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9 Best Natural Remedies for HIV (AIDS)

by Andreea Laza

If you want to learn more about the best alternative and natural remedies for HIV virus, continue reading this article and discover the top natural remedies for HIV and Aids.

HIV, the human immunodeficiency virus has been around since the 60s, became a hype in the 80s and until today the medical community knows little to nothing in regards to treatment for the HIV virus and AIDS, the disease it causes. So, before getting to the best natural remedies for HIV, I figured we take a closer look and see the real cause of HIV and how it actually came to be.

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The Truth About HIV

According to Harvard scientist and bioterrorism expert, Leonard G Horowitz, the HIV virus was deliberately manufactured in American laboratories in late 1960, after experimenting on a species of African monkeys that have been inoculated with viral genes taken from other animals species to enable the development of new vaccines. He published all his research in an amazing book entitled Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola: Nature, Accident, or Intentional?.

Dr. Horowitz is convinced that:

Both AIDS and Ebola epidemics are the result of vaccination against polio and hepatitis, which have had severe adverse reactions leading to the complete suppression of natural immunity. In other words to HIV.

Let’s start from the beginning.

In the early 80s, a new and deadly virus came into play, the HIV virus, (supposedly, while not proven) one of the leading causes of AIDS. This time, the blame was not put on tiny flies killed sprayed with DDT, like in the case of polio, but on homosexual people and infected needles. Indeed, the HIV infection appeared all of a sudden and started targeting gay men.

What people don’t know is that prior to the HIV epidemic of 1981, there was a federal vaccination program in San Francisco between 1978-1980, testing a new vaccine for hepatitis B on over 6,700 high-risk people, namely intravenous drug users, homosexual men, and people with multiple sexual partners. Similar to what we see today, there was an effort to encourage people to get the novel vaccine. Gay community influencers of those times, such as Reverend Raymond Broshears was commissioned to promote and organize the vaccination of gay people in the area.

Truth about HIV AIDS - MyNaturalTreatment.com

The hepatitis B vaccine was the first genetic vaccine in human history, made with recombinant DNA techniques, namely, it was the first vaccine that used

“DNA molecules formed by laboratory methods of genetic recombination (such as molecular cloning) that bring together genetic material from multiple sources, creating sequences that would not otherwise be found in the genome.”


Lo and behold, in the Spring of 1981, a new mysterious illness appeared, causing homosexual men in California and New York to die of rare forms of pneumonia and cancer. By 1987, health authorities had learned that at least 600 of the 6,700 participants in the vaccine testing study had acquired AIDS, and around 375 of them have died from it. Even more, about 70% of the participants tested positive for the AIDS antibody test – indicating that they likely were carrying the virus, according to a 1987 Washington Post investigation.

The culprit was a newly discovered virus (not the outcome of experimental vaccination) although no scientific paper published to this day has found a direct correlation between the HIV virus and AIDS. Yet, most medical doctors share a scientific consensus that HIV causes AIDS, although AIDS is diagnosed separately from HIV.

Needless to say that the first hepatitis B vaccine (Recombivax HB from Merk), was FDA-approved in 1983 for use from birth through adulthood, and up to this day, it has not been evaluated for its carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or its potential to impair fertility, according to the prospect. Even more interesting, both AIDS and Hepatitis B share common symptomatology and merely the same means of contracting the disease.

All this information leads me to draw the following conclusion.

AIDS was the result of the first genetic vaccination in human history, the hepatitis B vaccine experiment of the late 70s, that lead to total suppression of natural immunity and due to the highly toxic medical drug protocols with AZT had a high mortality rate.

Truth about HIV AIDS - Natural Treatments for HIV AIDS - MyNaturalTreatment.com

Food for Thought

In his book Vaccination: The Medical Error of The Century, Dr. Louis de Brouwer speaks out about the unproven science behind vaccines and the dogma of vaccination that has rapidly turned into a religion. The main false medical “prophets” of vaccination are Jenner and Louis Pasteur.

The author explains the following:

Viruses and retroviruses that have become inactive throughout evolution are found latent in all animal and human organisms. But when introducing live or attenuated viruses allows for these viruses to reconstitute their capital and thus acquire a new virulence or create a virus or a hybrid retrovirus.

