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9 Powerful Home Remedies for Frostbite & Natural Prevention

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for some powerful home remedies for frostbite, continue reading this article. But first.

Frostbite is the damage to the body tissue (extremities) caused by exposure to very low temperatures. The nose, cheeks, ears, fingers, and toes are the most commonly affected extremities. Frostbite leads to loss of sensitivity and change in skin color in the affected area and can cause permanent tissue damage.

9 Powerful Home Remedies for Frostbite & Natural Prevention - Frostbite

What Is Frostbite?

Body extremities actually freeze when they are affected by frostbite. Ice crystals form in the cells, causing physical damage and permanent changes in cell chemistry. When the ice melts, additional changes occur that can lead to cell death. Frostbite can occur in just a few minutes when you are outside, in extreme cold and/or strong winds. Symptoms of frostbite include:

  • Numbness of the affected area
  • The skin may feel icy, but the deep tissues are soft (superficial frostbite) or the entire affected area may look hard and frozen (deep frostbite)
  • The skin may look waxy, with shades of white or gray

Usually, people with poor peripheral circulation, and those who regularly have cold hands and feet, are anemic or hypotensive, are more prone to suffer from frostbite. Elderly and small children are more prone to being affected by frostbite. In addition to exposure to very low temperatures, other contributing factors are:

  • Improper clothing for cold weather, too long time spent outside and wearing wet clothes or shoes
  • Some diseases or conditions that affect blood circulation – diabetes, atherosclerosis
  • Previous injuries caused by exposure to frost
  • Smoking, alcohol consumption, or the administration of drugs such as beta-blockers, which reduce blood circulation to the skin

When you are affected by severe frostbite, go to the hospital immediately. For mild frostbite symptoms, we have a few powerful home remedies for frostbite that have worked for other people. In addition, we have a few natural ways to prevent possible frostbite with herbs and a few remedies to treat the stinging sensation left after frostbite. Let’s get into the home remedies for frostbite.

9 Powerful Home Remedies for Frostbite

1. Propolis and Herbal Remedies for Frostbite

The natural reaction of many of us is to warm up the frostbite extremities. This is wrong because it can cause injuries that will drag on over time. Instead, keep the frostbitten area for a time at a temperature slightly above zero degrees; rubbing with snow or cold liquids will the skin turns red. This means that the extremities have been flooded with blood, which is the first step in treating frostbite.

Pad the frostbite with propolis tincture. Apply a compress made with honey dissolved in one of these teas: willow bark, wormwood, walnut leaves, sea buckthorn, or hawthorn. Rub the area with onion slices and lemon juice. Avoid tight winter footwear, extreme cold, and moisture. This is one of the simplest yet most effective home remedies for frostbite.

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2. Elderflower Infusion

Soak the affected areas in a cold elderflower infusion for 10 minutes, then apply a warm poultice with elderflowers, and keep it on for at least an hour. The active ingredients in elderflowers help restore circulation and cell regeneration in areas affected by frostbite. This is why this is one of the most powerful home remedies for frostbite.

3. Mistletoe Berries Salve for Frostbite

For this simple salve, you need pork lard and mistletoe berries. Put the crushed mistletoe berries (harvested between the beginning of October and the end of December) in a porcelain bowl and mix with a little lard, until you get an ointment consistency. Apply on frostbite and leave overnight. This simple balm is one of the most amazing home remedies for frostbite. You can make it ahead and store it in a cold place, in case of need.

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Mistletoe leaves and berries

4. St. John’s Wort Tincture for Frostbite

St. John’s wort is one of the most effective home remedies for frostbite, as well as many other skin conditions. For skin diseases, burns, and frostbite, apply compresses soaked in St. John’s wort tincture over the affected area of the skin. Repeat until the frostbite areas are completely healed.

5. Home Remedies for Frostbite with Apple and Onion

Apply poultices with grated onion on the affected areas, and keep them on for at least two hours. This is a simple treatment that gives unexpectedly good results in frostbite of low and medium severity. More so, fermented apples are also great poultices for frostbite. For this, use apples that have fermented and acquired the brown coloring. Fermented apples make poultices for bedsores and thrombophlebitis, as well as for frostbite and burns. As simple as it sounds, this is one of the most powerful home remedies for frostbite, in a mild form.

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6. Whey Remedy for Frostbite

In addition to the fermented apple and grated onion poultices, whey cataplasms are also amazing for frostbite. Wrap a cheesecloth soaked abundantly in fresh whey around the affected area. Leave it wrapped for an hour, then wash with water. Do this application daily, until complete healing. As simple as it sounds, this is one of the most effective home remedies for frostbite.

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7. Celery Root Decoction

Make a decoction with two celery roots and a handful of dried celery leaves. Boil them over low heat in 1.5 liters of water for 30 minutes. Allow the preparation to cool off, then strain. Take warm baths (never hot!), by soaking the affected limb in this decoction for 20-30 minutes. This is one of the best home remedies for frostbite you can possibly make.

