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The Original Fir Salve Recipe and How to Use

by Andreea Laza

Want to learn the original fir salve recipe made from fir resin? Continue reading and find out how to prepare fir resin salve at home and how to use it.

Fir salve is an amazing and effective remedy for many skin problems, from simple boils or skin rashes to wounds that don’t heal, sprains, and even hemorrhoids. Here we want to show to you a very old fir salve recipe from the wild Carpathian Mountains of Romania, where fir is a sacred tree used in rituals, but also as medicine. Before we get to the fir salve recipe, see how you can harvest fir resin, the key ingredient in this amazing recipe. But first, what is fir resin?

Original Fir Salve Recipe and How to Use - MyNaturalTreatment.com

What Is Fir Resin?

Fir resin is the “glue” that the fir trees produce and use to “lubricate their wounds”. It has powerful healing effects not only for the fir tree, but also for the human body. This resin has been used in both Ancient Egypt and Rome, for dressing and washing wounds, and to disinfect burns, wounds, and eczema of all kinds. During the Middle Ages, fir resin was heated up and used to fight infection outbreaks, due to its bactericidal effects. Healers and shamans from the Urals and Siberia used the fir resin against all kinds of pain, and also in the treatment of eye and stomach conditions.

How to Harvest Fir Resin

Fir resin can be harvested very easily, in any season, by detaching it from the tree trunk using a knife. The resin is found in all cuts of the bark and can be collected from the trunk of a fir whose bark has been damaged. The only thing we need to be really careful with is not to injure the tree when removing the resin, which, by the way, comes off relatively easily. Keep the fresh resin in a sealed glass jar until use.

Fir resin has powerful antiseptic and cicatrizing properties.

Fir resin can be consumed as is, as it is a valuable medicine for various ailments. Sucking on 20-30 g of fresh fir resin helps soothe a sore throat, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, and esophagitis, and is also adjuvant in throat cancer. It is also used to prepare a tincture, that can be used both topically and internally (to protect the tooth enamel), or the amazing fir resin salve we are about to show to you here.

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The Original Fir Salve Recipe

For the original fir salve recipe, you need only three ingredients:

Here is how to make it. You can use normal butter that you clarify at home, or go directly for ghee, also known as clarified butter. To clarify butter at home, put the butter in a pot and boil it on medium heat, removing the foam at the surface. After 15-20 minutes, you will see some dark deposits on the bottom of the pan, and the butter is clear. Remove from the heat and put the hot, clear butter (without the sediment on the bottom) into a clean bowl. If you use ghee, simply heat it up to liquefy it.

Put the beeswax to melt into the melted butter and stir well. Then add the fir resin and mix on low heat until completely homogenized. Leave to cool down a little and pour the fir salve into a clean glass jar. Seal and keep in the refrigerator. Fir resin salve can be used topically to anoint the affected areas, two or three times a day.

6 Fir Salve Health Uses

  1. Mild Burns and Cuts – apply the fir resin salve to the affected area two to three times a day. If there is a risk of infection, instead of the fir salve, use a natural fir resin tincture to disinfect the area. Fir resin tincture is an anti-infectious and powerful cicatrizing remedy. We will share the fir resin tincture recipe with you soon, stay tuned.
  2. Wounds That Won’t Heal, Dislocations, Sprains, and Fractures – apply compresses with fir resin tincture or do a very light massage with fir resin salve on wounds that don’t heal, sprains, and dislocations. Continue daily, for at least a week, as this will considerably shorten the healing process.
  3. Hemorrhoids – apply the fir resin salve to the affected area, twice a day.
  4. Rheumatism – can be effectively treated by taking a hot fir branches bath. Immediately after bathing, anoint the sore areas with fir resin salve and drink hot elderflower and marjoram tea.
  5. Muscle Pain – after taking a hot fir branches bath, lightly friction the soles, hands, and shoulders with the fir salve. This remedy is also effective for asthenia and convalescence. Additionally, supplement with fir needle syrup which has a very good tonic role. Hot fir baths are also a very good adjuvant in cardiac neurosis.
  6. Boils, abscesses with puss – make a variation of the fir resin salve above by combining two spoons each of fir resin, beeswax, honey, and sunflower oil. Dissolve the ingredients over low heat, stirring until perfectly incorporated. Store in a glass cream container and apply in a thin layer on the affected areas.

Fir resin mixed with vegetable oil has also been used for mild cases of angina pain. For this, heat up five spoons of olive oil on low heat, add a piece of fir resin the size of the navel of your thumb and stir continuously until it dissolves completely. After it has completely cooled, anoint the area near and around the heart with the warm oil with resin. To prevent angina pain attacks, continue using this simple remedy daily for a month.

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Believe to be the tree of life, the fir tree symbolizes the protective and regenerating force of Mother Nature. If you’ve enjoyed learning about the ancient fir salve recipe from fir resin, please share this article so more people can use this information. Leave a comment below and let us know what are your favorite fir medicines and how you use them at home. Stay healthy, naturally!

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Fir Salve Recipe and How to Use - MyNaturalTreatment.com


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