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A Complete Home Remedy for Tourette Syndrome

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for a home remedy for Tourette Syndrome, continue reading this article and discover an amazing natural cure for Tourette’s with herbs. But first.

Home Remedies for Tourette Syndrome

What is Tourette Syndrome?

Tourette Syndrome is one of the most unexplainable conditions there is. Giles de la Tourette Syndrome is manifested through uncontrollable and unexplainable ticks. These ticks range from simple movement ticks to more complex vocal ticks.

What Causes Tourette’s?

As far as doctors are concerned, Tourette Syndrome is a complex disorder likely caused by a combination of neurological imbalances, as well as genetic and environmental factors. According to the studies, the age range for developing Tourette’s is between 2 and 16 years of age. However, the peak is in 6 years old patients. Tourette Syndrome is 3 times more predominant in males than females. Dopamine, serotonin, and other neurotransmitters in the brain may play a role in Tourette’s, given these chemicals are responsible for nerve impulses. Still, doctors don’t know exactly what causes Tourette Syndrome and how to treat it.

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Is There a Home Remedy for Tourette Syndrome?

We have here for you a complete home remedy for Tourette Syndrome that is worth trying. This remedy uses natural ingredients and simple herbs only, which some people have used successfully to treat Tourette’s. A great part of this home remedy is diet, so if you’re fully dedicated to treating Tourette Syndrome, a few diet changes are mandatory. Let’s begin!

A Complete Home Remedy for Tourette Syndrome

Drink a cup of hops and horsetail tea the first thing in the morning. Right afterward, have 200 ml of water with you 2 tsp of medicinal clay soaked overnight. Two hours later, drink 1 cup of freshly squeezed juice made from equal parts of carrots and celery stem or root. It’s important to drink the juice on the spot, right after making it. Also, don’t peel the carrots and celery, but wash them thoroughly with a brush under a jet of water.

Drink this juice in small sips, allowing the saliva to water the mouth with each sip. Have 3 cups of this fresh juice a day, before the main meals. Immediately after drinking this juice, drink the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon. Take 1 tsp of bee pollen right after drinking the first cup of fresh juice, and the other one in the afternoon. Continue supplementing with pollen (2 tsp/day) until you finish 1 kg of pollen.

At night, before bedtime, stand in the shower and pour 1 cup of cold water from the back of the neck down the spine. Ask someone to help you with this procedure if you find it difficult. As far as the diet goes, it’s necessary to put meat, refined sugars, and sweets aside while doing this home remedy. The juicing cure should continue for 20 days straight. The results will soon show up, you have to have faith and be persistent.

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The Spiritual Cause of Tourette’s Syndrome

Tourette Syndrome is still a mystery for many doctors, but as with all disorders, this too is rooted in the emotional body. When we come down with the disease, that disease has first installed at the emotional level and then it materializes through physical symptoms. With Tourette’s, it’s a matter of speaking our truths.

When for some reason we’re not allowed to express ourselves, how we feel and think, things can backlash and become chaotic. This is what my spirit is telling me happens with Tourette’s. It’s a burst out of the good and the bad thoughts that we believe it’s not OK to be expressed in front of others. When we try to push these thoughts back and repress them, our shadow comes back out tenfolds, in a way we can no longer control it.

For Tourette, the best holistic approach is to embrace both your positive and negative aspects and understand their importance. The world we live in is created of light and darkness, the sun and the moon, the good and the bad. It’s a very polarized world. This reflects in how we are as individuals. Once we integrate these two sides by accepting them both, we can become whole again, and they no longer need to come out bursting, because there’s nothing that we still repress.

I hope you’ve found here a wonderful home remedy for Tourette Syndrome that will help you as it helped many others and that this piece of advice will truly serve you. We wish you great health!

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