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8 Calendula Skin Care Recipes DIY – 100 % Natural

by Andreea Laza

Looking for calendula skin care recipes? Continue reading and learn how to make your own calendula creams, masks, and other natural skincare.

Calendula or marigold, has been appreciated since ancient times for its skin-repair, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, and cicatrizing skin properties. The natural skin care recipes with calendula that we will share with you here, also stimulate peripheral blood flow and are antibacterial and antiseptic for the skin. Try these simple calendula skin care recipes at home, and make the most of the exceptional qualities of these healing yellow-orange flowers. But before we get to the calendula skin care recipes, here is how to harvest and dry calendula flowers to make natural cosmetics.

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How to Harvest Calendula for Cosmetics

Calendula flowers (Calendula officinalis), also known as marigolds, bloom from May to September when they can be harvested to make salves, tinctures, teas, and skin care products. Harvest only the flowers, and pick them by hand, on dry and sunny days. Drying is done in the shade, in well-ventilated places, in a very thin layer. During the drying process, turn the flowers daily, 1-2 times, to facilitate water evaporation. The drying time depends on the season and the yield is 6/1, that is, you get 100 g of dried calendulas from 600 g of fresh flowers.

After drying, keep the calendula flowers in paper bags, in dry and low-light places. In order to preserve the active principles unaltered, keep the dried calendulas whole, until the moment of preparing natural cosmetics, when you can crush them slightly with your hands. Now let’s get to our amazing calendula skin care recipes that we want to share with you.

How to Harvest Marigolds - How to Make Marigold Salve and What to Use It For - NaturalTreatment.com

8 Calendula Skin Care Recipes to Make at Home

1. Calendula Skin Compress

Pour a cup of boiling water over 4 tablespoons of dried calendula flowers and steep for 20 minutes covered. Strain the infusion and leave it aside to cool down a bit. Soak a clean piece of gauze in the warm calendula tea, squeeze, and apply to the freshly washed face for 15 – 20 minutes. This simple calendula skin care is amazing for dry, aged, wrinkled skin, as well as inflamed and reddened skin.

2. Rejuvenating Calendula Face Mask

This natural face mask with calendula is very suitable for dry, tired, pale skin, it has a regenerating and invigorating effect, and it also fades wrinkles. Here is how to prepare and use it at home.


  • 1 tbsp of wheat bran
  • 1 tbsp of powdered milk
  • some concentrated calendula tea (recipe here)

Mix the powdered milk and the wheat bran with the calendula tea until it turns into a thick paste. Apply the mask to the face and neck area, leave for 30 minutes, then remove with warm water. As simple as it looks, this face mask is one of the best calendula skin care recipes you can make.

3. Calendula Face Mask for Brighter Skin

This natural face mask with calendula has a refreshing and astringent effect and whitens and brightens the skin naturally. Here is how to prepare and use this calendula skin mask at home.


Crush the dried calendula flowers with your hands, mix with the yogurt at room temperature, and let it sit for at least 1 hour. Add the lemon juice, combine well, and apply the calendula face mask to your face. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes, then rinse. This is one of the most amazing calendula skin care recipes here.

4. Calendula Oil for Skin DIY

Calendula oil is especially recommended for dry and sensitive skin and can be used simply, applied to the skin, or together with other ingredients, in various cosmetic preparations. You can use it to cleanse your face and neck every morning and evening using a cotton pad, then rinse well with lukewarm water. It is also great after waxing your hair, as it prevents redness and irritation of the skin. Here is how to prepare this natural calendula skin care product at home.

Add 6 tablespoons of dried and crushed calendula flowers into a glass jar, and pour a quarter of a liter of sesame or olive oil over them. Seal the jar, place it somewhere light, and leave for 2 weeks. Strain the calendula-infused oil, and pour it into sterilized amber glass bottles. Store the calendula oil in a dark and cool place. Optionally, you can add 4-5 drops of rosemary essential oil to it, to boost its skincare properties.

Calendula Oil - How to Make Calendula Oil - Calendula Salve Recipe - How to Make Calendula Salve and What to Use It For - NaturalTreatment.com

5. Nourishing Calendula Cream Recipe

This all-natural calendula cream is regenerating, and soothing, repairs the skin, and has exceptional anti-aging effects in the case of wrinkled, dry, and aging skin. This is one of the most amazing calendula skin care recipes there is. Here is how to make the nourishing calendula cream at home.


Melt the butter and wax together on a double boiler, then remove from the heat and add the calendula oil and vitamin E while stirring continuously. Pour the cream while hot in a glass cream jar and keep it in the refrigerator. This natural calendula cream has a three months shelf life. Such a simple and amazing calendula skin care recipe.

6. Calendula Toner for Oily Skin

This calendula toner has immediate effects. It revitalizes the complexion, tightens pores, and activates blood circulation. This calendula skin care is particularly recommended for people with oily skin, enlarged pores, and tired or pale skin. Here is how to make the calendula skin toner recipe at home.


Combine the calendula tincture with rose water and geranium essential oil, and pour the face wash into an amber bottle. Seal and shake vigorously. Instead of geranium essential oil, you can use any other essential oils such as rose, lemon, etc. Put a few drops of the toner on a slightly moistened cotton pad, and wipe your face and neck area with light movements.

7. Calendula Face Cream for Cold Weather

When the temperatures outside are very low, a natural moisturizing day cream is not enough. On the contrary, it can cause inconveniences, as the water in it freezes. The calendula face cream for cold weather here offers ideal protection against the harsh cold. Here is how to make it.


Melt the wax on a steam bath, in a ceramic bowl, and when it starts to bubble, add the dried calendula flowers. Remove from the heat and set aside to infuse for two days. Add the almond oil over the infused wax and heat once again, until liquid. Strain the cream and pour it into a glass jar, and add the honey. Combine until the cream cools down. In the end, add the essential oils of your choice, and mix them once again. Apply the calendula face cream on your face before leaving the house, on those cold mornings. This is one of the most amazing calendula skin care recipes you can make.

Calendula Face Cream for Cold Weather - Calendula Skin Care Recipes DIY - 100 % Natural - NaturalTreatment.com

8. Calendula Makeup Remover Recipe

Last but not least on our calendula skin care recipes list, this simple and natural makeup remover recipe is very easy to make and safe for your skin. Make your own calendula makeup remover following this very simple and easy-to-make recipe here. Let’s go.


Place the calendula petals in a bowl on the steam bath, along with all the other ingredients. Stir gently until the cocoa butter and wax melt completely. Continue to heat the ingredients for 5 minutes, and then pour the liquid into another container through a strainer. Mix until the composition cools down completely (it must remain liquid.). Pour the calendula makeup remover into a sterilized jar and wait for the preparation to cool completely before putting the lid on. Use this cleanser every night to clean your face. It has a shelf life of 6 months.

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Marigold flowers (calendula) have incredible healing and calming properties and are ideal for delicate and sensitive skin. If you’ve enjoyed discovering these natural calendula skin care recipes, please share this article so more people can make their own natural cosmetics with calendula. Stay beautiful, naturally!

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