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Natural Remedy for Pityriasis Simplex

by Andreea Laza

Natural Remedy for Pityriasis Simplex

Commonly known as dandruff, pityriasis simplex is one annoying scalp conditions that affects half of the world’s population. This is why we believe the world needs an effective natural remedy for pityriasis simplex or dandruff. Here we go!

A Natural Balm for Pityriasis Simplex

Mix together ½ of Jecolan tube (an ointment from Exhelios) with one egg yolk until you get a sort of mayonnaise texture. 

Untie your hair and comb it from front to back to create trails and use the tip of your fingers to anoint the scalp with the natural “mayonnaise” you’ve just made. 

Jecolan is known to regenerate the scalp cells while the egg yolk nourishes the scalp.

After you’ve massaged your scalp thoroughly, cover your head with a clean cotton towel and leave the cream to work for the next 24 h. If you don’t have this time available, you can leave it overnight; that should do too. 

Next day, wash your hair well.

You’ll see a melioration after the first treatment. Repeat the treatment once a week and if it’s no longer necessary, do it once a month, just for maintenance.

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Salicylic Vaseline Remedy for Pityriasis Simplex

There is another remedy for pityriasis simplex that you can try as well. Anoint the entire scalp area with salicylic vaseline (10%) every morning for 3 days in a row.

Wash your hair every evening and add nettle root infusion into the water you use for rinsing your hair. If you have brown or black hair add walnut leaves infusion into the water as well.

This is another amazing natural remedy for pityriasis simplex that you could try at home and enjoy the results! Hopefully, together we can put an end to the annoying dandruff situation!

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