did you know that you have a better appetite when you eat in the forest, and the food tastes better?

The Forest is a Sacred Place for Healing

But did you know that different trees have different healing properties? Yes, they do. Different trees work on different energy levels. They all have different and very powerful positive effects on both the body and the mind. Trees are magical and healing indeed. So we want to show you 10 healing trees and how we can use their healing energies when forest bathing.

10 Healing Trees for The Mind & Body

1. Beech Tree Healing – Stress Relief

(Fagus sylvatica)

Healing Beech Tree - Healing Trees for The Mind & Body - MyNaturalTreatment.com
Beech tree trunk

In the Middle Ages, the nun Hildegard von Bingen wrote of the healing power of the beech tree. She described beech as being a remedy against fever and liver jaundice (yellow skin), but also for healing wounds. Unfortunately, today beech is rarely used “as a medicine”, despite its amazing healing properties.

Beech forests are true oxygen factories. On a beautiful hot summer day, one single beech tree evaporates up to 200 liters of water and shoots up to 7,000 liters of oxygen into the air. But besides giving off oxygen, the beech tree is one of the most powerful healing trees for many health conditions.

What is Beech Tree Good For?

  • diarrhea
  • dysentery
  • fever
  • bladder stones
  • stye
  • rheumatism
  • wounds
  • headache

Order & Clarification in the Mind and Soul

The healing energy of the beech helps put things back in order and brings clarification. Its energy brings about feelings of security and well-being, the maternal instinct, and creates a space of security against possible external aggression.

Beech it the tree that knows how to listen. If you feel the desire to communicate with a tender and understanding partner, choose a beech tree.

The beech tree symbolizes protection, family ties, tradition, attachment, and solidarity. It is a patient tree, that helps us to unlock powerful inner energies. The beech tree is a perfect partner that will help restore our energy before making an important decision. Beech’s healing energy is felt 10-15 m around its trunk. A walk in a beech forest is like a healing energy bath. Beech creates a positive state of mind and wipes off sadness and confusing thoughts. If you suffer from poor blood circulation or you are subject to constant stress, approach a beech at least once a week.

10 minutes near a beech tree are more than enough.

A beech tree’s energy is stronger than ever when it prepares for the winter. During this period, the beech no longer needs to use its energy for its foliage and fruits. If you have a beech within reach, contemplate its beauty and might. Then stick your palms and your back to its trunk. Ask the tree to offer you just a tiny bit of his energy, and try to soak it in.

Beech Tree Healing - What Beech Tree is Good For #beech #treehealing

2. Oak Tree Healing – Low Energy

(Quercus robur)

Healing Oak Tree - Healing Trees for The Mind & Body - MyNaturalTreatment.com
Oak tree

In ancient times, many tribes settled only in areas where oak forests grew. They believed that oak was a holy tree that enabled their power, energy, health, and longevity. Scientists today have confirmed what these ancient populations knew.

After some measurements using modern devices, a group of Canadian researchers found that a forest with at least 300 oaks is a cosmic energy receptor.

They concluded that simply spending time in an oak forest will improve your brain activity, your physical strength, and your thoughts will become more positive. Not only this, oak is widely used in home remedies and is one of the most amazing healing trees in the forest.

What is Oak Tree Good For?

  • normalizing blood pressure
  • improving brain functions
  • improving blood circulation
  • boosting the immune system
  • gastric conditions
  • hemorrhoids
  • diarrhea
  • anemia
  • leucorrhea
  • gingivitis
  • rhinopharyngitis
  • hair loss

The oak tree embodies the twin-flame nature

It puts energy into motion, by stimulating blood flow and lymph movement. In magic traditions, oak was connected with masculine energy, a guide tree that can help man connect with the Universe. The best way to connect with oak is by embracing its trunk. This direct contact with the oak creates maximum energy transfer, supports longevity, and heals the soul of the elderly. The best moment of the day to embrace the trunk of oak is after 6 PM, but most effectively, after 9 PM.

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If you’re feeling weak after having gone through a medical condition, lean on an oak’s trunk for 4-7 minutes every day. In one week maximum, you’ll feel replenished with energy and reinvigorated. Your thinking will get sharper and you will be able to concentrate better.