The process is called genetic recombination. In other words, through vaccination viruses mutate and create super viruses. Thus, vaccination is a serious violation of the integrity of the immune system of vaccinated individuals, making them true reservoirs of mutated viruses. Dr. Louis de Brouwer claims that the HIV virus is undoubtedly the result of such viral recombination and I agree. Now that you know the truth about HIV and AIDS, let’s get to the natural remedies for HIV and how to build back your immune system.

9 Best Natural Remedies for HIV Virus (AIDS)

1. NAC/Glutathione

N-acetylcysteine or NAC is probably the best natural remedy for HIV/AIDS, and the reason is that it is the precursor to the biological antioxidant glutathione, thus it replenishes glutathione stores. Studies showed that patients with HIV are deficient in glutathione and that oral supplementation with NAC and glycine for 2-weeks corrects glutathione levels. Glutathione deficiency is associated with impaired survival in HIV disease and suggests that supplementing with NAC can improve HIV survival.

Another study on HIV-positive patients supplementing on NAC showed balancing plasma cysteine level and CD4+ lymphocyte count. More so, glutathione provides protection against HIV and tuberculosis, can reduce cellular damage, and promote the functions of immune cells. There are tons of studies actually supporting the use of oral NAC and/or glutathione supplements to boost immunity and improve symptoms of HIV-positive patients, making it one of the top natural remedies for HIV/AIDS symptomatology.

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2. Suramin

Although not a natural treatment per se, more a known anti-parasitic medication, suramin is one of the hidden medical remedies for AIDS during the HIV epidemic in favor of the highly toxic AZT. More so, it was the first anti-HIV drug of those times, known to repress retroviral reverse transcriptase which served as a reason to test suramin as a treatment for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). 

Studies show that suramin protects T cells from HIV infection in vitro, can decrease the viral weight in AIDS patients, and also inhibits host cell invasion by the Ebola and the Zika viruses. Suramin is a know medical drug, but its natural alternative is shikimic acid found in pine needles, Chinese anise star, arjuna tree fruit (Terminalia arjuna), and many other fruits and herbs that you can find here. This may be one of the key natural remedies for HIV/AIDS.

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3. Essiac Tea

Rene Caisse, a nurse from Canada, obtained the recipe for the Essiac from the indigenous people in the area and named the tea blend after her name written backward. She claimed she used this herbal tea to cure advanced forms of cancer. Essiac tea is also one of the top natural remedies for HIV and AIDS, due to the powerful detoxifying and immune-boosting herbs in it: burdock root, slippery elm bark, Indian rhubarb root, and sheep sorrel.

For cancers and AIDS, the recommended dose of Essiac tea is the following:

  • 4 tablespoons of tea in the morning on an empty stomach (you can eat five minutes later)
  • 4 tablespoons of tea at lunch (before meals)
  • 4 tablespoons of tea at bedtime, on an empty stomach (at least two hours after the last meal)

Continue the Essiac tea cure for 12 consecutive weeks, without interruption. If you suffer from a stomach ulcer, dilute the tea in an equal amount of sodium-free distilled water. Essiac tea is not recommended during chemotherapy because it has no effect.

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4. Healing Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms are rich in beta-glucans which can dramatically strengthen and boost the immune system, making them an ideal choice when suffering from autoimmune disorders. They make one of the top natural remedies for HIV and any immune deficiencies. These mushrooms are:

  1. Reishi stimulates and balances the immune system. It is excellent natural support for those undergoing chemotherapy, people with AIDS, and those suffering from chronic viral or toxic hepatitis.
  2. Turkey tail helps minimize the negative effects of chemo and radiation therapy: fatigue, loss of appetite, pain, anxiety, and night sweats. The active substances in turkey tail mushrooms have proven anti-tumor effects, but also the ability to fight hepatitis B, chronic hepatitis, HPV, or AIDS.
  3. Maitake fights against viruses, including the flu, herpes, hepatitis B or HPV viruses, leukemia, and cancers (is used almost exclusively to treat cancer). However, more recent studies conducted at the National Cancer Institute in the United States have also proven the antiviral properties of Maitake extracts after treating patients with warts or suffering from HPV or AIDS.
  4. Shiitake is one of the few remedies that activate natural killer cells which are the first line of defense against HIV/AIDS. It also detoxifies the liver and the pancreas and has notable antiviral effects. Shiitake not only tastes delicious but also contains a variety of immunomodulatory, anticancer, and antiviral substances.
  5. Chaga contains the highest level of superoxide dismutase (SOD), an enzyme that promotes the breakdown of free radicals highly effective against neurodegenerative conditions.

