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Gallbladder Attack Home Remedies

by Andreea Laza

Gallbladder Attack Home Remedies

The herb that works miracles in gallbladder attack and gallbladder conditions is dandelion.

Here are a couple remedies for gallbladder attack that really work.

2 Home Remedies for Gallbladder Attacks

1 Dandelion Root Remedy for Gallbladder Attack

  • Place one teaspoon of dandelion root in a cup of cold water overnight.
  • Next day place the content over fire until it almost simmers.
  • Turn the fire off, let the concoction stay for 2-3 minutes aside, then slip it and drink half the quantity 30 minutes before breakfast and the other half 30 minutes after breakfast.
  • Drink the tea sip by sip.

Since most gallbladder attack home remedies are based on dandelion, when the season comes and dandelions are in bloom, pick 5-6 pieces daily, wash them and then rip the flowers off and chew the bitter stems and swallow them.

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2. Herbal Remedies for Gallbladder Attack

Also, there are a handful of external home remedies in case of gallbladder attack or other conditions.

Place Swedish bitter compresses onto the gallbladder area and alternate them with horsetail compresses; one day the bitter compresses and the next the horsetail ones. Before using Swedish bitter compress anoint your sink with clear pork lard or marigold ointment. Make sure that you leave the bitter compress for 4 hours and the horsetail one between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

Soak the horsetail in boiling water, take it out and put it in a gauze cloth and use it immediately; use the entire plant, as hot as possible. Soak a large piece of cotton in water and place it on the area, place a dry piece of cotton over it and then tie them with a neck cloth to stay in place.

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These simple gallbladder attack home remedies are exactly what you need if you wish to let got the drugs and regain your health by using medicine from nature’s garden. Stay healthy, naturally!

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