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5 Natural Beauty Recipes with Snow

by Andreea Laza

Winter is almost here and there are simple ways to stay beautiful during the cold season. Discover 5 natural beauty recipes with snow.

Winter is here and hopefully, we will have beautiful snow this year. Snow falling down is not only magical to look at, but snow has been used for ages as a natural beauty recipe by women. This old knowledge has been lost in time, but there are cultures around the world where snow is still used in simple skincare and beauty recipes. We will share these recipes with you below, so find out what they are.

Let it snow! ❄️

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5 Natural Beauty Recipes with Snow

1. Skin Toning with Snow

Put two or three handfuls of fluffy, loose snow in a bowl and place the bowl above the bathroom sink. First, take some snow between your fingers and use it as a face cream, spreading it all over your face, with light massage movements. Then dab your face gently with a clean towel. Next, make the small snowball and rub your face with it, using energetic circular movements. Soon, your skin will turn red, a sign that your skin has improved its circulation, which leads to better skin toning. This is one of the most simple beauty recipes with snow.

2. Prevent Anti-Aging with Snow

After following the skin toning for several weeks, morning and evening, your skin will restore its elasticity, firmness, and good toning for a long period of time. To prevent dryness of the face and wrinkles during the cold winter season, apply a strong natural moisturizer ten to fifteen minutes after rubbing your face with snow. For this, we recommend a simple natural recipe with cucumber juice and chamomile tea, that you can make at home, following the instructions here.

3. Snow Face Cleansing

Melt a few handfuls of snow on low flame, then pour the warm liquid into a container. Soak a cotton pad in the melted snow and thoroughly clean your face, as you do when removing makeup. Melted snow must be used as fresh as possible because only this way does it work as a strong facial cleansing and revitalizing agent.

4. Snow for Shiny Hair

Melt a considerable quantity of fresh snow in a large pot, enough to get the necessary amount of water for a hair wash and a rinse. Let it heat up, without reaching the boiling point. Use it to wash your head. Instead of your regular shampoo, use the following egg recipe. Whisk two or three egg yolks until they become foamy and add a few drops of rum or brandy. Apply on the well-moistened hair, along the entire length of the hair. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse well, using the rest of the melted snow water.

Natural Beauty Recipes with Snow - Hair Wash - MyNaturalTreatment.com

This is one of the best-kept winter secrets for supple and shiny hair, and one of the most simple beauty recipes with snow.

5. Snow Fight

To benefit fully from the snow, have daily brisk walks through fresh snow. This will set all the muscle groups of the legs and abdomen in motion, strengthening them. Enjoying a snow fight is an excellent way to strengthen the arm muscles and abs, and is the most fun way to exercise and stay fit during the snow season. Exercise is one of the most effective beauty recipes.

And there is another secret to it: this kind of “beauty treatment” will take you back to those happy childhood moments when you eagerly awaited the snow season, when you were happy, free, and had no cares in the world. Happiness is a beauty recipe on its own.

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We really hope that you have enjoyed the beauty recipes with snow above. Nature provides us with amazing beauty recipes and remedies for every season, all that we have to do is to relearn the old wisdom of our ancestors and use them. Stay healthy and beautiful, naturally!

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