Healing mushrooms make one of the best natural remedies for HIV, as they have been shown to reduce the various symptoms and secondary diseases caused by AIDS. You can supplement with powdered mushrooms by adding them to smoothies. Alongside Essiac tea, healing mushrooms are one of the top natural remedies for HIV/AIDS.

5. Self-Heal Extract

(Prunella vulgaris)

A 1992 study assessing four crude herbal extracts from Traditional Chinese Medicine showed that self-heal herbal extract has the most powerful inhibition of HIV-1 infection in vitro of the four. Another more recent study showed that out of several mint family plants, self-heal water extracts inhibited HIV-1 infectivity. The study concluded that this herbal extract inhibits the early stages of HIV, is responsible for the antiviral activity, and is a promising microbicide, and/or antiviral against HIV-1.

There are many more studies showing that self-heal extracts exhibit anti-HIV activity at the adsorption and reverse transcription stages. Needless to say, the self-heal extract is one of the best natural remedies for HIV.

Self Heal Prunella vulgaris - Best Natural Remedies for HIV (AIDS) - MyNaturalTreatment.com

6. Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extract is a powerful natural antiviral, and one of the best natural remedies for HIV/AIDS. Here’s why. Several case studies showed that olive leaf extract has incredible anti-infective and immune-stimulating effects on terminally ill HIV patients. Both their blood work and clinical symptoms have visibly improved, and quite dramatically in some cases, following the oral administration of olive leaf extract.

In all the cases studied, high doses of olive leaf extract (1500-3000 mg daily) were taken, for periods of time ranging between 2 and 4 months, without interruption. Among other things, many of the patients following the treatment showed an increase of up to 57% in their number of T lymphocytes in the blood, and healing from extremely invasive infections, such as herpes or candidiasis, but also some types of tumors.

Olive leaf extract does not negatively interfere with the action of synthetic antibiotics, antifungals, or antivirals, being a valuable aid in any type of infection, from the common cold to bacterial or fungal hospital-acquired infections. Thus, it can be used along with allopathic drugs. Olive leaf extract is always taken after meals, especially in higher doses.

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7. Astragalus

(Astragalus membranaceus)

Astragalus is one of the top natural remedies for HIV because it stimulates the activity of macrophages, and T lymphocytes and also increases resistance to bacteria and viruses. After just 6 hours of treatment with Astragalus, studies revealed significant activation of macrophages. Astragalus root also increases the level of antibodies (IgA and IgG) and induces the production of interferon. The extracts from Astragalus root have strong immunostimulatory actions, making this herbal extract one of the top natural remedies for HIV/AIDS. Even more, it works well with conventional treatments and has even been shown to be an effective immune booster for patients undergoing chemotherapy and harsh HIV/AIDS treatments.

8. Cat’s Claw

(Uncaria tomentosa)

Another one of the very best natural remedies for HIV is cat’s claw, one of the most popular medicinal plants in Peru. Today cat’s claw is used in the treatment of cancer, arthritis, rheumatism, herpes and shingles, allergies, ulcers, immunosuppression, and HIV. In 1989, Dr. Kiplinger, isolated six alkaloids from the roots of cat’s claw, four of which showed non-specific stimulation of the immune system, by boosting phagocytosis. The other two had the ability to inhibit blood clots and thrombosis, being used to prevent myocardial infarction or stroke. Cat’s claw is one of the most powerful immune-modulating medicinal herbs with strong anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties. This makes cat’s claw one of the best natural remedies for HIV/AIDS.

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9. Propolis & Royal Jelly

Beehive products, especially propolis and royal jelly are one of the top natural remedies for HIV/AIDS. And here’s why. Animal studies showed truly impressive results: propolis has an amazing anti-cancer effect, due to two mechanisms that actually help the body fight cancer. The active substance in propolis called artepilin C works two ways. First, it triggers the programmed biological death of cancer cells, leading to the shrinking of tumors. Then, it blocks the formation of other blood vessels in the tumor, which causes the tumor to die of starvation.

