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How to Use Ginger for Joint Pain

by Andreea Laza

Want to learn how to use ginger for joint pain topically? Discover three wonderful ways to use ginger to soothe joint pain.

Ginger warms up the sore joints and its fragrant essential oil contains substances similar in structure to salicylic acid, which soothe joint pain. Below you will find three natural ways to use ginger for joint pain, easy to make, and effective. Without further ado, here is how to use ginger for joint pain topically.

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How to Use Ginger for Joint Pain – 3 Simple Ways

1. Ginger Compress for Joint Pain

One of the easiest ways to use ginger for joint pain is by applying a ginger compress to the affected area. Here is how to prepare and use this miraculous compress.


Preparation & Use

Finely chop the ginger, heat the vinegar a little, and pour over the chopped ginger. Let the ginger soak in the warm vinegar for 10 minutes. Soak a kitchen towel in the ginger-infused vinegar and apply it to the painful joint for 20 minutes. Place a cotton towel over the compress – for protection and warmth.

2. Ginger Bath for Pain Soothing

One of the most comforting ways to use ginger for joint pain is to bathe in a ginger infusion. This bath warms up the joints and prepares your body for repair. Here is how to prepare the ginger bath and ease your joint pain with it.


  • a medium-sized ginger root

Preparation & Use

Grate the ginger and steep it in 2 liters (8 cups) of boiling water for 15 minutes (covered with a lid). Then strain the ginger tea and pour it into the water in your bathtub. Bathe for 20 minutes. After the bath, lie in bed relaxed and you will feel how the heat penetrates the cells of your joints and how the joint pain disappears.

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3. Ginger Oil for Joint Pain

Ginger oil has a multitude of uses, first, it’s a fantastic remedy for joint pain, and, if nothing hurts you, you can even use it in the kitchen to cook pasta, vegetables or salads, etc. It makes them taste great! Here is how to prepare ginger oil for joint pain.


Preparation & Use

Grate the ginger and squeeze the juice through a piece of cheesecloth. Mix one part ginger juice with 5 parts sesame oil. Use the ginger oil thus obtained to rub on your sore joints or, simply, on cold feet and hands. The rest of the ginger oil can be kept for several days in the fridge, sealed in a jar.

How Does Ginger Soothe Joint Pain?

The same prostaglandins that cause migraines are also responsible for joint inflammation in people suffering from arthritis. A study conducted on 56 subjects demonstrated that ginger alleviates symptoms in 55% of arthritis cases and in 74% of rheumatoid arthritis cases. Repeated application with chopped ginger on the sore area can bring additional relief, destroying the reserves of substance P, a neurotransmitter that conducts pain signals to the spinal cord and then to the brain.

Ginger extract was as effective an anti-inflammatory agent as betamethasone, according to another study. So, yes, ginger used topically or ginger extracts taken internally do soothe joint pain and inflammation.

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If you’ve enjoyed learning how to use ginger for joint pain and think other people will love to access this information, please share it so we can reach more people. Let us know what has worked for your joint pain in the comments below. Stay healthy and pain-free, naturally!

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