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Make Your Own Antiviral Perfume

by Andreea Laza

Want to make your own antiviral perfume recipe? Continue reading and find out how to make your natural perfume with antiviral properties.

Synthetic perfumes and fragrances are toxic, as they are loaded with toxic heavy metals. Instead of using a conventional, toxic perfume make your own antiviral perfume for the cold season. This natural perfume can be worn whenever we feel on the verge of catching a cold or the flu, as the essential oils in it will protect us and support our natural immunity. Use it at the very first symptoms of a cold, sore throat, and feeling under the weather.

Make Your Own Antiviral Perfume Recipe - MyNaturalTreatment.com

Antiviral Perfume Recipe

There are two recipes for this natural antiviral perfume that you can make, depending on your personal preference, as they use a different blend of essential oils. The first blend has a full, spicy smell, while the second one has a more fresh and foresty scent. Or, you can make both, and offer one as a Christmas gift for someone you care about. Let’s get to the recipes.


How to Make

Add the essential oils to the almond oil in a small amber glass bottle. Seal and give it a good shake. Anoint your chest area with a tsp of this antiviral perfume blend several times a day when you start to have symptoms of cold or flu. Or, put it in a roller bottle and use it as a normal rollerball perfume. In addition to the cutaneous action, as the antiviral oils penetrate the skin, this perfume is also inhaled, as the essential oil molecules enter the lungs through the respiratory tract.

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Make Your Own Antiviral Perfume Recipe - MyNaturalTreatment.com

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