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8. Aloe Vera Remedy for Frostbite

In 1980, Dr. John Heggars of the Chicago Burns Hospital showed that preparations with crystallized Aloe extract are 6 times more effective against frostbite and 3rd-degree burns than any other preparation known at that time. For frostbite, apply Aloe Vera gel in a thick layer 2-3 times a day, until complete healing. This is one of the best home remedies for frostbite.

9. Warm Water a Petrol Home Remedies for Frostbite

This is a very old remedy for frostbite, passed on from a soldier who fought in the Second World War. This is what he did to heal frostbite on the front, with the little resources he had at hand. Soak your hands (or feet) in warm soapy water for a few minutes, so the pores open up. Wipe with a clean towel and apply petrol (lamp oil).

Take on a clean pair of cotton gloves or wrap a sterile medical bandage and leave it to stay for 24 hours. Take it off and apply another layer of gas lamp, this time without washing the hands/feet in soapy water. Leave on for another 24 hours. Repeat this once again the next evening. On the fourth evening soak once again the hands/feet in warm soapy water. The frostbitten skin usually flakes off at this point, making way for new skin formation. If there still are affected spots after the 4 days, resume the treatment.

5 Natural Ways to Prevent Frostbite with Herbs

In addition to the home remedies for frostbite above, there are simple and natural ways to prevent frostbite with herbs, tinctures, and root vegetables even. Let’s see what they are.

1. Natural Warm-Up for the Extremities

Frostbite can be prevented by following the treatment with cow parsnip tincture. On the frosty days, take 3-4 teaspoons of this herbal tincture a day, on an empty stomach, with a little water. The active ingredients in cow parsnip have a strong vasodilating effect on the peripheral blood vessels, helping to properly irrigate the extremities of the body with blood. Cow parsnip has a very good natural effect of warming up the hands and feet, which protects them from frostbite. This is why it’s one of the best home remedies for frostbite you can follow as a preventative measure.

9 Powerful Home Remedies for Frostbite & Natural Prevention - Cow Parsnip
Cow parsnip (Heracleum sphondylium)

2. Sea Buckthorn Oil Prevents Frostbite

To prevent and also treat frostbite, apply sea buckthorn oil as much as the skin can absorb on the affected areas that are going to be exposed to the cold. Sea buckthorn oil is a great “hand cream” to use as protection against frostbite.

3. Cold Sensitivity and Frostbite Predisposition

If you are one of the people who have a special sensitivity to cold temperatures and have a predisposition to frostbite, use horseradish. Put 15 tablespoons of finely grated horseradish and half a teaspoon of black pepper in a liter of natural red wine in a bottle. Seal the bottle and leave the contents to macerate for 8-9 days, then strain and store in amber glass bottles. Have 3-4 tablespoons of this horseradish tonic wine before each meal.

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4. Hot Chili Oil for Cold Feet

Hot peppers and mustard oil makes the blood move in the body. When used every night before bed, it warms the feet and protects them from frostbite. This is one of the most wonderful home remedies for frostbite and great prevention. Here is how to make it at home.


  • 500 ml of sunflower oil
  • 2-4 finely chopped red hot peppers
  • 50 g of ginger root, finely chopped
  • 50 g black pepper
  • 50 g of mustard flour (ground mustard seeds)

Put the oil together with the chopped hot peppers, ginger, black pepper, and mustard flour in a glass bowl and mix. Put the bowl on a double boiler and heat up slowly over low heat for one hour. Strain the oil through a cheesecloth or gauze and pour it into sterile, amber bottles.

Massage the feet in the evening with the oil to set the blood into motion. The oil warms the skin, so wash your hands thoroughly after use and avoid contact with eyes or sensitive areas of skin. keeping Up to 6 months.

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5. Ginko Biloba for Cold Hands and Feet

For peripheral circulation disorders, you can follow a Ginko Biloba cure between the months of August and September, by taking 40 mg of extract (1 capsule) 4 times a day for a period of 20 weeks. Ginkgo Biloba has the effect of improving blood circulation to the extremities of the body, from the arteries to the capillaries. As such, a Ginkgo treatment can reduce the discomfort caused by cold, susceptibility to urogenital infections (UTIs), and can reduce chances to get frostbite.

How to Treat Finger Stinging after Frostbite

The sting in the fingers after the frosts can be cured with the following recipe. Boil 100 g wildflowers, 100 g burdock flowers, and 100 g oak bark for an hour on low heat, in 3 liters of water. Leave the decoction to cool off until it reaches a bearable temperature, and wash your hands/feet for at least 20 minutes, preferably in the evening, before going to bed. Avoid cold temperatures and cold showers.

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We really hope that the home remedies for frostbite here will truly help you out. Let us know in the comments below what home remedies for frostbite have worked for you. Stay healthy, naturally!

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