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5 Natural Treatments for Erysipelas

by Andreea Laza

Erysipelas is usually a symptom of a streptococcus infection in the body and not a disease in itself. You might want to pay attention to the cause of the problem and work on it too.

Some of the first symptoms of a developing erysipelas are fever, chills and an poor physical condition.

Then the red spots and the skin lesions become obvious, affecting the overall appearance of the skin. More importantly, these symptoms tell you that something’s wrong and you need to take some serious action.

We have here 5 simple natural treatments for erysipelas, that have been used successfully by patients who have had a streptococcus infection that lead to erysipelas.

5 Natural Treatments for Erysipelas MyNaturalTreatment.com 2

5 Natural Treatments for Erysipelas

1. Almond Oil, the Best Remedy for Erysipelas

Cold pressed almond oil is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of red spots caused by erysipelas. After a few applications with almond oil, the skin usually recovers completely.

  • All you need to do is apply almond oil on the skin twice a day, early in the morning and right before bedtime.
  • In a few weeks the skin will recover completely.

This simple natural treatment for erysipelas is based on the vitamin and minerals complex in the almond oil. Mostly, almond and almond oil in particular is used in the beauty and skin care industry, due to the amazing properties it has for the skin.

2. Natural Treatment for Erysipelas with Wormwood

Wash the affected area with wormwood tea twice a day. Afterwards, apply Rivanol and take your medicine as prescribed by your doctor. Most likely you will be prescribed antibiotics, which are very effective in the incipient stage of erysipelas.

For the best natural antibiotics, we recommend that you read the article below.

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3. Nettle Tea Remedy for Erysipelas

When the skin has recovered completely, it’s time for the “deep-tissue” erysipelas treatment. For this, the best natural remedies are:

Drink 1 L of nettle tea per day mixed with seabuckthorne and St. John’s wort (proportion: 3 tsp of each herb into 250 ml hot water). Then make nettle soup and puree mixed with horseradish or garlic and eat plenty of polenta along side.

4. Herbal Poultices for Erysipelas

Lettuce poultices are also an amazing and effective remedy.

Slightly scald the lettuce leaves before applying them on the affected areas. Another great poultice that you can try is with marshmallow leaves and roots decoction.

Elder flower infusion is also amazing as a poultice for erysipelas. To prepare it, boil 100 g of elder flowers in 1 liter of water. Use the infusion for poultices.

5. Wheat Bran Homemade Erysipelas Remedy

Last but not least, wheat bran is another natural remedy for erysipelas that works.

Scald 2 tsp of wheat bran in 1 cup of water the evening and leave overnight. Drink the decoction first thing in the morning, before breakfast.

Continue this treatment for 3-4 weeks. 

Best Diet for Erysipelas

In addition to these remedies, diet is very important.

Eat plenty of fresh fruits (around 20% of your foods per day) and follow a diet that consists of mostly plain boiled foods, nothing fried. Avoid meat, but have fish and eggs on a few occasions. Try to follow this diet for 6 months with small breaks.

We really hope that you’ve found some great natural treatments for erysipelas here! Do not forget that whenever the body is suffering, the soul might be troubled too. Try to relax, embrace things as they are and accept them while keeping a positive mind. Stay healthy, naturally!

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