Oak Tree Healing - What Oak Tree is Good For #oak #treehealing

3. Ash Tree Healing – Balance & Will


Healing Ash Tree - Healing Trees for The Mind & Body - MyNaturalTreatment.com
Ash tree

Since ancient times, the ash tree was a symbol of the secret force of water and fertility. Ash is found not only in the European myths but also in Asian folk stories too. In Indian mythology, the god of creation shoots an arrow in the trunk of ash, from which people were born. The Roman god of love Cupid had arrows made from ash. Druid priests had magic wands carved from ash wood. They used these wands to tame heavy rains and mighty storms, protecting the community from the destructive fury of the waters.

In Scandinavian mythology, ash holds an important role and it even is a character with a name: Yggdrasil.

The sacred, gigantic tree that supports the entire universe (like an axis mundi), gathering under its long branches the nine worlds, or the nine planes of existence. Yggdrasil has three roots, one of them being the birthplace of knowledge and of ultimate wisdom. Ash tree is one of the forests’ healing trees, for both the mind and body.

What Is Ash Tree Good For?

  • constipation
  • chronic UTIs
  • gout
  • cholecystitis
  • angiocolitis
  • gastric and duodenal ulcer
  • enterocolitis
  • dysmenorrhea
  • metrorrhagia
  • rheumatism
  • polyarthritis
  • flu & catarrh
  • hemorrhoids
  • eczema
  • wounds that don’t heal
  • burns
  • fever
  • acne

Staying centered and focused on your goals

You can use its energy to become a more balanced individual. This tree’s energy can help you finish your projects much more quickly and with ease, due to a more clear mind and better judgment of things. Ash doesn’t let you wander astray. As is one of the most amazing healing trees for the human spirit.

Famous XII century nun Hildebrand, called it “the symbol of good judgement”.

Ash’s energy field connects the conscious with the subconscious. This means that it helps you bring to light all those negative, limiting beliefs from the subconscious mind. And in this way, change them.

Discover your life’s purpose

Ash brings clarity and you’ll make more confident choices and life decisions. Spending time near an ash tree or in an ash forest will make you less sensitive to hardship. By this I mean you will overcome life’s obstacles easier. This is because you will see your path wide and clear opening up in front of you. If you want to be less reactive to what happens outside of yourself, stay centered, balanced, and positive, and hug an ash tree. A “relationship” with an ash tree will teach you to become more independent.

Ash Tree Healing - What Ash Tree is Good For #ash #treehealing

4. Chestnut Tree Healing – Self-Confidence

(Aesculus hippocastanum)

Healing Chestnut Tree - Healing Trees for The Mind & Body - MyNaturalTreatment.com
Horse chestnut tree

The wild chestnut tree is originally from the mountain regions of the Balkan Peninsula. It is said that the Turks, who fed chestnuts to their horses, would have brought him to Central Europe when they besieged Vienna. This explains one of the popular names for chestnut “horse chestnut“.

Although inedible, wild chestnuts have always been considered bringers of strength and health.

Village elders advised the sad and helpless to keep 4-5 chestnuts in their pockets, to enjoy their beneficial energy. This belief has been later confirmed by sylvotherapy specialists. They discovered that the chestnut tree tones the nervous system supports the imagination, and promotes positive thinking. Therefore, it is not a mere coincidence that the chestnut tree offers its fruits in the fall, the season of melancholy and sadness. Chestnuts are his humble offerings for humankind.

What is Chestnut Tree Good For?

The chestnut tree is used in remedies for many ailments because it’s one of the most healing trees.

  • hemorrhoids
  • varices
  • muscle cramps
  • water retention
  • blood circulation
  • cough
  • chest pain
  • headaches
  • PMS
  • rheumatism
  • joint pain
  • spondylosis
  • phlebitis
  • fever
  • anemia
  • natural cell cleanser
  • couperose
  • sensitive skin

The bark of young chestnut branches contains aesculin, a substance that stimulates metabolism and blood circulation.

Chestnut is the living church of the forest

During the spring season, when the chestnut tree is in bloom, it appears like a grand cathedral of the forest, with hundreds of burning candles. Next to a chestnut tree you find peace and regain your lost strength. Its energy can heal the wounds of the soul, and restore self-confidence. Allow yourself half an hour to contemplate a chestnut’s beauty in spring. Its energy will drive off all your soul’s aches. Find your comfort near a chestnut tree if you have an aching heart, or if you feel doubtful and afraid.

