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How to Make Acorn Powder and Its Uses

by Andreea Laza

Want to learn how to make acorn powder and the most important acorn powder uses? Continue reading and find out.

Acorns have antibacterial, and antitumor properties, and are used as a gastric patch, but also in the treatment of genital and urinary system problems. Namely, they prevent heavy menstruation, increase fertility, and can be used for bedwetting. They have also been used for the treatment of gums and toothaches. In Azerbaijani folk medicine, acorns are widely used to control diabetes and, in some milder cases, even to treat this condition. Before we show you how to make acorn powder, here is how to harvest acorns and process them for later use as medicine.

How to Make Acorn Powder and Its Uses - MyNaturalTreatment.com

How to Harvest Acorns

Acorns are harvested in late September and October when they are fully ripe. Only the green-brownish acorns that are hard to the touch, are harvested. If pressing them with your finger easily breaks them, it means that the acorns are wormy, so leave these out. We do not recommend consuming acorns that fall in the first week of September, as these can be weak or may be infested.

Careful! Raw, uncooked acorns can be harmful if you suffer from urinary bladder problems. Ask for a doctor’s advice if you want to use acorns internally.

How to Harvest Acorns - MyNaturalTreatment.com

How to Make Acorn Powder

Leave the acorns to dry naturally in a warm and well-ventilated place, in a 2-3 fingers thick layer, for 3-4 weeks. To speed up the process, you can put them in a dehydrator or in the oven and dry them at 50°C/122°F for 2-3 days. Then grind them using an electric coffee grinder, and store them in paper bags or glass jars. The usual daily dose is 3-4 teaspoons per day.

6 Amazing Acorn Powder Uses for Health

  1. Diabetes – the dosage is one teaspoon of acorn powder one hour before meals, in the morning, and in the evening for one week. Pause for the next week, measure your blood sugar levels, then resume for another week. Pause for a week once again and do another blood work. Continue for four weeks maximum. Usually, after three rounds the blood sugar levels normalize, as this is one of the main acorn powder uses.
  2. Constipation – soak a cup of acorn powder in a liter of brandy or vodka for 2 weeks, stirring periodically. Strain and pour into amber bottles. The dosage is one tablespoon, 3 times a day, 20-30 minutes before meals when experiencing constipation.
  3. Anemia & Rickets – 3 teaspoons of acorn powder are administered every day for one month. In order to not cause constipation, take the powder with wheat bran, honey, and fresh fruits.
  4. Diarrhea & Dysentery – 3-4 teaspoons of acorn powder a day, on an empty stomach. Keep under your tongue for a few minutes, then swallow with water. In severe cases, the dose can be increased up to 10 teaspoons per day, as this herbal remedy has very low toxicity. Or have a teaspoon of acorn powder with honey, 4 times a day.
  5. Ulcer & Gastritis – 1 teaspoon of acorn powder 2-3 times a day, between meals or when experiencing pain (but always on an empty stomach). This remedy has antacid, stomach-soothing, and cicatrizing effects and is one of the most powerful acorn powder uses.
  6. Internal Bleeding Adjuvant – 2-3 teaspoons of acorn powder on an empty stomach. If the bleeding is strong, boil 6 teaspoons of acorn powder in a cup of water for two minutes, then strain and drink the acorn tea on an empty stomach, in a single rep.

Bonus: Acorn Pancakes Recipe

In addition to being a natural medicine, acorn powder is also a valuable source of food. Here is how you can make savory acorn pancakes at home with simple ingredients. For this recipe you will need:

  • 15 grams of acorn powder
  • 10 grams of grated feta cheese/ or tofu
  • 25 grams of sour cream / or vegan sour cream
  • one egg/ or one flax egg
  • 5 grams of coconut sugar
  • coconut oil

Heat up the sour cream in a pan for 1-2 minutes, then add the flour and bring to a simmer, while stirring continuously to prevent lumps. Remove from the heat and let the composition cool. Then add the grated cheese, sugar, and egg, and mix until incorporated. Fry these savory pancakes in a little coconut oil, and enjoy warm.

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Centuries back, acorns were considered a treasure of the forest and were used as medicine for people as well as food for the animals, during the winter. At the same time, acorns were also used in magic and alchemy. The reason is that it was believed that they contain a secret essence of the oak’s vigor, able to restore strength to the sick, prolong youth, and bring luck and prosperity.

Acorns are a gift from the forest and anyone can harvest their own acorns to make simple and natural medicine. If you’ve enjoyed learning how to make acorn powder and the amazing acorn powder uses for health, please share this article so more people can use this information. Stay healthy, naturally!

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How to Make Acorn Powder Uses - How to Harvest Acorns - NaturalTreatment.com

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