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4 Natural Remedies for Nodes Caused by Shots

by Andreea Laza

Natural Remedies for Nodes Caused by Shots

The nodes caused by intramuscular infection are most commonly due to the fact that instead of relaxing the muscle, you strain it and the injection liquid has no other way but to gather up in a lump or nodule.

Although this isn’t such a dangerous situation (the nodules disappear on their own), we have here 4 natural remedies for nodes caused by shots for those who don’t want to wait that long.

4 Natural Remedies for Nodes Caused by Shots

1. Coarse Salt Cure for Shots Caused Nodes

One of the simplest remedies for injection caused nodules is the coarse salt compress. Soak a clean piece of gauze, sprinkle coarse kitchen salt on it and apply it directly on the nodes. You can use apple cider to soak the gauze, as well.

2. Beetroot Cure for Nodes Caused by Shots

Grate a large beetroot, temper it in a little bit of cooking oil or fresh pork fat and apply it while hot on the nodules. The nodules will melt away for good.

3. Natural Lemon Treatment for Shots Nodes

Wash a large ripped lemon and cut it in thin slices. Apply one lemon slice on each node, apply a gauze over and then cover it all with a nylon. Fix the compresses using a band-aid and keep it on for 4-5 hours. Replace the compress with a new one until the nodules are completely vanished.

4. Swedish Bitter Remedy for Nodes Caused by Shots

Anoint the nodules with natural marigold balm. Soak a piece of cotton in Swedish Bitter and apply it on the nodules. Place a piece of nylon over the compress so that you don’t get your clothes stained with bitter. Leave for a few hours on and if possible overnight. This remedy also treats the bruising caused by hitting. 

Try one or two of these natural remedies for nodes caused by shots before going into surgery or doing any drastic procedure. Stay healthy, naturally!

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