Chestnut Tree Healing - What Chestnut Tree is Good For #chestnut #treehealing

5. Pine Tree Healing – Peace of Mind

(Pinus sylvestris)

Healing Pine Tree - Healing Trees for The Mind & Body - MyNaturalTreatment.com
Pine tree

A Spanish folk song about the pine tree goes like this:

“A man bore the burden of great sadness. He went into the forest. There he saw a pine tree. And the pine tree spoke to the man: Come, sit next to me and tell me. The man sat down next to him and told him about his troubles. his. The pine felt his pain and was saddened. They cried together, until all their sadness melted into tears. ”

The song celebrates the closeness between man and nature, and the power of the trees to heal the pain of a man’s soul. This is the pine tree: a tree always ready to offer its help. Especially to people whose inner cries cannot find their way out, finding other ways to escape the body, which ultimately leads to disease. Under the protection of the pine, anyone can fully testify to his/her vulnerabilities and aches. A friendly touch of the pine trunk invites us to open up our hearts and heal. Pine is one of the forests’ most healing trees.

What is Pine Tree Good For?

  • rheumatic conditions
  • lung conditions
  • bronchitis
  • cough
  • cold
  • UTIs
  • balm solvent (pine raisin)
  • wounds
  • psoriasis
  • irritated skin
  • skin disinfectant
  • calm & relaxation baths

Radiesthesia specialists, the discipline that deals with the measurement of energy, have concluded that the pine tree has the strongest vital energy, out of all the plants from the European flora. If you’re affected by cold, take a walk in pine wood. The lovely scent of the pine will help you breathe easier by releasing the airways and invigorating the bronchi. Pine is one of the top healing trees for the mind and the body.

The pine tree is especially healing for a restless mind

If you find yourself nervous and unease due to continuous thinking, touching a pine tree can help you. This tree’s energy harmonizes our thoughts with our feelings, thus easing a troubled mind. The pine tree is especially healing for stress, and going through hardships. A pine’s energy field is 5 m long (from the trunk). The simple act of touching a pine tree can help you find inner balance and peace of mind.

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Pine Tree Healing - What Pine Tree is Good For #pinetree #treehealing

6. Linden Tree Healing – Broken Hearts

(Tilia europea)

Healing Linden Tree - Healing Trees for The Mind & Body - MyNaturalTreatment.com
Linden tree

Since ancient times, the linden tree has been perceived as a very beneficial source of energy. That’s why even today, linden trees are found close to where people live, even in the big cities.

The young married Roman couple adorned the altar of the house with linden branches. They believed linden offers them double protection because the tree was dedicated to both the goddess of love, Venus, and to Juno, the goddess of wisdom.

Later on, this tradition has been preserved in France, where newlyweds go under two touching linden trees for good fortune. Whenever they were caught by a thunderstorm in the open field, peasants sought shelter under the crown of a linden tree. They observed that the magnetism of this tree, different from the others, does not call upon lightning, but rejects it. Linden is one of the most popular healing trees for many conditions.

What is Linden Tree Good For?

  • migraines
  • liver and gallbladder issues
  • gallstones
  • tonsillitis
  • pharyngitis
  • laryngitis
  • bronchitis
  • cough
  • cold & flu
  • tired eyes
  • inflamed eyelids
  • natural sleep aid
  • skin detox
  • skin abscess

The Forest’s Soul Healer

If you suffer from heartache, the linden tree is your go-to friend in the forest. Linden has especially been known for its heart soothing energies. When you come across a linden tree, you find pure love. This tree relieves the pain of the soul, it tones the hearts and it clears out our feelings. Connect as often as possible to its stream of energy (best before meals) and you will see that your mind and soul will merge in full harmony. This is what the linden tree’s healing energy does. It is one of the most healing trees.

It pacifies the mind and the soul to work together and vibrate as one.

Hand your suffering to the linden tree and respect it sincerely. This tree will relieve your pain and boost your intuition so you make the right decisions and move forward. Linden tree’s energy has the ability to break the self-seclusion caused by the pain that you’re feeling. Thus, it can help you regain your strength and open up again to what the world has to offer.

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Linden Tree Healing - What Linden Tree is Good For #lindentree #treehealing

7. Willow Tree Healing – Awareness of The Self

(Salix alba)

Healing Willow  Tree - Healing Trees for The Mind & Body - MyNaturalTreatment.com
Willow tree

Before becoming the famous aspirin, the best known and most used medicine on Earth, Dacians from the Danube Valley deified the willow tree, because its bark relieved their pains, and soothed rheumatism, infections, and fever. Mass-produced synthetic aspirin has almost made forgotten the fact that the willow bark, is its predecessor and has the same effect. Well, except for those on the side.

