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3 Natural Treatments for Ovarian Tumors

by Andreea Laza

Ovarian Tumors RemediesThere are some natural remedies with plants that may come helpful for those suffering of ovarian tumors. In addition, a healthy diet is needed. The ideal diet excludes meat, animal fat, coffee, alcohol and junk. 

Let’s not forget that modern drugs come from plant extracts at their very core. Most of these drugs today are artificial drugs synthesized in labs. They are far from being natural, not to mention helpful.

This is the reason why many focus their attention towards traditional old medicine. The herbal remedies here have that have been passed by word of mouth, from generation to generation. They actually work if you’re persistent. Let’s begin!

3 Natural Treatments for Ovarian Tumors

1. Bee Hive Produce Remedy for Ovarian Tumors

This is a simple natural treatment for ovarian tumors, based on the natural bee hive produce. If followed correctly it can really help against ovarian tumors. This is a 60 days treatment. Resume after a 15 days pause. This is the remedy’s recipe.

  • Have 3 tsp of high quality bee honey with apilarnil and a royal jelly vial or 3 royal jelly pills.
  • Immediately after this eat 25 g of pollen with honey or water 15 pastura pills.
  • After 20 minutes you can have breakfast.
  • After each meal of the day have 2 tsp of polyfloral honey with 7 drops of mild propolis extract.

This is one 100% natural treatment for ovarian tumors. It uses all the powerful healing properties of honey, propolis tincture, apilarnil and all the other wonderful produce of the hive.

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2. Herbal Vaginal Irrigation for Ovarian Tumors

Make vaginal irrigation with a mix of marigold, yarrow, raspberry tree leaves, birthwort leaves (in equal parts). Make an infusion by adding one tablespoon of this herbal mix into 300 ml of hot flat water. When the infusion has cooled down and is just a bit warm, add 2 teaspoons of honey with apilarnil (7,5%) plus one royal jelly vial and propolis tincture drops.

Do the irrigations every other day. 

3. Poultice Remedies for Ovarian Tumors

During the day you’ll need to wear a small 2.5 cm thick cushion pillow filled with wolf’s calf on your stomach area. Make sure you keep it in place by using a waistband to keep it in place. During night time place original Swedish bitter compresses on the ovary area, but not before you have anointed  the area with marigold salve. Stay healthy, naturally!

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