Similar studies have been conducted on epilepsy, malaria, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, asthma, and AIDS. One of them revealed that propolis has the ability to suppress HIV-1 replication due to its immunoregulatory effect. In addition to propolis, another beehive product, namely royal jelly, could act as an immunopotentiator due to its bioactive molecules. Needless to say, propolis together with royal jelly are great natural remedies for HIV/AIDS

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Best Food for HIV

In addition to the natural remedies for HIV/AIDS, you should look into food. According to best-selling healer Anthony Williams, bananas are a powerful antiviral food—so powerful that they have the capacity to repel the growth of the retrovirus HIV. Schizandra berries contain both glutathione peroxidase and gomisin-A which are compounds that are highly beneficial for the liver and can help prevent liver inflammation and tissue destruction making it an excellent herb for hepatitis, jaundice, HIV/AIDS, and other viral conditions.

In addition to schizandra berries and bananas, other foods for HIV that he recommends are:

  • kiwis
  • cranberries
  • wild blueberries
  • sea buckthorn berries
  • cilantro
  • parsley
  • elderberry
  • artichokes
  • lemons
  • garlic
  • birch sap
  • raw wildflower honey

Avoid junk food, sugar, alcohol, smoking, caffeine, pork, eggs, dairy, foods with additives, coloring agents, and other toxic chemicals. Take your natural sugar sources from fruit, because fruit is what the body needs in order to heal. Have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, superfoods such as spirulina, green barley juice powder, coconut water, and fresh water. Make your own food because the energy and intention you put in your food when making it is also healing.

Herbal Teas for HIV/AIDS

Alongside the natural remedies for HIV/AIDS and supplements mentioned above, these herbal teas can help.

  • Pine needle tea
  • Sweet violet tea (Viola odorata)
  • Birch bark tea
  • Cancer bush tea
  • Rose petal tea

The Best Prevention for HIV

Supplementing with the natural remedies for HIV abovementioned and eating good food is very helpful. But the best prevention for HIV is to avoid unnecessary medical treatments, which include injections of any sort, and experimental medical procedures that have unproven efficacy and unknown adverse reactions. Also, avoid transfusions of blood from people who have followed certain medical treatments including experimental genetic treatments. Avoid street drugs, including alcohol, smoking, and processed sugar (which are also toxic drugs).

Follow a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh water, fresh air, and regular exercise. Engage in activities that bring joy and make you happy, because when you’re happy, there’s little to no place for worry and fear. And these two suppress the immune system tremendously. And even if you’ve had these experimental novel treatments, do not get scared, because there is no poison on this planet, without an antidote.

I wholeheartedly recommend following Anthony William’s heavy metal detox and liver rescue protocol. This helps flush out heavy metals that feed pathogens and weaken the immune system against disease. I also recommend medical intuitive Andreas Moritz’s liver and gallbladder flush, together with supplementation with natural vitamin C, zinc, and quercetin.

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Healing from HIV Using Visualization

We are creators of realities, we use I-magi-nation to create, which means we are a nation of magicians. What we pay attention to grows and becomes our reality, so when faced with any chronic condition, one of the most powerful healing practices is visualization and imagination. Here are 4 easy steps for healing from HIV/AIDS and any other health condition.

  1. Imagine you are healing – HIV/AIDS is presented as an incurable condition but this is further from the truth! AIDS is a disease that can be cured by boosting and supporting the immune system. It is very important to believe with absolute conviction that you are healing.
  2. Minimize the disease – Understand that HIV/AIDS is but a lowered immunity due to high toxicity in the body. You are the only one capable to heal, by cleansing your mind and your body. It’s that simple.
  3. Visualize the cells of your body victorious – Just like in a happy-end movie, where good defeats evil, envision the defense cells of your body triumphant in victory.
  4. See yourself as healthy – It’s crucial to see a positive end result. You need to look healthy, happy, energized, and disease-free. Try to see yourself doing all the things you would normally do if you weren’t sick and try to get involved in happy activities. Focus on the healing process and reaffirms your confidence that your body will overcome the disease.

Bruce Lipton, explains in his book The Biology of Belief explains that our body adapts to what we believe to be true about our environment and about ourselves. Once we change our negative, limiting beliefs with other, more empowering, and healing beliefs, our body transforms accordingly. And this is the miraculous healing through perception, that everyone can do, indifferent to your suffering. Like many others before you, you too can heal, right here, right now.

If you’ve found this information on the natural remedies for HIV and AIDS empowering and helpful, please share this article so more people can learn about natural remedies for HIV. Trust in your healing journey and in yourself. Stay healthy, naturally! 🌿💚

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