Willow bark contains mainly salicin, tannins, flavonoids, and resins. Its catkins contain a natural hormonal substance that perfectly mimics estrogen. So willow is a natural powerhouse, and one of the most healing trees.

What is Willow Tree Good For?

  • pain & fever (inflammations)
  • cold & flu
  • insomnia
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • headaches
  • PMS
  • menopause symptoms
  • tracheitis
  • bronchitis
  • asthma
  • pneumonia
  • varicose veins
  • phlebitis
  • hemorrhoids
  • constipation
  • UTIs
  • rheumatism
  • gout
  • dental abscess
  • canker sores
  • gingivitis
  • arthrosis
  • spondylosis

A Mirror of The Soul

Willow pours its energy directly into your soul and it is considered a bringer of good fortune. It is believed that willow enriches children’s spiritual growth and can tame down aggressive animals. But most importantly, willow acts as a mirror and amplifier.

The tricky part about connecting with a willow tree’s energy is that is a natural amplifier of the state of being you are in at that moment. For this, many consider it to be a dangerous tree. If, for example, you are in a depressive state, that state will become more pronounced in the presence of the willow tree. More recently though, energy healers have started to use willow’s mirroring ability to help people become more aware of their suffering. Willow energy is loving and sincere, and always here to help you see and overcome your problems. Willow is a great teacher indeed.

Willow Tree Healing - What Willow Tree is Good For #willowtree #treehealing

8. Maple Tree Healing – Past Trauma

(Acer platanoides)

Healing Willow  Tree - Healing Trees for The Mind & Body - MyNaturalTreatment.com
Maple tree

The maple tree, also known as the Norway maple, has been used for centuries in central and northern Europe, for its amazing medicinal properties.

In the ancient text of Papyrus Ebes (approx. 1550 BC), a maple tree is described as one of the most important remedies used in ancient Egyptian medicine.

Maple leaves, branches, bark, and sap are still used today for natural remedies in various conditions, which is why it’s one of the most healing trees in the forest.

What Is Maple Tree Good For?

  • liver health
  • gallbladder health
  • fever
  • arthritis
  • gout
  • diarrhea
  • dysentery
  • oral health
  • stress
  • depression
  • impotence
  • prostatitis
  • irritated skin
  • wrinkles

Moving on In Life

Maple is the 6th of the seven cosmic trees, symbolically speaking. Its energy is mellow and relaxing and induces a harmonious state that surrounds the individual’s aura. Connecting with a maple tree’s energy is particularly effective if you’ve gone through a traumatic event and can still feel its effects. Maple can heal your emotional trauma if you open up and decide to move on.

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Maple has an androgynous nature. It embodies both masculine and feminine qualities. Thus it can help you balance out these two types of energies within you and make peace with yourself. Laying under its crown will give you the peace of mind that you need. Maple is one of the most underrated healing trees.

Maple Tree Healing - What Maple Tree is Good For #mapletree #treehealing

9. Birch Tree Healing – Rebirth & Detox

(Betula pendula)

Healing Willow  Tree - Healing Trees for The Mind & Body - MyNaturalTreatment.com
Birch tree trunck

Also referred to as the white shaman, birch is one of the most amazing healing trees for both the body and the mind.

In Eastern Slavic mythology, the birch tree was considered a holy tree, because of its fabulous beauty and therapeutic qualities.

Russian peasants have used birch as a cure for many diseases, for hundreds of years. They used the birch buds and flowers, as well as birch leaves and their delicious sap. The birch tree is amongst the first trees to come back to life in spring. Birch symbolizes youth, birth, and becoming. Since ancient times, people believed the birch is the mother tree of the Earth because it carries within it the force of germination. Birch is one of the most known healing trees and can be used to prepare amazing home remedies, not just for its sweet sap.

What Is Birch Tree Good For?

  • atherosclerosis
  • chronic pancreatitis
  • hepatitis
  • low blood pressure
  • intestinal parasites
  • cardiovascular disease
  • diabetes
  • gastric ulcers
  • joint problems
  • allergies
  • tuberculosis
  • viral infections
  • inflamed lymph nodes
  • eczema
  • herpes
  • wrinkle
  • acne

Emotional Spring Cleaning

Birch is the tree of rebirth, rejuvenation, and starting anew. And what better way to enter spring, than with an emotional spring cleaning? A clean heart and mind make way for inspiration, new ideas, and solutions. It puts us on a higher perspective from where to see life. This is what the birch tree facilitates through its energy. An emotional detox and a fresh start. Amongst trees, birch is an extremely resistant, adaptable, flexible species. Its energy can also help us accept changes, however unpleasant, but also adapt to a new way of life. This tree brings us the emotional force to find the resources within to cope with what’s to come.

