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Home Remedy for Lumbago

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for a simple and effective home remedy for lumbago, continue reading this article and find out how to follow this remedy at home. But first.

Lumbago is a wide-spread back suffering caused by incorrect body posture. Nowadays, a lot of people suffer from severe back pain due to incorrect body position which affects the backbone and the muscles in that area. Unfortunately, conditions such as lumbago are widespread along with young persons too. This is why we need to take greater care of our back and prevent all the excruciating back pains from putting an end to our well-being.

Here is a simple home remedy for lumbago with vinegar, that we truly hope will help you overcome this condition. Let’s get into the remedy.

Home Remedy for Lumbago

Vinegar Rub, a Home Remedy for Lumbago

This simple home remedy for lumbago is based on a simple massage and friction of the back area and some very effective vinegar poultices as well.

  • Turn the suffering on his left side on the bed and start rubbing gently and rapidly his back, starting from his left shoulder and going down towards his hip.
  • Use a wipe soaked in a simple solution of vinegar and water (in equal parts).
  • Moist the wipe towel as many times as necessary, then rub the back area, starting with the neck and going down on the backbone.
  • Then go again from the shoulder towards the thigh.
  • Afterward, turn the suffering on his back and cover him/her in a clean sheet or blanket.
  • After one hour has passed, repeat the rubbing, this time warm up the solution a little bit, and then use it.

Instead of rubbing the back area, you can also apply water and vinegar poultice. Change the poultice every 3 hours.

How to Prepare this Natural Remedy

Lay a large piece of cellophane on the bed and place the quilt folded in two. Make the poultice using a large bed sheet folded in 4 so that it reaches the entire back area of the suffering. Soak the sheet in a little bit of warm water and vinegar solution, and then place the sheet over the quilt. Lay down on the moist poultice, and cover yourself with a warm blanket.

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This is a simple home remedy for lumbago, perhaps the simplest way to treat the pains caused by this condition. Sometimes simple tricks, handy ingredients, and a bit of faith are all you need for healing completely from back pain and getting back your good health. Stay healthy, naturally!

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