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Natural Treatment for Pityriasis Lichenoides

by Andreea Laza

Remedy for Liquenoid Pityriasis

Pityriasis Lichenoides is a skin condition characterized by erythematous skin formations.

These eruptions may persist for months at a time. The most common treatment for pityriasis lichenoides uses synthetic drugs. Still, there is a natural treatment for pityriasis lichenoides that we want to share with you. Let’s begin!

Natural Treatment for Pityriasis Lichenoides with Thuja

Thuja is mostly considered a decorative shrub these days. In ancient times it was considered “the tree of life” by the native Amerindians.

They believed thuja had divine powers. Thuja tincture is a great remedy for pityriasis lichenoides.

Make thuja tincture at home with this recipe:

  1. Add 100 gr of finely washed and chopped thuja leaves in a seal tight bottle.
  2. Pour 1 liter of 60° alimentary alcohol over the chopped thuja in the jar.
  3. Seal the bottle and leave it for 10 days in a warm place.
  4. Don’t forget to shake the bottle periodically.
  5. After 10 days strain the composition.
  6. Pour the ready thuja tincture in small dark glass bottles and seal tight.

How to Use Thuja Tincture for Pityriasis Lichenoides

  • Wash the affected skin areas with water 2-3 times per day.
  • When the skin has dried, pad it with the thuja tincture.
  • Continue until the pityriasis lichenoides spots have disappeared completely.

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This is a simple natural treatment for pityriasis lichenoides that has worked for many people so far. Why not give it a try? Before following this treatment, please consult with a medical doctor. Stay healthy, naturally!

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