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Connect with birch in springtime, when the tree is most potent and filled with fresh life. Let the tree infuse you with its powerful healing energy, let it cleanse your emotional body, and vent out all the stagnant negative emotions that are dragging you down. Appreciate its help, the tree will know and will thank you.

Birch Tree Healing - What Birch Tree is Good For #birchtree #treehealing

10. Fir Tree Healing – Inner Strength

(Abies Alba)

Healing Fir Tree - Healing Trees for The Mind & Body - MyNaturalTreatment.com
Fir trees forest

Considered the tree of life, fir symbolizes the maternal-protective and regenerative force of nature. Fir turpentine was a well-known medicine by Hippocrates, Dioscorides, and other famous doctors of Antiquity. Some of its applications, recommended at that time, are still valid today. Hildegard von Bingen, Paracelsus, Matthiolus, and other healers used fir resin, needles, and sprouts of the spruce as remedies for the cure of the various diseases, from common colds to gout and rheumatism. This is one of the most magnificent healing trees.

In Dacian mythology, fir was the bridge between the heavens and Earth. Dacians believed it to be a mediator with the Divinity.

Spruce and fir fumigation serves to purify the air and remove the negative and disharmonious energies. The same is true for their resin. Unfortunately, today most people use fir and spruce trees only as Christmas trees, wasting away their precious life energy for a symbolic ritual. Well, at least we enjoy the healing scent and some of its energies in our homes. Fir is one of the forests’ most healing trees.

What is Fir Tree Good for?

  • cough
  • cold
  • pulmonary conditions
  • kidney inflammations
  • urinary bladder problems
  • diarrhea
  • gallstones
  • internal parasites
  • activates blood flow
  • bloating
  • spasms
  • nervous system tonic
  • insomnia
  • nervousness

Unleash Your Inner Force

The fir tree has always been a symbol of strength and endurance. Since the early times, people have made healing remedies from wood, needles, and raisin. They have a healing action for unease, restlessness, and anxiety. Fir and spruce have the ability to transform inward restlessness, nervousness, and tightness into calm and balance. They have, in a certain sense, an act of calming the heat of the mind. In their vicinity, irritated and heated people regain balance. Around a fir tree, depression, pessimism, and self-centeredness fade away.

If you have a fir tree in your garden, hold its branches in your hands as often as possible. Let them slide in between your palms; comfort them with much love and protect them as if the fir tree was a child. Embrace a fir’s trunk as often as you can and your whole life will go back on the right track. Your worries and fears will become insignificant, and the way you see life will become a positive, hopeful one.

Fir Tree Healing - What Fir Tree is Good For #firtree #treehealing

How to Connect with Healing Trees

Humans are different, and their way of connecting to nature can be slightly different. So, there is not a one size fits all, but there is a technique anyone can try. Touch the trunk of the tree with your palms. Palms are transmitters and receivers of vital energy. Lay down, with your back against the tree. You can also lay down facing the tree, with your feet against the tree, touching and feeling its vibrating high energy. Or best, hug the tree as a long-time friend you haven’t seen in a while.

A tree is a living being, just like us. The fact that it doesn’t speak or move like us, doesn’t make a tree less alive. In fact, trees do a better job at sustaining life on this planet and infusing positive vibes in the world than most of us do. We put so much negative energy into the world and the trees struggle so much to keep us on track. We should be more than thankful that they didn’t give up on us, not just yet. This is what unconditional love actually means.

Healing Trees for the Unconscious and Conscious Mind

Trees have played an important role in human life since the beginning of time.

The tree of life is the symbol of the force that connects the world that we can see with the underworld. A universal symbol for the conscious and unconscious worlds that we live in simultaneously.

Trees are living symbols of knowledge and wisdom, they gather the rich wisdom from Mother Earth and radiate it into all that is. They are this sacred connection that almost seems lost and forgotten. That’s why they are healing trees.

Trees are here to heal our mind and bodies together.

We have always had a special connection with healing trees. And time will come when we once again will feel, understand, and better appreciate this natural, innate bond. Until then, trees will continue to love, support, and sustain us unconditionally, with all their might. If you’ve enjoyed learning about forest therapy and healing trees, please share this article so more people can enjoy this information.

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